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Back Breaker Recap

On the streets of New Orleans, Chantelle spits a swig of rum into the air and then draws a voodoo symbol in chalk on the street. She then turns and walks away, and draws more symbols throughout the city. Chantelle sees a Roxxon discharge valve behind a gate and stares at it

At the school, Delgado talks to about his class about legendary heroes and the arc that they've traveled. Near the end of their travels, something knocks them down and they lose almost everything.

Tandy burns the photos of her family, takes out her collection of drug bottles, and removes some of the money from the statue. She then cuts up the pills.

In the apartment, as the forensics team takes away Fuchs' body, Brigid sees a blood splatter on an umbrella. She finds a bloody pipe--the murder weapon, in the umbrella stand. Before she can examine it, a forensics tech takes it away from her and tells Brigid to leave the crime scene.

At the station, Tyrone, Adina, and Otis meet with Chief of Police Duchamp, who tells them that they have Connors confessing to Billy's death on tape. The police are looking into the statement and will keep the Johnsons informed. Otis isn't impressed and DuChamp says that there will be a thorough investigation. Adina thanks her and leaves with her family. Tyrone goes after them and on the street, complains that they're walking away like nothing happened. He says that he was right and Billy was a hero, and Adina angrily tells him not to tell her what Billy was like. Otis tells Tyrone that they'll talk about it later, and they drive home.

When Chantelle returns home, Evita complains that she has been out all night. Evita realizes that her daughter has gone without sleep for almost a day, and Chantelle tells her that a crisis is coming close and Roxxon is digging up everything that makes the city special. She says that they can't stop the coming crisis: only the divine pairing can. Chantelle believes that they have met each other, and asks Evita to ask Tyrone if he has met the other. Evita agrees and tells Chantelle to get some rest. Once Chantelle dozes off, Evita looks at Chantelle's figure of Tyrone.

Tandy meets with a man, Mark, and gives him her drugs. He spaces off and she says that she wants to know his greatest hopes. Tandy explains that she has to touch someone in the right place, touches Mark, and sees him with two women. She makes the women disappear and says that she can steal the hopes for herself. Tandy falls back, gasping at the rush as she feeds on Mark's hopes. Mina calls her but Tandy ignores her phone.

Delgado talks about how heroes suffer a trauma resulting from their abilities.

Evita approaches Tyrone in the hallway, but he ignores her.

At work, Adina stares off into space.

Ion choir, Tyrone looks at Billy's cloak and barely pays attention to the director.

Adina reads the Roxxon press release saying that they're addressing the commencement of a new drilling project. She looks at the maps and then walks out of her office.

Tyrone bumps into Benny and doesn't notice, and Benny glares at him.

Adina confronts her superior, furious that they're doing more drilling.

Tyrone beats Benny until a teacher pulls him away.

Tandy goes to Mina's home and Mina notices that she looks sick. Her new friend dismisses it as a hangover, and explains that Ivan is joining them for lunch. Ivan comes in using a walker and explains that he's still trying to get used to being comatose for eight years. Tandy looks at them enviously and says that it's good to see them together.

Tyrone is taken to Delgado, who asks why Tyrone is there. He has Tyrone put his arms out and pus heavy books on both of them, and talks about how people died in the War of 1812 even after it supposedly ended. Delgado says that Tyrone has been filled with rage since Billy died, and asks who will die in his war.

A distracted Tandy listens as Mina and Ivan talk. Mina goes to make tea, and Ivan asks Tandy what she's going to do about Roxxon. Tandy admits that she doesn't know, and Ivan talks about everything that has happened in the eight years since the explosion. When he starts talking about Nathan, Tandy walks out to the kitchen. Mina apologizes for Ivan, and tells Tandy that she wants to offer her a job at Roxxon. She offers her hand, and Tandy takes it and sees Mina's hopes. Mina is walking through a garden filled with flowers, and Tandy feeds on her hope. The vision ends and Tandy says that now she knows how it feels before leaving. Drained of her hope, Mina crushes a bee on the counter.

Delgado says that heroes can never actually regress because they can't be the person they used to be even though they try.

Brigid sits in a bar for Fuchs wake and drinks. She tells the bartender to leave the bottle, and drinks herself into a stupor.

Tandy takes more of the money and goes to the station to bail Liam out. She hugs him and says that he missed him, but Liam is surprised that she's there. Liam figured that she moved on, and Tandy says that she's moved backwards. She claims that it took her awhile to get the cash to bail him out, and says that she has something she wants to see.

Delgado returns to his office where Tyrone is still standing with the books in his hands. He still refuses to talk, and Delgado asks if he wants to be expelled.

Tandy takes Liam to the church and says that it's lonely there.

Delgado tells Tyrone that things will get better if he lets them. Tyrone doesn't agree, and Delgado says that he's defined himself by the worst thing that has ever happened to him. The teenager asks if he's supposed to lie himself away like Delgado has, and says that Delgado has no one and pretends that he feels the presence of God so he doesn't have to feel anything.

Tandy says that she lives in the church because she wanted to get married there. Liam wonders why she's so hopeful, and Tandy tells him that she dreads hopeful dreams because then she wakes up in her own life. She realized that it's her own fault because she's not doing anything to make her life better. Tandy wants to build a happy life.

Delgado tells Tyrone that he found answers in the church, and Tyrone angrily tells him that he doesn't know him and God doesn't exist.

Tandy says that Liam is a good dream and she had to wake up to realize it.

When Delgado refuses to get out of Tyrone's way, Tyrone swings at him.

Tandy kisses Liam and experiences a vision of herself approaching a priest.

Delgado gets Tyrone in a choke hold, and Tyrone finds himself in a vision of the swamp at night.

Tandy and Liam kneel at the altar and the priest approaches.

Tyrone finds a wrecked car with a drunken Delgado in the front seat and a dead girl I front of the car. A church bell rings and Tyrone follows the sound.

The real Tandy touches the vision-Liam and her hand glows as the church shakes.

Tyrone comes to a church door and goes inside. He sees Tandy touching the dream versions and asks what she's doing. Tandy snaps out of the vision.

Tyrone snaps out of his vision and asks a shocked Delgado if he's okay. Delgado abruptly tells him to go and Tyrone leaves.

Delgado tells the students that the audience roots for heroes to pull out of their spirals, but sometimes the heroes are too weak and they become villains.

Brigid sees a policeman's billy club—Back Breaker—and hears two cops talking about Fuchs and how he stayed on the beat. Connors asks if anyone wants to have a drink for him. Brigid glares at him, and Connors offers a toast to Fuchs. The woman grabs Back Breaker and hits Connors, and the other cops hold her off. Connors his Brigid and starts beating her, and says that her inadmissible videos couldn't keep him behind bars. He kicks her once more and says that they're not finished before walking away.

Evita approaches Tyrone and says that they need to talk. She offers to help him with what he's going through if he'll talk to her. Tyrone starts to explain, but Tyrone walks up and tells him to stay out of her head. Evita suggests that she yell at Tyrone another time, and Tandy touches her hand and sees Evita's hope of being a doctor. When Tandy tries to feed on her hope, vision-Evita says no and pushes her away. In the real world, Evita realizes that Tandy is the other part of the Pairing and runs off.

Tyrone realizes that Tandy isn't just looking at hopes and demands to know what's going on. Tandy refuses, saying that they're not partners and she owes him nothing. Tyrone insists that he doesn't want to be in her head, and Tandy says that he got his confession and he won. He says that nothing has changed and maybe it's even worse, and Tandy tells him that nothing changes. She says that she's just like her father: taking out her shit on other people because she's screwed up. Tyrone asks if she talked to Melissa, and Tandy says that it doesn't matter because they both figure that it's better to hurt then be hurt. She advises Tyrone that eventually he will grow up and learn there's nothing he can do to bring Billy back. Tandy draws a light dagger on him, and Tyrone says that he'll see her in her dreams and walks away.

Delgado explains that the story isn't about the heroes but about the audience. People look at myths to see themselves more clearly.

Later at home, Evita carves a statue of Tandy.

Tandy walks home and looks at her reflection in a mirror.

Tyrone looks at his reflection in a puddle.

After smiling at her reflection, Tandy goes to the church to apologize to Liam. She discovers that Liam has gone and taken her money with him.

Mina goes to one of the release valves, and takes a call from Peter saying if she'll fix it. As she looks on, the pipe explodes and gas spews into Dan and the worker with him. They go berserk and come at her, and Mina runs away.

Brigid goes to her car, and hears a report on her police radio about how Fuchs' killer has been found. The dispatcher gives an address, and Brigid drives there.

Tyrone returns home and Adina tells him to sit down. She tells him to ask what he wants to ask, and Tyrone asks her why she didn't do anything. For years Adina never listened to him. Adina explains that if Tyrone was telling the truth, a cop killed Billy and covered it up with the help of other cops. She and Otis had to be afraid for Tyrone because the cops would kill him. Adina says that in the world they live in, Connors' confession meant nothing because he's white and Billy was black. Tyrone says that if he doesn't stand up then nothing will change. He tells his mother that there's no reason to be perfect because they could still come after him. Tyrone figure that he should stand up for the world it should be. Adina asks what would happen to them if something happened to him, and Tyrone says that he couldn't walk away after seeing Billy die. His mother tells him that he's there and Billy isn't, and Tyrone has to let it go. Tyrone wonders who he is without the fear and guilt, and Adina tells him that she sees his bravery and intelligence and willpower every day. She says that it inspires him and sometimes scares her.

The police pull up and announce that he's under arrest for Fuchs' murder. Adina tells Tyrone to run, and he goes out the back window.

Tandy returns home and figures that Melissa is there. She says that she wants to talk about everything, and finds the woman who killed Greg has Melissa and shoots at Tandy. Tandy takes cover, and the killer tells Tandy to come out in three seconds or she'll kill Melissa.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2018

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