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The Grimm Identity Recap

It is not light that we need, but fire.

At his home, Nick holds Juliette’s corpse in his arms as Trubel looks on. Masked men barge in and grab both of them, and chloroform Nick unconscious. Nick dreams of his life with Juliette.

Later, Nick and his friends attends Juliette’s funeral. Afterward, Nick goes home and sees his mother's severed head floating in front of him. It multiples and two coffins and multiple boxes with his mother’s head appears.

Nick wakes up when his phone rings. The masked men have left and Nick calls to Trubel but gets no answer. Hank is on the phone, and Nick tells his partner what happened. Juliette’s corpse and the box with Kelly’s head is gone.

Rosalee comes down to the kitchen where Monroe is making coffee. She figures that Nick will need help once Adalind haves her baby. As Monroe wonders what his wife means, Nick calls and confirms that they haven’t seen Trubel. He tells the couple what happened and then runs up to the bedroom. Nick remembers Trubel telling him about FBI agent Chavez and figures that her people are responsible. Hank arrives and Nick tells him that Trubel killed Juliette, and Trubel said that Chavez is part of a secret government group that goes after Wessen.They didn’t take Nick because he wasn’t a Grimm when Chavez was working with the police. Nick tells Hank to find out what he can about Chavez, while he goes after the agent.

Renard arrives at the station and the detectives in charge of the Ripper investigation tell him that they’ve found the man responsible. It’s Kenneth, and they found ID on him. A lawyer from Austria is already making inquiries about having Kenneth’s body shipped back to Luxemburg.

Nick drives through Portland. Distracted by what’s happened, he almost hits several cars and pedestrians.

At the station, Wu tells Hank that he has to hear a 911 call that just came in. Hank says it will have to wait and they go to Renard’s office. Renard is on the phone assuring the mayor that they’ll deal with Kenneth’s body and find the vigilantes who killed him. Once he hangs up, Hank tells Renard that Nick has gone off the deep end and thinks Chavez has taken Trubel. He tells them about Juliette’s death

Nick goes to the Portland FBI office and asks to see Chavez.

Hank admits that he doesn’t know what happened for sure, and Wu says that two bodies were found in the house across from Nick’s. They figure it’s connected to Nick, and Renard tells them to find Nick first and do a secret check on Chavez.

Nick meets with Chavez in private and angrily demands to see Trubel. She denies knowing anything and tells him to get out, as agents come in and drag him out of the building.

Wu tells Hank that there’s been no report of corpses matching Trubel’s or Juliette’s description. Hank has found a third body in the house across from Nick’s, and they figure it was the same people who took Trubel. Nick calls Hank, who tells him to come in. He tells Nick about the three deaths, and Nick says that he’s coming in.

Renard is preparing a press statement about Kenneth’s death when Chavez calls to complain about Nick. She tells Renard to handle it or she’ll put Nick in jail.

Nick arrives at the station and they figure that the Royals controlled the area by killing the neighbors. Renard calls Nick into his office and warns that he’ll be arrested on Federal charges if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing. He says that they’ll look into it and orders Nick to take some time. Nick storms out and tells Hank what’s going on, and figures that Hank doesn’t believe him either. Once Nick leaves, Hank tells Wu that they have to get their friend some help.

Monroe and Rosalee go to the spice shop and Rosalee says that she can’t focus after everything that’s happened. Her husband tries to reassure her, but Rosalee points out that it doesn’t make any sense. Hank calls to say that he and Wu are coming over and they need the couple’s help.

At home, Nick runs a computer check on Chavez but turns up nothing except her home address. As he heads out, Nick hears a floorboard creak on the floor above and figures that it’s Juliette. He runs up to the bedroom but finds no one there. Crying, he figures he can’t do it and leaves.

At the shop, Hank and Wu tell Rosalee and Monroe what Nick has been saying. Nick doesn’t answer his phone, and Wu starts a check on Chavez. Rosalee points out that it’s terrible that Juliette is dead, and Monroe points out that Juliette killing Nick would have been bad, too. His wife insists that none of it was Juliette’s fault, and points out that they were all doing what they thought was right. Wu turns up that Chavez has an exemplary record with the FBI, and gets her address. Monroe offers to go there in case Nick shows up, and the others keep digging to turn up more on Chavez.

Chavez goes to a secret government facility and looks into a cell. Something charges at her, and she steps back. Her assistant says that there have been no changes, and figures that they’ll need something violent for what comes next.

Nick drives to Chavez’ s house and Monroe finds him as he goes in. He assures Nick that he’ll believe him whatever he says, but Nick says that Monroe can’t be part of it until he’s sure of what is going on.

At Bud’s house, Bud serves Adalind breakfast and tells her not to dwell on what happened on Diana. He rambles on and Adalind finally says that her unborn child feels uncomfortable. Bud wants to call Nick, but Adalind tells him to get her to the hospital.

Monroe returns to the shop and tells them what Nick said. He warns that things are getting serious.

Chavez returns home and Nick is waiting for her. He attacks her and manages to subdue her, and she Woges. Satisfied, Nick knocks her out.

Rosalee discovers that Chavez’s parents were killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut. Nick calls on the shop phone and says that he’s just outside. Rosalee opens the door and he brings in Chavez. Nick takes her to the bedroom and says that Chavez is a Wesen, and she warns him that Nick has made a big mistake. He explains that he’s a Grimm, and they realize that Chavez was trying to confirm that Nick was a Grimm. Nick tells her that Weston was working for the Royals and shot Renard, and Monroe and Rosalee Woge. They tell her to come clean and revert back, and Chavez says that her life doesn’t matter because too much is at stake

Bud calls and Nick steps aside upstairs to take the call. He tells Nick that Adalind is going into labor and Nick needs to be there. Nick tells the others and they say that they’ll handle Chavez while he goes to the hospital with Rosalee. Once they leave, the others say that they know Nick is a Grimm and they know he’s not insane.

At the hospital, bud tells Nick and Rosalee what is going on. The nurse asks if Nick is going into the delivery room, and Rosalee says that he has to. They go in and Rosalee tells Nick that Adalind and the child will need him. She assures him that he’ll be great as a father and they go in as Adalind tries to deliver. She grabs Nick’s arm and the baby’s heart flatlines. The doctor says that they have to do an emergency c-section

Hank and Wu try to get through to Chavez, who refuses to say whether she has Trubel or not. As Hank warns that Nick won’t let her go unless he gets answers, Chavez’s phone ring. Chavez warns that if she doesn’t answer it then her people will start looking for her. Hank gives her the phone and warns her to be careful, and Chavez says that she has to send her thumbprint first. He uncuffs her and gives her the phone, and she sends the security signal and says that they have to start trusting each other. Chavez tells her people that she’s okay and Nick is a Grimm, and wants to bring him in that night.

At the hospital, Nick and Rosalee wait. Hank calls and puts Chavez on the line per her request. She tells him that he has to come with her in 20 minutes if he wants answers, and after that it will be too late. Rosalee tells Nick to go while she stays with Adalind, and Nick reluctantly leaves.

At the spice shop basement, the others warn Nick against trusting Chavez. He goes with her despite that and Hank tells the others that they’ll wait... for a couple of hours.

Chavez takes Nick to a factory. She says that she doesn’t know for sure how many people are inside, but they have to prepared for what’s coming. They go inside and find the corpses of the men she was meeting with. Nick shoves Chavez out of the way as several men attack them. They Woge and fight, and Nick and Chavez finally take two of them out. The third one slashes Chavez, and then escapes in his car. As Nick looks around, he spots a stylized claw mark on the wall.

Back inside, Nick checks on Chavez and realizes that she’s dying. She tells him that he can’t be tied to it and says that “they” are coming. Chavez gives him a chess piece--a knight—and dies. Chavez’s phone rings and Nick uses her thumb to send the security signal. He tells the caller that Chavez and the others are dead. Chavez’ assistant tells him to keep the phone and hang sup.

Back at the hospital, Rosalee tells Nick that Adalind and the baby are okay. Nick goes in and Adalind admits that she wasn’t sure if Nick wanted to be there. She thanks him for coming even if he doesn’t want to be there, and says that for the sake of their son they can’t hate each other anymore. Nick says that he’ll be there for their son, and Adalind lets him hold the baby. She wants to name him Kelly after Nick’s mother, and Nick agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2015

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