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Local Color Recap


Molly looks at the Deaver house and listens to the radio about the search for the missing Henry. Matthew is at home recovering from h is injuries and is in stable condition. Molly walks over to the Deaver house in her nightgown despite the fact that it's winter, uses the hidden house key, and lets herself into the house. She puts on Henry's flannel coat hanging up by the door, looks at a photo of the family together hanging on the wall, and walks up the stairs to Matthew's room. Matthew is lying on the bed, on a respirator, and Moll comes in to look at the sleeping man. She removes the respirator from his throat and he wakes up, gasping for breath. He stares up at Molly, who glances at the sleeping Ruth in the next bed. After a minute, Matthew dies and Molly leaves.


Molly goes to the abandoned church and approaches the snow-covered coffin. Matthew is at the pulpit, his head bandaged, and starts preaching about God saving him. He asks who Molly is to override God's will. Parishioners appear, their heads all bandaged, and Matthew talks about how they will all v be changed and the dead will rise.

Waking from her dream, Molly goes to the kitchen and takes one of her pills.

At the Mellow Tiger, Henry sits and reads the newspaper. There's an ad for Molly's real estate business, and an ad on the TV for Local Color.

At her office in the mill, Molly is building a diorama for the revitalized downtown Castle Rock. Jackie looks on. Molly explains that there's no local business hub, and she plans to create one. Jackie warns her not to say something so boring on TV. They take the completed diorama out to Jackie's car, and Molly explains that the producer, Charlene, will meet Jackie outside of the studio. Once Jackie drives off, Molly goes inside and Henry comes in. He introduces himself and reminds her that they were neighbors when they were children. Henry says that he has a client at Shawshank, and Molly "hears" his thoughts. She tells Henry that she would like to hear more but has an open house, and says that she can't help him because she's overwhelmed with clients. Henry starts to go, and then asks if he said something wrong. Molly assures him that he didn't, and says that it's good seeing him.

Young Henry is burning a VHS tape in his yard. Molly comes over and asks if he wants to see her room. He agrees and they go in, and Henry talks about how Matthew makes him go to the local school. He explains that Matthew isn't his real father, and Molly says that she knows what he does in his room and how it feels. She explains that she knows what he's feeling. Matthew calls to Henry, saying that they're ready to go, and Henry makes a fist as he glares out the window at Matthew.

After remembering the past, Molly takes one of her pills after a moment's hesitation.

In Shawshank, the Kid scrapes all of the food off of his tray except for his sandwich, removes the bologna from the sandwich, and eats the bread. Dennis and Reeves are standing nearby, and Dennis figures that Porter is bribing them with extra pay so that they won't talk. The Kid gets up, and the COs tell him to sit down. Dennis advances on him with a baton, and whispers to the Kid that Henry will get him out but the Kid has to help himself. The Kid stares at the wall, and Dennis realizes that he's looking at a photo of Dale.

Later, Dennis meets with Henry and tells him that the Kid doesn't eat anything but white bread. Henry says that Dennis needs to get the Kid to tell him how he got there, and Dennis figures that Dale brought him there. He says that he's considering going to school to become a lawyer when it's over, and Henry hesitantly agrees to write him a recommendation.

Molly drives to home, braces herself, and goes to the door. It's open, and Molly discovers that someone has torn up the kitchen. She calls Jackie and they clean up the place, and Jackie dismisses it as a break-in. As Molly calls the insurance company on the cordless phone, she notices that the basement door is open. She goes down and finds an open box with Henry's jacket inside. As she puts it away, Jackie comes in and sees her missing Henry Deaver poster. Jackie asks Molly if Henry killed his father, and Molly abruptly says that she didn't get much sleep, needs to focus on her Local Color presentation, and goes upstairs.

IN her bedroom, Molly rehearses her presentation in front of the mirror and hears the voices in her head as she remembers killing Matthew. She discovers that she took her last pill and goes to see Dean and get some more. Dean says that his supplier hasn't provided the pills and Molly should check back in a week. The boy suggests that she ask for Derek at the Timberland Motor Court if she really needs a fix.

Henry walks home past the Strand house.

That night, Molly drives to the motor court and remembers the past.

Henry makes a jack o'lantern for Halloween and burns his hand... and Molly feels her pain. A few months later, she watches as Matthew drives off with Henry. She experience what Henry is experiencing as Matthew takes him to Castle Lake and asks his adoptive son if he hears it... and Henry runs off.

Molly arrives at the motor court and knocks at the office door. There's no answer, and Molly sees a little girl playing on the lawn. The girl says that she's fine and points back to the office when Molly asks where Derek is. Molly goes in and hears what sounds like a court proceeding. She looks around and sees masked children telling a judge talking about how someone was murdered. Molly comes in and the children turn to look at her. The "judge" tells Molly to sit down if she wants what she came for, and Molly reluctantly does so. Molly asks the witnesses where their parents are, and they say that their mothers are out drunk and their fathers are in Shawshank.

The "defendant" says that he's not innocent, but the person who murdered is in the courtroom. He points at Molly, and the children stare at him. The jury chant that Molly is guilty, and the judge remands her to the death house. The judge, Derek, takes Molly out and tells her to pretend that she's still playing the game. Derek leads her into a cabin and demands $60 for three pills and a look at her breasts. Molly offers him $100 and no look, and a police car pulls up outside.

The next day, Henry goes to the police station and the desk sergeant tells him what was in Dale's car. The sergeant says that Dale's case was a suicide so they didn't bother testing for DNA, and Henry says that he was looking for the Kid's DNA. When Henry threatens to get a court order, the sergeant warns him that everyone in the county knows someone who works at Shawshank and they won't cooperate. Another officer comes in and says that Molly is demanding her own cell, and Henry hears him talking.

Henry goes to see Molly, who is sitting in a cell with another female prisoner glaring at her. The officer lets Molly out, and outside, Henry asks her what happened after getting her off with a fine. Molly tells him that she'll compensate him for his time but won't get close to him. She finally explains that she has a medical condition and "feels" things that other people are feeling. Some people are louder than others, and Henry overwhelmed her as a child. Molly admits that she was lying about barely remembering Henry as a child, and says that she can't afford to lose track of herself because she has an important day ahead. When she mentions Local Color and how she's late for her presentation, Harry summons a cab and takes her to the TV station.

As Molly goes through makeup, Henry calls about the case and Molly hears his thoughts. She meets with the host, Corey, and is still overwhelmed by Henry's thoughts. Molly puts on her sunglasses and begins her presentation.

Jackie watches on the bar TV, and Porter comes into the bar and sits down beside her. Molly begins her presentation and then starts talking about the Kid, reciting what Henry is thinking. She says that it's a pattern of abuse stretching back decades, and figures that Castle Rock is ready for a change. Corey stares at her in shock, and the producer cuts to a commercial.

At the bar, Porter stares at the TV in shock.

Molly drives Henry home and he tells her about the Kid. He admits that normally he wouldn't have gone to the press, and thanks Molly for helping. Molly tells him that she knows. She pulls up to the Deaver house, and Henry says that it was good to see her. As he gets out, Molly tells him that it was good to see him and drives off, as Henry gets a call from Shawshank.

Henry goes to the prison to meet with Porter. She says that they got off on the wrong foot, and warns that the press might not be good for his client. Porter gives him a settlement paper for $300,000 for wrongful conviction, and Henry realizes that it's an indemnification releasing Northeast Correctional from any culpability. She says that Dale was a pervert and the longer the Kid stays there, it will be harder to prove that he's a victim. Henry tosses the paper back at her and says that they should see what the Kid says.

Porter arranges a meeting between Henry and the Kid, and the Kid says Henry's name. Henry asks the Kid if he's okay and has been threatened, and the Kid nods his responses. The lawyer tells the Kid not tell anyone his name because if he has no name, he has no criminal record. Henry mimes that the phones are bugged, and the Kid asks if it has begun. The lawyer has no idea what he's talking about and says that a new game plan starts now, and the Kid nods in agreement. Henry explains about the indemnification, and advises the Kid to refuse it. Once a circuit judge hears their habeas request, the Kid will walk out of prison and then they can file for civil damages and when. The Kid asks how old Henry is, and Henry says that he's 39. He asks if Henry hears it now, and Henry stares at him in surprise as he remembers Matthew asking him the same question. The COs take the Kid away, and Dennis watches Henry leave on the monitors.

That night, Molly returns home and hears someone moving in the darkness. She calls to them but gets no answer. The movement noises continue, and Molly takes a knife out of a drawer. Molly goes upstairs and steps on a broken light bulb as she looks for the intruder. When she turns around, the bandaged Matthew appears. Screaming, Molly tries to get into the bathroom but the door jams on the carpet. Matthew starts preaching and then disappears.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 29, 2018

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