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Different But Same Recap

Robby is skateboarding at an empty pool and keeps failing to make a high turn. To avoid one spill, he ends up balancing on one hand.

At the LaRusso home, Daniel gets his morning espresso and finds Johnny at his door. Johnny says that he was trying to make things right, and accuses Daniel of sending Louie and the bikers to burn his car. Daniel tries to explain that Louie did it on his own, but Johnny doesn't believe him. Anthony comes out and yells to Daniel to kick Johnny's ass, and Daniel tells Johnny to leave or he's going to call the police. When he reaches for his phone, Johnny grabs his arm and Daniel prepares to fight. Amanda comes out and points out that two grown men are going to kick each other into a pool. She suggests that they resolve it over breakfast, and Daniel invites Johnny inside.

At the Saturday PSAT prep, Miguel and Demetri are taking the test. Demetri says that he has to focus on the test because he doesn't have a girlfriend like Miguel. Afterward, Samantha approaches Miguel and kisses him. Miguel says that he was distracted by the upcoming tournament, and asks what she did. Samantha says that it was just a family dinner, and Miguel suggests that he meet her family. She tells him that it's not a good night but invites him out in a date, and Miguel tells her that he has to train and takes a rain check.

Daniel and Johnny glare at each other over the breakfast table, and Amanda tries to make talk. The two men start arguing, and Johnny says that Samantha and his friend wrecked his car. Daniel doesn't believe it, and Johnny says that he's not leaving until he gets payback for his car. Amanda points out that they own a car dealership, and talks to her husband privately. She suggests that Daniel give Johnny a car and get him out of his life forever. Meanwhile, Anthony watches Johnny and says that he's lucky Daniel didn't kill him.

Miguel, Eli, Demetri, and Aisha go to the park and Demetri tells him that he's imagining things. Aisha checks her phone and learns that Yasmine posted an insulting photo about her. Yasmine is throwing a party at the canyon and suggests that they strike first.

Daniel takes Johnny to the dealership and tells him to pick one of the cheaper cars. Johnny picks a car and Daniel agrees, and Johnny figures that there's something wrong with it. Daniel agrees to arrange a test drive, but there's no one there to do it and he ends up doing it himself.

Samantha asks Amanda if Daniel is there. Amanda asks her if she was in a hit-and-run, and Samantha says that she wasn't driving. Amanda grounds her and takes her phone, laptop, and smartwatch.

Daniel speeds through the streets and Daniel turns the radio to a Speedwagon song. They both nod their heads to the music and start singing along. Daniel has Johnny pull over at his old apartment building and they go inside. They look around and Johnny talks about having his own pool. Daniel says that it must have been nice having a rich daddy, and Johnny tells him that his stepfather was a piece of shit and his mother married him so he'd have a better life. He suggests that they go to a bar around the corner and ignores Daniel's protestations.

Aisha stocks up on food and tells Demetri and Eli that she's inviting everyone. Outside, Miguel texts Samantha but gets no response, and figures that she's ghosting him. Amanda is doing her homework at the kitchen table as Anthony teases her. Samantha begs her to let her answer her phone, and Amanda turns off the phone and tells her to go back to work. Meanwhile, Miguel leaves a voice mail apologizing for how he acted earlier and invites her to the party.

Elio goes to the counter with beer and chats with Nestor. Nestor insists on checking his ID and Eli hands over a fake ID. The clerk isn't fooled but sells him the beer.

When the doorbell rings and Anthony goes to answer it, Amanda goes after him. It's Robby, who says that he's there to train with Daniel. Amanda invites him in, while Samantha grabs her phone and texts a reply to Miguel saying that she can't come. Her mother catches her and takes the phone away, and Samantha complains to Robby that she has to get out.

At the bar, Johnny orders a lady's drink for Daniel. Daniel says that they'll have one drink and leave, and says that he thought Johnny was living the life when he was in high school. Johnny talks about how Sid bullied him and that's why he joined Cobra Kai: Kreese was essentially his father to him. Daniel tells him that his father died when he was 8 and Miyagi was like a father to him, and it's funny that they both found karate masters as father figures. They both order more drinks.

Yasmine arrives at the canyon with Moon, Kyler, and Brucks, and discovers that all the other kids are already there partying. Kyler starts to go down to tell them to leave, but he sees Miguel and suggests that they find another spot. Moon sees Eli and goes over to get a beer.

Miguel is texting Samantha and Aisha suggests that her phone died. He gets a beer and drinks it despite hating the taste.

Samantha is reading a book and bored. Robby limps over to Amanda and claims that he twisted his ankle, and Amanda offers him a ride home. She tells Samantha to drop Robby off at home and come right back. Outside, Robby drops the fake limp and asks Samantha where they're going.

Johnny jokes about their past, and admits that he had it coming when Ali hit her. Daniel says that he hasn't seen Ali in decades, and she's a pediatric surgeon living in Denver. Johnny points out that Daniel knows a lot about her, and Daniel tells him about Facebook and shows him Ali's page. Daniel says that he's a happily married man and never friend-requested her, and they both agree that her husband is ugly.

That night, Aisha finds Miguel drinking more beer. He staggers over to get another but finds the cooler empty. Moon is kissing Eli and when she's called over, Demetri goes over to his friend. Eli tells him that it's not just the Mohawk but a way of life. Once he walks away, Demetri braces himself and approaches Yasmine, who is standing by herself. She ignores him, and Demetri apologizes and says that he doesn't usually talk to the opposite sex. He rambles on until Yasmine walks over to Aisha and says that it's not funny that Aisha crashed her party. Yasmine says that Aisha is an ugly bitch and the other karate students are freaks. She tells Moon to go, but Moon insists on staying and says that she apologized to Aisha for what they did. When Yasmine walks away, she "accidentally" bumps into Aisha. Furious, Aisha lifts her up by her underwear and throws her to the floor. Everyone cheers and laughs at Yasmine, who staggers away.

Robby and Samantha arrive and Samantha explains that she speed up to get there, and figures that Miguel knows she's keeping her relationship with him a secret from Daniel. She says that Daniel hates Miguel's sensei and if he found out then he'd lose his shit. Robby tells her that he can relate.

Miguel sees Samantha coming over with Robby, and confronts her. Robby realizes that Miguel is Samantha's boyfriend, and the drunken Miguel complains that she didn't get back to him. He doesn't believe that Amanda took her phone, and when Robby tries to interfere Miguel shoves him to the ground. Robby comes after him and Miguel throws a punch and hits Samantha by accident. She figures that Daniel was right about Cobra Kai and leaves, and Robby goes after him.

A drunken Johnny and Daniel drive back, and Johnny wants to have one fight. Daniel agrees and they go into the dojo, and find Robby there. Robby and Johnny see each other, and Daniel tells him that Robby is his student. Furious, Johnny shoves Daniel back into his trophies and Robby tells him that if he wants to fight Daniel, he'll have to fight him first. Johnny looks at his son and then walks out, and Daniel figures that Robby was trying to play some kind of mind game on him. He orders Robby out and slams the door in his face.

Johnny drives off in his new car.

Daniel picks up his broken trophy.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2018

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