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Last Journey Recap

Aboard a fishing vessel, David Parker looks out the window at the Fortuna. Pedro, the ship's captain, tells Pedro that David will hide there after he gets him aboard. The captain tells David that he'll go aboard once the guests leave, and then David's father Dan will meet him later on the dock. Pedro shows him photos of Dan and Mr. Burton and tells him to remember them. David hugs Pedro, who hugs him back and wishes him luck. A crewman takes David over to the Fortuna via a small boat and helps the boy aboard.

On the docks, Burton asks the launch captain, Pudge, if he saw a small boy. Pudge hasn't but says that he'll bring the boy back if he sees him. Two men, Mike and Harry, tell Burton that they're taking tired of waiting for Burton to lead them to Dan. They then drag Burton off to the side and beat him.

On the Fortuna, Lucky is sharing ouzo drink with an attractive woman, Deena. As the guests leave for the night, Andamo spots David hiding and comes over. David just stares at him, and Andamo asks where his parents are. Andamo takes David over to Lucky, who says that he'll let David go to shore once he says his name is. David begs him to let him go ashore, and says that his uncle is meeting him. Lucky escorts Deena to the launch and then heads to shore with David.

Once the launch arrives, David looks around for Burton. Lucky and Deena tell David to wait in the cab with them until Burton comes. Harry and Mike see David and come over, calling to the boy and saying that his mother is waiting for them. David tells them that he's only supposed to go with his uncle, and Lucky tells Mike to buzz off. The boy asks Lucky to take him back to the boat, and Pudge tells Lucky that someone else was waiting for David. Once Pudge puts David on the boat, Lucky tells the two men that David will stay with him until Burton picks him up. Once they leave, Deena asks if she gets a rain check and Lucky assures her that he'll call her.

Once they're back on the Fortuna, Lucky takes David to his cabin and David says what his first name is. He says that he can't say anything else until he knows that it's safe, and begs them to leave him alone. Someone calls and demands that Lucky hand over the boy. When he refuses, the caller tells him to come to the Lobster Pot restaurant alone. Andamo gives him a gun to protect himself.

At the Lobster Pot, Dan meets Lucky and asks if David is okay. Dan admits that he picked the Fortuna because he figured David would be safe with Lucky. He reminds Lucky that he supposedly died five years ago. David's mother in Mexico died five year ago and Dan and his aunt in Santa Monica are his only living relatives. The Syndicate hasn't forgotten that Dan testified against them. Dan has six months left to live and wants to spend some time with David to make up for the time they were apart. He wanted David to grow up in America and asks Lucky to help, and Lucky reluctantly agrees. Dan says that Lucky will get a message about a safe meeting place and leaves.

Lucky goes to the taxi, and Harry and Mike say that their employer wants to talk to Lucky in person. They take him to the penthouse of Glenn Markson. Lucky tells Glenn not to mix him up in his business with Dan, and suggests that Glenn go to the Lobster Pot. When Glenn threatens Lucky, Glenn has his thugs beat Lucky unconscious. Glenn tells them to keep Lucky alive and take him away.

The next morning, Rovacs goes to the Fortuna and runs into David. Lucky comes in and claims that his cuts from the beating came from shaving. Rovacs says that they found Burton's body in the harbor. David is listening from the next room as Rovacs says that they found Burton near Lucky's dock. Lucky says that he'll tell Rovacs nothing, and David hears him and runs off. Once Lucky finishes that by saying that he knows nothing, a disgusted Rovacs leaves.

Andamo tells Lucky that David is in his cabin, and Lucky goes there and tells David that he saw Dan. David figures that Lucky betrayed him, and Lucky grabs him when David tries to walk away. He tells David that he's still there and the police haven't taken him away, lets him go, and says that he can do anything that he wants. David asks if he'll see Dan, and Lucky promises him that he will.

That night, a woman, Helen, asks to see Lucky alone. Lucky comes over and Helen gives him a locket with photos of Dan and his wife. Helen says that she's a friend of the couple and is there to tell Lucky that he's to take David to a pier. She explains that David will know the locket is authentic and Lucky takes her to David. David has the matching locket, and Helen says that they meet Dan at the marine salvage yard.

A couple has watched the exchange, and signal to Harry and Mike when Helen gets to shore. They grab Helen when she arrives and load her in a car.

Lucky and David go to the salvage yard where Dan is waiting. David embraces his father, and Dan promises that they'll go fishing together in the mountains. As he leads David and Lucky to a car that he has waiting, Glenn and his thugs come in. Glenn says that he needs balance and Dan agrees to go with the mobster as long as he spares David. When Glenn's man shoots Dan, Lucky jumps the other man, grabs his gun, and fires at the first thug. A fight breaks out and Lucky ducks among the debris and gets to high ground. Rovacs and his men arrive with Andamo and arrest all three.

Andamo apologizes to Lucky for butting in, and Rovacs says that they were watching Glenn and followed him to the yard. They confirm that Dan is dead and take David back to the Fortuna. He says goodbye to them and goes to meet his waiting aunt. Deena arrives with ouzo and Andamo takes the hint and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 26, 2018

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