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8. End of Days Recap

Samuel corners Harry on the roof and aims his gun at him, and Harry tells Samuel that he's won. Eve arrives as Harry asks Samuel what cost his victory has. Samuel says that it's the end of a curse that has ruined a lot of lives, and Harry asks how he's going to destroy the bracelet. He points out that Cheung said that if the bracelets are destroyed, a terrible force will be unleashed. Samuel doesn't believe it, and says that he broke Cheung just like he broke Harry. Harry insists that Samuel didn't break him, and reminds Eve that she encouraged all of the gambles that he made by giving him something to believe in.

Aiming his gun at Harry, Samuel tells him goodbye. Harry says that he won't give him the pleasure and jumps off the roof. There's a thud, and Samuel looks down to see Harry's body lying in the trash below.

The next morning at Rich's flat, Daisy watches a news report about the search for the disgraced Harry. Rich joins Daisy, who asks him what's going on. As Elsa comes on to give a statement, Rich admits that he doesn't know.

A young girl finds Harry in the alley, calls him by name, and pokes him, with a stick until he wakes up. She says that he should be dead and calls him "lucky man". Harry thanks her and walks off.

Samuel and Eve drive to Samuel's hideout.

Harry returns to Rich's flat and Daisy hugs him. Rich pours him a drink, but Harry passes out on the couch.

Samuel tells Eve that Harry was right and they've won. She wonders what the cost was, pointing out that Samuel didn't have to kill Cheung. Samuel insists that there needed to be blood for peace, and Eve walks away.

Assault officers approach via the rooftop.

Samuel tells Eve that it's time to move, and she takes a package out of the medicine cabinet.

Steve and Elsa follow the officers to Samuel's hideout

Samuel opens the box with the two bracelets.

Eve puts the package back in the medicine cabinet, and sees an assault officer outside reflected in the mirror. The officers blast their way in, and Samuel runs for it as the officers arrive. He takes cover as they open fire, while Eve ducks down in the bathroom. Samuel shoots back, wounding two officers, and then calls to Eve and provides cover fire as she runs out. He then tosses a smoke grenade across the room and they get to the garage and escape into the sewers via a hatch. By the time the officers get there, the two fugitives are gone.

That night, Rich gives Harry some food and says that Harry should return to New York with Daisy. Harry refuses, saying that he needs to get to Samuel first or there'll be more killings. He insists that he's the only person who can stop Samuel, and Rich tells him that he has to convince Daisy. Harry takes Daisy out and describes the situation with Samuel. Bit by bit, Samuel has taken everything from him ending with Suri. Harry admits that he got lost in his rage and tried to kill Samuel, and Daisy tells him that he doesn't have to be sorry that's what Harry has become. She says that Harry is a superhero, and gives him a new bracelet. Daisy assures Harry that he's always been lucky and Harry hugs her.

Elsa and Steve find the escape hatch and confirm that Samuel escaped. Steve says that it's okay for Elsa to let someone else handle the search for Samuel, but Elsa insists that it's her fault for letting Samuel manipulate her. There's no report of Harry, and Elsa figures that Steve is lying about his ignorance of Harry's whereabouts.

The next day, Harry goes to Cheung's restaurant and a woman, Sau Lam, greets him by name. She says that the Torch sent her to bring Cheung home. Sam tells Harry that Cheung would want her to fight, and admits that they don't know how Samuel can destroy the bracelets. She warns that without the tools from the temple, it would take an immeasurable force. If Samuel is successful then there would be a massive explosion. Sam says that the bracelets came to Harry because he is willing to take chances, and asks Harry to be the last hero of the Torches: their lucky man. After a moment, Harry agrees.

At an abandoned factory on the river, Eve and Samuel go to ground. Eve wants to go back to Hong Kong and start again, but Samuel says that the need to finish it in London. He says that there's another way to destroy the bracelets that Harry doesn't know about. Samuel shows Eve a fission chamber that he's had constructed, and explains that he plans to use the atomic reaction to melt the bracelets. Now he needs to steal the uranium to power the chamber. Eve warns that if it goes wrong, Samuel will kill thousands. Samuel insists that it won't go wrong and it will finish what they started. When Eve hesitates, Samuel asks if they have a problem. She says that they don't, and Samuel asks her to trust him. All he needs to do is get his access back to the central security network, and tells Eve that he'll be back.

That night, Elsa returns to her current safehouse and finds her security guard, dead. Samuel is seated nearby and waves to her. She says that the police may already be on their way, and Samuel assures her that he won't be long. He tells Elsa that he needs her security codes for the central security network. When Elsa refuses, Samuel grabs her by the throat and says that they'll have to do it the hard way. Elsa stabs him with a corkscrew and tries to run. Samuel subdues her, grabs his knife, and demands the codes. When she refuses, he kills her.

The next day, the police clean up the crime scene. Steve arrives and calls Harry to tell him what happened.

At the factory that night, Eve wakes up when she hears Samuel come in. He clutches at his wounded side where Elsa stabbed him.

The next morning, Steve goes to Rich's flat and says that he's not there to arrest Harry. Harry comes out and says that Steve needs his help, and he and Steve agree that Elsa didn't deserve to help. Steve recites the charges against Harry but figures that they have bigger fish to fry. The two men go to the safehouse and Harry wonders why Samuel is still in London. Harry checks the computer and discovers that the hard drive was ejected just after Elsa was killed. Steve refuses to let Harry access the central security network via his computer at work, but Harry points out that he has no choice.

At the factory, Eve tells Samuel that there's still time to stop his plan. He says that he needs help and asks Eve to put the undamaged bracelet on him. Once he has what he needs, Eve can take it off. Eve refuses, saying that it goes against everything that they stand for, and Samuel wonders what good she is to him. Disgusted, Eve starts walking away and Samuel says that he can only destroy the bracelets with her help.

At the station, Steve checks the computer records and then calls Harry. Steve reports that Samuel obtained a roster of sensitive materials being sent to London hospitals. There's a delivery going out to three locations that night, and Harry tells Steve not to call in the authorities. Steve refuses and makes the call.

Harry returns to Rich's flat and asks if his brother would like to come with him and buy him a bit of time. He points out that Rich has always been there for him, and asks Rich to do it for Suri. After a moment, Rich agrees.

Samuel asks Eve if she's ready. She warns that it's not the way, but Samuel insists that it's the only way. Eve makes him promise that he will only use it when he needs to do and will let her take it off once he's done. When Samuel agrees, Eve puts the undamaged bracelet on him. Samuel flips a coin and calls it as neither, and it lands on its edge.

Harry and Rich wait outside the hospital, and the delivery van finally pulls up. Walking over, Harry flashes his badge and says that they believe the van may be targeted for robbery. Samuel steps out of the shadows, shoots the driver and his guard dead, and Harry takes cover. Rich grabs a gun from the dead guard and aims it at Samuel, and Samuel raises his hands. Harry sees the bracelet and yells at Rich not to shoot, but Rich shoots. The first shot misses and the second hits a nearby canister, spraying gas into Rich's face.

Coming over, Harry says that Samuel is a weak man and always has been. Samuel says that it's temporary and aims at Harry, but Rich tackles him and punches him repeatedly. Samuel knocks him out and stares at the bleeding wound in his side, and Harry grabs him. Harry manages to plant his phone in Samuel's coat pocket without Samuel seeing it, and Samuel flees in the van when he hears police sirens approaching. Rich recovers, and he and Harry drive after Samuel.

Samuel loses the Claytons, but Harry has Rich track his phone via the GPS. The police follow them, and Harry tells Rich to take over and lead the police away while he continues going after Samuel. Rich refuses, but Harry begs him to do it and asks him to look after Daisy and get her back to New York. Rich agrees, tells Harry to get Samuel, and drives off.

When he gets to the factory, Samuel loads he chamber with the uranium. Eve asks for the bracelet, warning that it's corrupting him like it corrupted Harry. Samuel insists that he isn't Harry, and gives Eve the gun, aims it at his own head, and tells her to finish it. When Eve doesn't pull the trigger, Samuel tells her that she's weak like all of the Torches, including her mother. Eve pulls the trigger and the gun misfires. Samuel takes the gun and knocks Eve down, then zip-ties her to a post. He dismisses her as a scared little girl and walks away.

Steve finally pulls Rich over and realizes that Harry has gotten away.

Eve manages to abrade the zip-tie on the edge of the post.

Harry runs into the factory and finds the fusion chamber. He knocks out Samuel's technician and removes the uranium core. Samuel comes out and Harry says that Samuel can't destroy the bracelets without the core. He says that Samuel probably won't go through with it anyway since he donned the bracelet, and Samuel asks if Harry likes the man that he's become. When Samuel says that he's protected, Harry looks at Daisy's bracelet and attacks Samuel. They fight and Samuel gets the upper hand, and tells Harry that he's still won even if he sold out.

Eve arrives and puts the black bracelet on Samuel's other wrist. Samuel knocks her down, but Harry punches Samuel and says that other people are his luck. He grabs the core, but Samuel attacks him. He grabs a gun and shoots, but the bullet bounces off of a railing and ricochets, knocking the gun out of Samuel's hand. They fight and Harry says that luck is wild but in the end it does what it wants. Samuel punches him and hits a pipe, and the steam sprays into his face.

As Eve goes to the chamber's controls, Harry asks Samuel if he's feeling lucky. Samuel slams him to the floor, but Eve says that she's taking back control. When Samuel comes at her, Eve kicks him back and sets the chamber to overload. Harry attacks Samuel and knocks him over the railing to his death. As Harry starts to fall over the railing as well, he remembers his life since he got the bracelet.

As the police take Rich away, the factory explodes.

Later, Steve speaks at Harry's service. He admits that Harry lied and cheated, and never went by the book. Steve says that he was jealous of Harry.

Steve sits down at his new desk as DSI.

A pregnant Eve looks out at the world from the trailer that she's living in.

Rich and Daisy look on as Steve says that Harry told him that he solved cases by never stopping.

As he packs up his things, Rich finds a package at his doorstep. Inside is a flask with an inscription about luck.

Harry stands on the shore looking out at the ocean. Daisy joins him and the two of them walk off together.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 7, 2018

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