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The City's Not for Burning Recap

On the streets of Chinatown, a Golden Tiger soldier enters a shop to collect a bag full of money. Four hatchetmen come in, and the man draws a knife. The hatchetmen quickly subdue him, hack him with their hatchets, and toss him out on the street. Danny is walking nearby and sees the man, and goes over to help him. He asks the watchers to call 911, and the man dies in front of Danny.

Continuing on his way, Danny comes to a coffee shop and sees Mary inside. He taps on the glass and waves to her, and goes in to join her. Mary is drawing and shows Danny a sketch of a woman. She admits that she needs a job soon, and admits that she doesn't know where she fits in NYC. Mary talks about her self-doubts, and Danny says that sometimes hopes blossom in the city. She asks if there's a park where people practice tai chi, and Danny directs her to a place and advises her to stay away from Chinatown. Danny suggests that they go to a flower shop near his apartment so Mary can sketch flowers.

As they walk, Danny says that his boss closed down the moving company because of the bad stuff going around Chinatown. He directs her on her way and Mary says that she hopes that she can see him again. Mary sees a church spire and stares at it, and says that she caught up in the light reflecting off a nearby church spire. When Mary takes Danny's hand, he says that he's living with his girlfriend and Mary hastily apologizes. She gasps for breath and starts to waver, and then says that sometimes she gets overwhelmed. Danny invites her up to his place and leads her there.

When they get there, Danny introduces Mary to Colleen. Colleen says that it used to be a dojo but now it's home, and Danny gets Mary a glass of water. Mary says that Danny has gone out of his way twice to help her, and thanks them both for their kindness. She gives them one of her sketches and asks to use their bathroom. She walks off, ignoring them, and Danny tells Colleen that he was going to work when a Tiger died in front of him and Albert told him not to come in. Colleen teases Danny, saying that Mary has a crush on him.

In the bathroom, Mary runs water in the sink for a while and then turns it off and looks at herself in the steamed-over mirror. She ties her hair back and then goes out and abruptly says that she has to go to an appointment. Once Mary leaves, Colleen says that she's meeting with a man who can help her track down Choi. Danny says that he's going to find a way to get ahead of the Triad violence, and Colleen suggests that he ask Yang for details. She asks what Davos wanted, and Danny says that Davos wanted some kind of apology for Danny winning the Fist and losing K'un-Lun. Colleen points out that Danny won their fight for the Fist and leaves.

The Past

In K'un-Lun, the monks approach as Danny and Davos sit across from each other on the temple floor. The leader says that only one of them will earn the right to face the Dragon. The monks put masks on the two fighters and tie their wrists together with a piece of cloth. Lei Kung says that neither of them can leave until the other one yields or dies, and orders them to begin.


Colleen arrives at the community center and meets with her friend, Sam. He tells her that Choi came in for help with a loan, but there's no record in the files. Colleen figures that Choi left in a hurry and covered his tracks, but Sam isn't convinced. They spread out table coverings for a charity gambling event. Sam says that Mrs. Yang is throwing the event and she has "connections" to the city's criminal element.

As Colleen walks home, she sees two men robbing another one. She runs over and the "victim" draws a gun. It's the three teenage gang members from the Silver Lotus, and the leader says that it's payback for her fighting them. Colleen manages to disarm the leader, BB, and the three gang members run off. After throwing the gun into a dumpster, Colleen follows the gangers to an abandoned building. There's a power cable running inside, and Colleen follows it.

The trio meet with the gang's leader, Ryhno, who complains that they didn't kill Colleen like he told them to. Colleen comes in and says that she's right there but just wants to talk. Ryhno grabs a sawed off shotgun, and Colleen says that she was just trying to stop a fight between the gang and the Tigers. After a moment, Ryhno wonders why Colleen is trying to look out for them. She tells him that she's trying to be right, and Ryhno says that it's their turf and it's all that they know. Colleen tells them to come by the community center if they need anything, and Ryhno tells her to get out. She asks if they're good, and Ryhno says that they're good... for now.

BB goes after Colleen and apologies for trying to kill her. He says that he wants to pull his weight, and says that the Hatchets will crush the Tigers and then the gang will get their own turf. Colleen tells BB that there's a lot Ryhno doesn't know, gives him her name, and leaves.

Danny goes to Yang's fish-packing company to meet with the Triad leader. He warns that he's on the path to war with Tigers and would like to find a way to stop it. Yang explains that he has the docks and the Tigers want it, and Danny suggests that they meet and share access and profits. Yang explains that the Tigers attacked one of his armored cars moving his funds, and his nephew was the driver. He insists that he has no choice and it's his right, and Danny smashes Yang's desktop with the Fist without realizing it. As Danny leaves, he says that he'll find a way to stop the war if Yang won't.

The Past

Danny and Davos fight, and Danny manages to tie Davos up with the cloth. Davos fights his way free, breaks the cloth, and continues his assault. He finally yanks off his mask and beats Danny, breaking his hand and telling him to yield. Yu-Ti looks at Lei Kung, wondering if they should stop Lei's son from killing Danny. Lei shakes his head, while Davos asks Danny why he won't yield. He then punches Danny repeatedly, and Danny knocks him away. They both get to their feet and prepare to continue fighting.


Ward arrives in the lobby of Rand Enterprise and asks his assistant Katie what their accountants have found out about Joy's finances. Katie says that most of the patents are defunct, and Ward snaps at her. He then apologizes, saying that he's been preoccupied, and Katie tells him that most of the patents are junk. Ward figures that they're not all junk and Joy is using some of them as cover for the good ones. Katie has determined that Joy is attending an event at an auction house. Ward tells her to say that his schedule is packed full and leaves.

At the auction house, Joy walks around with her friend Mika Prada They talk about their time in college together, and Mrs. Yang says that Joy seems happier than ever. Davos is watching from a corner, and Joy says that they've been working on a thing together. Mika wants to hit on him, and Joy warns that Davos doesn't drink, eat meat, or make small talk.

Ward comes in and approaches his sister, and notices that Mika is talking to Davos. He says that he's beating on an artifact and points out that Joy won't return his calls. Ward tells her that she isn't tricking anyone with the junk patents, and Joy says that she already has them out. He offers to help her out, and Joy asks if he's doing the "making amends" step. Ward asks how she knew he was in AA, and Joy says that it wasn't him because he never tells her the truth. He says that he was going to tell her, just as Davos comes over and asks if everything is all right, and Ward says that he gives it a week. Disgusted, Joy leaves with Davos.

In the back room, Mika shows Joy and Davos the antiques going up for auction. She shows them a bronze bowl and Davos reaches for it. Mika pulls it away and, saying that he can't touch it, and Joy offers to buy it. She claims that it speaks to her, and Davos says that they need it that night. Mika says that it can't be done and steps away, and Davos contemplates a knife on the counter. Joy notices his attention and tells him not to consider it, and says that she'll handle it.

Colleen returns home and finds Danny studying the computer. She figures that the meeting didn't go well with Yang, and Danny tells her that the bad blood between the two sides rides deep. Colleen warns that Yang is going to make a big move soon and explains that the gang is just trying to get by as squatters. Danny figures that he can't go back to Yang and Colleen suggests that they approaches Yang's wife.

Danny and Colleen go to the civic center and find the "charity event" under way. They approach Mrs. Wang, who says that it's a high-stakes table. Undeterred, Colleen sits down at the table and insists on talking, publicly or privately. Danny tells Mrs. Wang that he met with her husband and Colleen asks that she listen to them. The other players leave, and Mrs. Wang asks if Colleen asks if she wants to keep her position. Colleen says that they'd like her to convince her husband to parley rather than fight, and Mrs. Wang tells them that it's too late. The Hatchets are going to attack the memorial service for the dead Tiger, and Colleen tries to convince Mrs. Wang that it's her social duty to protect the community. After a moment, Mrs. Wang tells them to leave her. As Colleen and Danny leaves, Danny congratulates Colleen and she figures that she wanted to walk another path. If it doesn't work then they'll have to stop both sides by force. Mrs. Wang makes a call and nods to them.

Joy, Davos, and Mika go to Joy's apartment and Mika tries to flirt with Davos. Mika goes to refill their champagne glasses and Joy tells Davos that Mika is married to a Congressman running for reelection and would do anything to prevent a scandal. She says that they need something scandalous, and Davos tells her that the tactic is distasteful. Joy insists a tactic and says that he has to ask himself if his goal is more important than his principles.

Mika comes over and sits next to Davos, and Joy steps out "to get some air". The woman points out that they're alone, and Davos moves away and then regains his composure. Mika removes his shirt and kisses him, and Davos grabs her hair. When Mika slaps his hand away, Davos grabs her throat. She tells him to do it harder. Aroused, Mika shoves him onto the couch and they have sex... unaware that Joy has set her computer to videotape the entire thing.

Danny and Colleen return home and Danny says that they did good. Colleen agrees and hopes that they can get back to normal. Danny says that they prevented a slaughter and puts on a record.

The Past

Davos continues beating Danny, telling him to yield. Danny refuses and Davos tells him that it's over. The American says that he's leading, not running, and moves to put the sun at his back. When Davos is blinded , Danny takes him down and tells him to yield. Davos refuses, and Lei says that Danny will face the Dragon. Danny lets Davos drop to the floor and walks out.


The next day, Yang calls Davos to his office and returns his money. He says that he can no longer guarantee delivery and is renegotiating his control of the port. Yang insists that he's doing it to prevent an open war with his rivals, and Davos says that he's honored to know him. He hugs him, taps on his neck, and wishes Yang a good day. Once Davos leaves with the money, Yang collapses at his desk, dead.

Mary calls the apartment and gets Colleen. She asks if Danny is there, and Colleen recognizes her voice. Mary says that she shouldn't have called and hangs up. She then puts out the secret photos that she's taken of Danny, and finds a note telling her to stay away from Danny. Mary folds it up into a small bundle, staring off into space.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2018

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