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This Deadly Secret... Recap

Danny is washing the blood out of his costume in the sink, and Colleen wakes up and says that she didn't hear him come in. He explains that he had to take a wounded Hatchet to the emergency room, and the Yangs are dragging their feet over the parley. Colleen points out that they can't do anything more than bring the two parties to the table, but Danny wonders if he could use violence to pull it off. She warns that sometimes problems get worse when punching is involved. Colleen points out that Danny is barely home, and he says that he's trying to protect the city in Matt's absence. She wonders if he's trying to find a new role now that the Hand and K'un-Lun are gone, and Danny says that he's just trying to do what's right. Colleen says that Mary called for him and then hung up.

At the AA meeting, Ward donates a large amount of money to perk up the place. Bethany thanks him for his generosity and suggests that they talk about gratitude. Ward tells them that Joy knows that he's been coming there, and asks if someone told her. Bethany tries to change the subject, but Ward says that he would have paid them to keep quiet. One man, Carlos, says that no one knows Joy. Bethany asks Ward what Joy's reaction was to his being in recovery, and wonders what he's feeling. Ward says that they're all assholes and gives them the finger, then walks out. Out in the hallway, Ward calls with someone and agrees to meet with Danny at his place.

At the apartment, Ward tells Danny about his suspicions and says that he met Joy and Davos at the art auction. Danny explains that he grew up with Davos and wonders what kind of business he was doing with Joy, and Ward asks him to check with Davos and see what Joy is doing. When Danny wishes that they could just get together, Ward suggests that Danny invite him and Joy to dinner at their place and they'll talk it. Danny warns that that night could be late notice for Colleen, and Ward says that he and Joy haven't talked about what happened with Harold. After Danny agrees to ask, Ward thanks him and suggests that he "coincidentally" show up. Danny disagrees, thinking that it's underhanded, but Ward figures Joy won't come if she knows he'll be there and Danny eventually agrees.

Colleen goes to Choi's furniture store and calls Danny. He asks her if it's okay to have a dinner party that night with Ward, Joy, and Davos, and they talk as she looks for another entrance. Colleen agrees and after she hang sup, breaks into the store's basement As she goes through the papers left behind, BB comes in and he says that he wanted to see what she was up to. He explains that sometimes Choi caught the gang coming around, and points out that Colleen is sitting on Choi's favorite chair. There's a ledger taped to the bottom, and Colleen open it.

Joy meets with a woman, Sofia Rios, to discuss a patent. She says that she took the patent for a photovoltaic solar cell with her when she left Rand, and figures that it can change the global economy. Joy wants Sofia to work for her developing the cell, and has a factory read to begin production. Sofia asks for a day for her engineers to look over the proposal and leaves. Davos comes in and Joy explains that she's partnering with Sofia on a business proposition. He compliments her on her drive for victory, and Joy tells Davos that Danny invited them to dinner at his apartment. She says that they have to go because they're suspicious of them, and figures that it will help them if they convince Danny that they're his friends. Davos figures that it's just dinner, but Joy warns that dinner is never just dinner.

Colleen and BB walk down the street and Colleen is unable to decipher the ledger. BB figures that the police have Choi in custody because he's an informer against the Triads. Colleen tells him to come to the community center the next time he follows her, but BB isn't interested and leaves.

Danny returns home with food for the party, and someone pushes an envelope beneath the door. He catches a glimpse of Mary running out and follows her. Danny finally catches up to her, and Mary asks him not to check the contents. He asks what's going on, and Danny says that she thought them meeting each other was auspicious. Mary says that it's been a long time since she even left home, and tries to go. Danny asks if she's in trouble, and Mary says that someone named Walker is watching him. She tells him to open the envelope, and inside are the surveillance photos of him and Colleen. When Danny looks up, he discovers that Mary has slipped away.

When Colleen returns home, Danny shows her the photos. Colleen worries that Mary has them under surveillance, and Danny figures that Mary was frightened. She wants to cancel the dinner, but Danny figures that it's a Rand thing and insists on keeping his promise to Ward. He admits that he's been pushing hard recently and wants a night off of the streets, and Colleen agrees.

That night as they prepare for dinner, Colleen asks what Danny wants out of the dinner party. He says that he wants to find out what's going on with Joy and Davos, but mostly he wants it to be good between all of them. Danny tells her that he tried to call Ward but he didn't pick up, and says that Joy can't know that Ward is coming. Colleen starts to object, just as Joy and Davos arrive. Everyone stares at each other for a minute, and then Colleen thanks them for the invitation.

Joy makes small talk and Danny asks how Joy and Davos know each other. Colleen says that they're just curious and opens the bottle of wine that Joy brought, and Joy says that they met in Paris. They describe their meet-cute and Joy says that they have a lot of interests.

Danny asks Davos to help him with the grill in the back. Davos admits that he's always had a temper and they reminisce about their shared past in K'un-Lun. He's surprised that Danny is grilling meatballs for the pasta.

Colleen throws pasta at the wall to confirm that it sticks and it's done. Joy admits that she would have called a caterer, and asks what inspired Danny to invite them. Colleen says that Davos stopped by a few nights ago, and Danny and Davos come in with the meatballs. Once Joy leaves, Colleen asks Danny how it went with Davos and promises to deck Joy if she makes another domestic crack. Danny says that Ward still isn't picking up and hopes that he's on his way.

Ward is in his car reciting his AA vows, and his driver Stan offers to take Ward to the front door. Declining the offer, Ward says that he could use the air and then punches the back of the seat.

Everyone sits down to eat, and Danny offers a toast to them coming over. Danny asks Davos what he does in his spare time, mentioning that he knows Davos is looking at antiquities. Davos says that he's exploring opportunities, and Danny asks Joy what she's doing with the divestment money. Joy jokingly suggests that they sign a NDA before she says anything, and compliments Colleen on the food. She asks Colleen if she's still teaching, and Colleen says that she isn't. Davos mutters that it might be for the best, and says that teachers live by example. He points out her sword on the mantle and says that she walked away from a test. Colleen angrily says that Davos doesn't know her, and asks what they're doing hiding their intentions. She agrees with Davos that they stop being polite, and Davos picks up a fork.

Colleen says that Davos and Joy are important to Danny but clearly angry with him, and suggests that they air their grievances. Danny reluctantly agrees, and Colleen tells Danny and Davos to hash out who the Iron Fist should have gone to. Davos says that it's not the time or place, but Colleen tells him that it's as good a place as ever. Davos walks off, and Colleen tells Danny to stay and let Davos come back.

When Colleen asks Joy what her problem is with Danny. Joy says that she has issues with everything that has happened since Danny came back into her life. She found out that Howard was alive, and Danny and Ward kept the information from her. Danny says that they did it to protect her, and Joy tells him that she can protect herself. She admits that Harold was a troubled man but he was her father, and Danny kept him from her. Joy says that she deserved the truth.

Davos paces angrily around the bathroom, then comes out and sees the photos that Mary left.

Joy says that when she looks at Danny, everything that happened comes rushing back.

Davos walks out and tells Joy that they should go immediately. Danny says that they should work through things, and says that he and Ward agreed to do it. He admits that Ward is coming and they need to figure it out.

Ward goes to the AA room and asks Bethany if she needs a hand. He helps her pick up the chairs and apologizes, and then asks if she's working with Joy. Angry, Bethany starts to walk away and Ward apologizes. He says that things have been hard between him and his sister, and he felt robbed of the opportunity to tell Joy he was in AA. Bethany points out that he leads with "asshole", and tells him that families are crazy and relationships are hard. She tells him that if he doesn't work it out, he won't have any successful human relationships. Bethany says that Ward should go away, and Ward asks if he ruined it. She glares at him and Ward leaves.

Joy is angry that Ward convinced Danny to lie, and unsurprised that Ward didn't show. Danny tells her that Ward is broken that Joy isn't talking to her, and says that they're all family. He just wanted to make peace, and Joy tells him that they're not a family. Danny and Ward conspired behind her back, and Davos tells her that it's enough. She glares at him for a moment and then they both leave. On the street, Davos explains that Danny has the surveillance photos that Joy paid Mary for, and she wonders how Danny got hold of them. They drive for Mary's apartment.

Danny and Colleen clean up, and Danny figures that now they know where everyone stands. Colleen admits that she didn't help things, and Danny tells her that he's not mad for calling everyone out. He says that he's lucky to have her with him, and Mrs. Yang calls and asks to meet with them concerning the parley.

Colleen and Danny go outside to the SUV where Mrs. Yang is waiting. She says that she's taking her husband's place at the table and wants them to accompany her. Mrs. Yang claims that her husband went to Hong Kong on family business, and she needs to make a show of strength. She knows what Danny can do and figures that the Tigers do as well, and Danny and Colleen agree.

The trio drive to the warehouse where the meeting is taking place, Danny wearing his mask. The guard, Chen Wu, asks to search them for weapons and Mrs. Yang says that Danny is the weapon. Chen Wu takes them to his superior, Mr. Ho, who points out that he agreed to meet with Yang himself. Mrs. Yang says that her husband sends his apologizes and shows them the ancestral baton that shows she has her husband's authority. Ho accepts her authority and they start negotiating territories.

Danny glances out the window and sees three men approaching the building. He nods to Colleen and then tells Mrs. Yang that something isn't right. He asks Ho if it's a trap, and Danny tells Mrs. Yang that she's not safe and they need to go. Chen Wu and h is men go for a knife, and Danny takes two of them out. Ho tells the other men to get him, while Colleen leads Mrs. Yang out.

Summoning the Fist, Danny knocks the table over on his attackers. The shockwave knocks them all back, and Chen Wu goes after Colleen and Mrs. Wang. Colleen fights Chen Wu and he knocks her down, and Mrs. Yang stabs him in the eye with a hairpin.

Danny punches an opponent and demands to know who is outside, but the man passes out without answering. Police sirens sound and Danny runs after the others.

Joy and Davos enter Mary's apartment, and find her at her computer listening to white noise. They asks why Danny has the surveillance photos, and tells her that her cover has been blown. Mary says that the situation is salvageable and asks them to leave. Davos demands details, and Mary draws a pair of machetes and puts them to Davos'

Written by Gadfly on Sep 9, 2018

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