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Election Bet Recap

A man is on the street working on his car, when Mr. Toby pulls over and asks if he can help. Toby then says that he had to arrange an inconspicuous meeting so no one would see them together. He tells the first man that he's going to talk to a guy first, and then if the guy won't listen to reason then the first man should kill him. Toby slips the killer a wad of bills and says that Lucky is the target.

On the Fortuna, Lucky and Andamo are looking at the election stories about the voting in Guatemala. Toby comes in and reminds Lucky that he stands to lose $50,000 on their election bet. Lucky points out that he loses $150,000 if the election goes the other way, and Toby says that he's had a bad string of luck and wants to call off the bet. Unimpressed, Lucky figures that Toby is trying to bail out now that it looks like he's going to lose. He refuses to call off the bet and reminds Toby that everyone knows about their bet. Once Toby leaves, Andamo resumes talking to the local political editor, Ed, who admits that he doesn't know for sure how the election will go. Lucky tells Andamo to call Joe and find out if there's anything new on the election.

Jake calls Lucky and invites him over, and Lucky reluctantly agrees. Lucky and Andamo go to the sculptor's studio and Jake tells Lucky to be very careful. He's heard that there's a killer after Lucky, and takes a hammer to his man-sized sculpture. Lucky asks what he's doing, and Jake explains that people are going for antiquities: the poorer the shape, the better. He finishes by knocking off the head.

At his apartment, Toby meets with a hoodlum who wants the remaining money that Toby owes him. Toby says that he's going to take care of the $50,000 bet with Lucky, but the hoodlum says that they're going to take it on account. If Toby doesn't get it to them by noon the next day, they're going to rearrange his face. As the hoodlum leaves, Toby's girlfriend Evelyn comes in. Toby tells her that Lucky wouldn't relent and tells her to get Lucky off of the Fortuna. When Evelyn warns that it's drastic, Toby says that he has no choice and if he doesn't pay off on the bet, everyone will know and they won't take Toby's bets. If Toby goes down, then so does Evelyn. Once she leaves, Toby calls the killer and says that Lucky will be off the Fortuna.

That night, Lucky is in the shower and Andamo says that a guest fell into the water. Lucky tells Andamo to bring the guest to his stateroom. Andamo brings Evelyn in and Lucky tosses her a towel. She changes out of her wet clothing and gets into his bed. Evelyn invites him to sit down and asks him to take her home. Lucky agrees and once they go ashore, he drives Evelyn home. She asks him to stop so she can buy a paper, and the killer gets in training a gun on Lucky. Evelyn tells him that he should have called off the bet, and admits that the two of them together might have been nice. Lucky points out that Andamo knows that he took her home, but Evelyn says that she'll be in bed when Lucky is shot.

The killer has Lucky drive to an auto junkyard outside of the city and get into the trunk of a wreck. Lucky points out that he has the car keys, tosses them on the ground as a distraction, and jumps the killer. They fight and the killer manages to grab his gun. Lucky ducks down behind the wrecks and runs out into the countryside.

Toby is pacing nervously in his apartment and irritably tells Evelyn to stop filing her nails. She listens to the news, waiting for the report of Lucky's death, and Toby wonders why the killer hasn't called in. The news reports that an assassination has turned the election results in Toby's favor. Evelyn points out that he can't collect from Lucky, and Toby tells her to bring Andamo in and have him pay since he's Lucky's partner.

On the Fortuna, Andamo knocks on Lucky's door to wake him up but discovers that his friend is gone. He figures that Lucky spent the night with Evelyn, just as Joe brings in a tray of food and a newspaper. Andamo sees the article about the assassination and realizes that Lucky lost the bet. Evelyn comes in and says that Lucky needs Andamo's help and sent her.

Evelyn takes Andamo to Toby's apartment and draws a gun on him. Andamo says that Evelyn was the last one to see Lucky and he doesn't know where he is. Toby slaps Andamo and says that he wants the $150,000. He tells Andamo that he's going to the bank with them and is going to draw the money out. Andamo figures that Lucky is out trying to round up the money, and Toby says that he isn't. Lucky comes in and silently disarms Evelyn, then trains the gun on Toby. He demands the $50,000, and Andamo finally manages to tell him that he lost the bet.

Toby tries to make a run for it, and the killer comes in to kill Lucky. Toby tells the killer to leave him and Andamo alive so they can pay off the bet. He demands a refund from the killer because he failed to kill Lucky the first time, and the killer attacks him. Lucky jumps the killer while Andamo tackles Toby. Evelyn gets slammed back into the wall and knocked unconscious when she tries to help Toby. Lucky and Andamo finally take out their opponents, and Andamo says that everyone around Lucky is unlucky.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 3, 2018

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