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The Money Game Recap

As a man aboard the Fortuna looks out to see from his vantage point behind the yacht's flashing neon sign. A scuba diver swims up to the side of the yacht and a man on the inside lowers a net on a rope down to him. The diver puts a package in the net and sends it up, and the man on the inside takes it out of the cabin. He quickly ducks out of sight as Lucky climbs down the ladder and looks suspiciously around the lower decks.

Up at the casino, Andamo watches Professor Olander, who is studying his math books and placing bets on the roulette wheel. An attractive woman, Prudence, is watching Olander and placing bets to match his. When Lucky comes in, Andamo tells him that Olander is back. Unconcerned, Lucky assures his friend that the professor is a nice man. Olander loses another bet but tells an admiring Prudence that the numeric progressions will ultimately prove his calculations correct. Lucky comes over and commiserates with the professor, who assures the owner that he'll work out the correct progression eventually. Unconcerned, Lucky tells the Olander to keep trying.

As they walk away, Lucky reminds Andamo that they've having a guest. They go to the launch and Lucky greats the mate, Alex. Lt. Rovacs with the city police comes aboard and interrupts Lucky as Prudence flirts with him. Rovacs flashes his badge but assures the couple that he's not there on a raid. He asks to talk to Lucky privately and the owner agrees. They go to Lucky's cabin and Rovacs explains that someone is smuggling counterfeit $50 bills through from South America. The police have the city sewn up tight but someone got a million in counterfeit cash in within the last month and the police have heard that another million will be arriving shortly. Rovacs figures that the counterfeits are coming in through international waters, and Lucky is glad to lend a hand and keep an eye out for them.

Once the casino closes for the night, Lucky greets Prudence in his cabin. As they kiss, Lucky hears a launch nearby and wonders who it belongs to. Offended that he isn't paying attention to her, Prudence suggests that they go back to her apartment in the city. Once there, they dance and discuss gambling. Prudence is confidence that she'll win at roulette eventually, and Lucky tells her that people like her and Olander are good for business because he house still wins. When Lucky mentions that Olander identified himself as a mathematics professor at Wilbur College, Prudence says that she attended Wilbur College and Olander didn't teach there. Lucky wonders if the professor is legitimate but Prudence interrupts his train of thought with a kiss.

The next morning, Lucky is walking back to the launch and talks to a local boy, Eddie. Eddie is fishing off the dock and shows Lucky a book that he snagged out of the water: Basic Theory of Games. Lucky takes it with him and goes out to the yacht, and finds Rovacs waiting for him. He goes in with Andamo and Rovacs explains that another shipment of counterfeit money got in. Lucky agrees to keep looking and asks the lieutenant to see if Olander works at Wilbur College.

That night, Olander comes across on the launch and warns Lucky that he's figured everything out and plans to take the owner for everything he has. He goes to the roulette table and starts winning, while Prudence watches and bets along with him. Andamo is worried that Olander will clean them out, but Lucky is paying more attention to the sound of a launch on the water. When Andamo says he doesn't see a cause for concern, Lucky points out that there are no fishing boats out at that time of night.

The scuba driver repeats the process of sending the package up to the inside man on the Fortuna. Meanwhile, Lucky figures that the counterfeiters are using the yacht to smuggle in the counterfeit money, and he and Andamo go below to check. They run into Alex, who is carrying a book and says that he hasn't seen anything. They move past and find a package of waxed paper in a compartment. Lucky realizes that it's just the of the book that Alex was carrying.

Olander finishes gambling and goes back to the launch. As he boards it, he "accidentally" bumps into Alex and takes a book from beneath the mate's jacket. Lucky and Andamo go to the casino and confirm that Olander has already left. They run up to the launch and Lucky tells the captain to stop. Olander draws a gun and orders the captain to leave, but Lucky dives onto the launch, tackles Olander, and knocks him into the water. Andamo tackles Alex, who fights back with a pike but is no match for the canny Cuban. Meanwhile, Lucky drowns Olander into submission and hauls him back on deck.

Lucky calls Rovacs out to the yacht. When the lieutenant arrives, Lucky hands Rovacs Olander's mathematics book and invites him to look inside. The book has a hidden compartment holding $500,000 in counterfeit money. Lucky explains that the counterfeiters would take a launch near the Fortuna, send the scuba driver across, and have Alex make the pickup. Then Alex would slip the book to Olander and he'd take it into town. Rovacs belatedly confirms that Olander doesn't work at Wilbur College and hauls the crooks away.

Once the casino closes for the night, Lucky and Prudence dance and offers to split her money with Lucky so he can retire. Lucky isn't interested in a long-term commitment, and offers her a wide-open contest instead. As they kiss, Andamo comes out, sees them together, and figures that's it and that's all.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 3, 2018

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