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The Fury of Iron Fist Recap

A truck drives through Chinatown and stops in front of an armored car. The driver honks his horn but the truck doesn't move. A masked man finally gets out of the truck and walks to the side, while the armored car's guard draws a gun and shoots the driver. More men get out of the truck while the guard knocks on the back of the cab and tells them inside the armored car to open up. They do so and the masked men shoot them dead.

The robbers drive off with the armored car, only to find a masked Danny standing in front of them. He motions to them to stop, but the new driver speeds up and tries to run Danny over. Danny runs forward and then jumps out of the way, summons the Iron Fist, and punches the side of the armored car. It grinds to a halt, and he takes out the new driver as he gets out of the cab. The guard shoots at him and Danny ducks back out of sight. When the guard gets out, Danny disarms him, and then takes out the robbers in the back.

The three remaining robbers come from the following truck and open fire, and Danny uses the rear door as a shield. When they stop to reload, Danny attacks them and they come at him with knives. One of them cuts in his shoulder, but Danny takes down all three. They recover and join the two other robbers coming over, surrounding Danny. He punches the street with the Fist, sending out a shock wave that knocks them back. Danny tells the new driver to apologize and confirms that he's Golden Tiger. Police cars approach and Danny walks off.

Danny returns to Colleen's apartment with takeout and finds Colleen working on citizenship forms she's helping a friend with. A newscast plays video from the robbery, and Danny says that he damaged the truck to make sure the robbers didn't get away after killing the guards. He checks his wounded arm and insists that he's just trying to keep the peace. Danny suggests that Colleen come out with him, but Colleen refuses and helps him bandage his cut. She points out that the last time she got involved, things went sideways. Danny assures her that she saved Misty and Claire, but Colleen isn't convinced. They go into the bedroom to make love.

The next day, Davos goes to the docks and meets with Yang Hai-Qing. Davos confirms that the shipment is still on its way, and Yang says that the price of passage has gone up. When Yang quotes a new price of $4 million, Davos says that where he comes from, oath-breakers are killed and their bones broken. Six of Yang's hatchet men surrounded Davos, and Davos says that he'll discuss the terms with his partner. When Yang says that the place is filled with fish that are now someone else's meal, Davos attacks two of the hatchet men. Once he defeats them, he tells Yang that if he raises the price again then Yang, his wife, and his business will suffer.

Danny is working as a mover with his partner, Albert. Danny admits that it's an adjustment moving in with someone, and Albert says that the Golden Tigers are moving in on the neighborhood. He warns Danny that the last time there was a Triad war, it wasn't pretty. Albert admits that when he was 12, he almost joined a Triad until his best friend was killed by them.

Colleen gives the citizenship papers to her friend, Diana Tsai, who admits that she doesn't have the money to pay the filing fee. When Colleen says that they can cover part of the cost, Diana thanks her and says that she and her daughter Lana are grateful. When Diana says that she needs clothes for Lana, Colleen tells her that they just got charity donations. She finds winter clothing for Lana among the donations, and Lana finds a black wooden box with a Chinese family crest on it. Colleen opens the box and finds a comb and hairbrush inside. She asks the clerk, Ethan, for a donation list to see who dropped the box off.

Danny finds Albert giving directions to a woman, Mary Walker. Danny comes over and asks Mary if she's new in town, and she says that she's from Wisconsin. Mary asks to take Danny's photo and he agrees. Once Mary leaves, Danny tells Albert that he was just being nice. A call comes from Rand Enterprises, and once Danny takes it he thanks the caller for the heads up.

Once she has the address, Colleen goes there and finds a closed furniture shop. A nearby man says that the owner, Frank Choi, has a cousin, Henry Yip, who runs the nearby Silver Lotus Restaurant. When Collen gets three, she finds three street toughs demanding money from Henry. She yells at them to go home, and they quickly take off. Henry insists that he's fine, and explains that the toughs wanted protection money. He says that he doesn't have a cousin named Choi and abruptly goes inside.

Danny approaches Ward, who points out that Danny has a corner office at Rand and doesn't need to work as a mover. Unimpressed, Danny says that it's kept him grounded and he didn't work for the privilege of being a millionaire and it's not him. Ward complains about the edict memo that Danny sent, and they realize that neither one of them called the meeting that they've been summoned to. Joy invites them into her new apartment, and Ward says that it's good to see her. She says that she's not coming back to Rand and hired an outside firm to prepare her divestment package. Joy tells them that she wants to be bought out of her Rand contract, and Ward complains that she objected when he tried to resign. He figures that Joy wants his job, and Joy says that she just wants what she's worked for. She points out that Ward lied to her for years about their father, and Danny tells her that it's unexpected. Ward rejects Joy's proposal, and Danny tells him that they need to take her offer seriously. He wants to put the past behind them and starts to sign over Ward's objections.

Ward warns that it's a mistake and walks out. Joy walks Danny out and Danny says that he's proud of her. She thanks him for the kind words and Danny suggests that she meet with him and Colleen so they can catch up.

Mary enters her apartment and finds a note saying not to leave the house. She folds up he note and goes to the kitchen, and finds another note telling her not to move things around. Panicking, Mary turns on all of the faucets and checks her pulse, then breaks into tears.

Danny returns home and tries to tell Colleen what happened. Colleen is on the phone trying to trace Choi, and once she hangs up tells Danny that the crest on the box is her family crest. She explains how she found it, and she remembers when she was in Hokkaido as a child. Her mother brushed out her hair, and Colleen hasn't thought about her in a long time. Colleen's mother is the only one who didn't push her away, and Colleen figures that Henry knows the answer but she doesn't want to push it. Danny suggests that they go the restaurant and get dinner, and Collen talk to Henry if the opportunity presents itself.

Ward goes to an AA meeting. No one speaks, and he finally gets bored and leaves. The speaker, Bethany, immediately asks who wants to start. She goes after Ward and points out that he didn't make it through the serenity prayer, and says that he has to share. Bethany asks him to say what is going on with him, and Ward tells her that he doesn't want to share. She asks what he does want, and Ward says that he wants to change the things that he can't, and then walks into a storage closet. Bethany follows him in and they have sex. She says that she's a shitty sponsor, and Ward assures her that she's great.

Joy is drinking when Davos comes in and says that he doesn't drink. She says that he can watch her, and Davos tells her that Yang changed the price that they agreed upon. Davos complains that the entire city debases him, and asks Joy what's wrong. She explains that she lied to Danny and Ward, and Danny stuck around after the meeting and was kind to her. Davos wonders if she's wavering, and Joy assures him that she isn't.

Danny and Colleen go to Henry's restaurant and eat, and they try to gross each other out over their mentors making them eat insects. He figures that Colleen likes the idea of a date night, and wonders why Henry would like. Colleen figures that Henry was scared of the toughs and the Golden Tigers, and Danny wars that something bad is coming and the Hand is responsible. He suggests that there's a power vacuum since the Hand has left, and know the Triads and gangs are seeking to fill the void.

The teenage toughs come in, go to the kitchen, and attack the workers and Henry, demanding money. Colleen and Danny come in and tell the gang members that they're in over their heads. When their leader prepares to hit a waitress, Colleen knocks him away. As she prepares to find the gang members, Danny sees three Triad members come in. He warns Colleen and then goes out to greet them. Their leader asks where Henry is, and Danny claims that he went outside to feed the parking meter.

In the kitchen, the gang members attack Colleen. The Golden Tiger men hear the sounds and tells Danny to move. The leader draws a knife on Danny, and he knocks the knife out of his hand and then punches him down. The other two Triad men go for their knives and attack Danny.

Colleen finishes off her opponents and tells them to go.

One man knocks Danny over the head with a vase. He summons the Fist, but Colleen arrives and stops him from punching his opponent with it. Henry comes out of the kitchen and says that there's no problem and the Tigers can go. Colleen asks him for information about Choi, and Henry explains that his cousin is hiding from the Tigers because he owes them money. The owner says that everyone pays the Tigers for protection.

Danny and Colleen walk away, and Colleen worries that she hasn't stayed away from violence. Davos approaches them and says that he's been in New York. He knows that K'un-Lun is gone, and says that if Danny had come with him when he asked, it wouldn't be. Davos says that he and Danny have family matters to discuss without Colleen. Colleen tells Danny that he doesn't have to, but Danny goes with Davos.

The two men go to the river and Danny says that New York is his home. He tells Davos that his focus is on protecting the city, and Davos asks him where he was when K'un-Lun needed protecting. Danny says that he destroyed the Hand and that there was a lot their teachers didn't tell them. Davos says that with mastery comes knowledge and punches Danny. Danny catches him when he punches him again, and the two men fight. Davos grabs Danny by the throat and says that when Danny had it all, he left. Danny shoves him away and they continue fighting, and Danny finally knocks Davos down and says that he fought everyone to gain the Iron Fist and won. Davos asks if Danny would give him back his birthright, explaining that Danny doesn't know what it is or how to use it. Danny says that it's his duty to carry it, and Davos tells him that he's already answered all of his questions. With that, Davos walks away.

Davos returns to Joy's apartment and says that he saw Danny. He offered Danny a chance to make it right and give up Davos' due, but Danny refused and perverted all that Davos holds dear. Satisfied, Joy says that when Danny walked into her life, everything she had turned into ashes and she wants to do the same to Danny. Davos promises that he'll teach Danny what it's like.

Danny returns to the apartment and finds Colleen asleep in their bed. It starts raining out, and Danny leaves as Colleen wakes up and hears him go. Entering the subway, Danny goes to an underground room, summons the Fist, and repeatedly pushes a stack of metal doors until they bend.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2018

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