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Operation Fortuna Recap

On the Fortuna, waited Alec meets with Lucky in his office and asks for the rest of the week to prove himself. Lucky refuses, saying that he's too nervous around the customers to make a good waiter. Martin says that his folks are depending on him, and Lucky agrees to give him two days and a week's pay regardless.

In the dining room, Alec and his associates Edie and Bud arrive and take their seats. The maître 'd calls Martin over, and he tells them that Lucky only gave him two more days. Alec says that they'll make it the next night. Once Martin leaves, the trio shares a drink to "Operation Fortuna".

Later, Lucky goes out on the deck and Andamo tells him that the launch motor conked out on the way back to shore. Andamo realizes that Lucky didn't fire Martin until the end of the week and complains about his partner's soft-heartedeness. Alec and his friends come out and Lucky invites them to come back again. Once they leave, Andamo tells Lucky that a female friend of his, Clara Iglesias, wants to show her grandparents the Mendezes a good time. They don't have any money and are coming the next night, and Lucky agrees to put them up.

At a garage, Alec and the others go over the plans of the Fortuna and determine the best time to rob the place.

The next night, Lucky checks the dining room and smiles to Martin. Once Lucky passes on, Martin checks his watch and goes out on deck. Meanwhile, Andamo is entertaining Clara and her grandparents, and Clara assures him that everything is perfect. Lucky comments on Mrs. Mendez's necklace, and she says that it will go to Clara when she marries. Mr. Mendez invites lucky to have a glass of wine with them, and he sits down with the party.

Martin goes below decks and slips into Lucky's office. He sabotages the radio, making sure there are no signs of tampering, and then slips out.

Alec and the others wait in their boat for Martin. Martin goes out on deck and uses a flashlight to signal to his accomplices. They leave the dock and coast in the last hundred feet.

Lucky checks on Martin, who has returned to the dining room. Meanwhile, the robbers pull up to the Fortuna and climb onboard. Alec has Edie wait with the board, and then he and Bud put on masks and rob the cash room. They take the cashier Doris with them, go to the dining room, and tell everyone to surrender or they'll kill Doris. Lucky tells his customers to do what the robbers say, and the masked Alec has Martin go with Bud and get all of the wallets and jewelry. When they try to take Mrs. Mendez, a fight breaks out until Alec fires a warning shot.

Edie climbs up on the Fortuna to wait for the others to return. Alec and Bud get everything, toss Doris aside, get into the boat, and take off. Lucky goes to his office and tries to call the police, but discovers that the radio doesn't work. Andamo comes in and says that Mr. Mendez is fine. Lucky assures him that they'll get the necklace back and they go to get a list of everything taken.

Later, Lucky and Andamo meet with Rovacs. He points out that they have no leads, and Lucky gives him the list of stolen belongings. The two men return to the Fortuna and Lucky points out that they didn't have much to give Rovacs. He wonders who the man piloting the boat was. They go into Lucky's office and the repairman tells them that someone tampered with it. Once he leaves, Lucky figures that the robbers had an inside man. He calls Doris and asks if Martin has shown up, and point out to Andamo that Martin is the most likely suspect. Doris says that Martin called in and spoke to the maitre 'd, and admits that she went out with Martin a few times and gives Lucky his address at a manor on the outskirts of town.

The two men drive to Martin's house and ring the bell. The maid says that Martin isn't there and asks if their friends of Martin and he went there two hours ago. Lucky says that they'll find him on their own and asks the maid not to tell Marin that they were there.

At the garage, the four robbers are drinking a toast to their triumph. Alec wonders where their fence is, and Alec tells the semi-drunken Martin to go outside to look for him. Martin goes to the door and sees Lucky and Andamo coming. The robbers quickly hide the stolen goods and hide, and then attack the two men when they come in. Lucky takes out Martin and knocks him over the railing, and he and Andamo soon get the upper hand on Alec and Bud.

Later at the Fortuna, Lucky returns the necklace to Mrs. Mendez. He gives Andamo all of the credit for finding the robbers, and Andamo plays along to earn Clara's admiration.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 2, 2018

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