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The Golden Serpent (2) Recap

As Max falls off the bridge, he uses the parachute on his back to break his fall and navigates to where Grant is in a waiting boat. Two of Selimun's guards arrive by boat and open fire, and Grant quickly drives off. Selimun's men give pursuit.

Selimun takes Shannon to his yacht.

Grant manages to stay ahead of their pursuers, and lures the enemy boat into the edge of a pier. It hits and blows up

Jim approaches Selimun and introduces him to "Jahani": Nicholas in disguise. Nicholas demands the throne of their country and admits that he was behind the attempt on Selimun's life. He says that the Golden Serpent wanted Selimun dead and he was to replace his twin brother, and assures Shannon that he'll kill him as well. Selimun runs off and after a moment, Shannon goes after him as Nicholas calls out that there's no escape for Selimun.

At Drago's estate, Big Blonde continues practicing with her crossbow bolts. Drago receives a call from his agent, Harris, who tells him that he expects their suppliers from El President to continue. Once Drago hangs up, Burrows tells him that Selimun's shipment should arrive. Drago insists that he needs liquidity and tells Big Blonde that he'll find her a more satisfying target.

Selimun's men unload the fake heroin at the docks near Selimun's yacht. Selimun tells the captain that if he delivers the heroin then it will prove that he's loyal to the Serpent. He wonders how his brother could come back from the dead, and says that he drowned him personally and watched his body drift away downriver. Shannon secretly listens as Selimun says that after the delivery he'll return to his country where he'll be safe.

Grant and Nicholas watch from nearby and follow the car with heroin shipment to the Serpent. Two identical cars join the original one and they go around a traffic circle together and then split up, foiling the agents' attempts to follow them.

The next day, Drago and Burrows check the shipment and discover the fake heroin. Drago promises that Selimun will pay for his betrayal.

Drago calls Selimun, and Grant is unable to listen in via Shannon's bug because of the scrambling device. Selimun and Drago argue about how the other is playing games, and neither knows what the other is talking about. The prince says that Drago can't touch him once he's back in his own country, and Drago wishes him bon voyage and hangs up. Meanwhile, Grant unscrambles Selimun's voice from the recording that they have. He then gets a voiceprint of Drago and starts tracing it through the IM files while Nicholas puts on another Selimun mask and goes with Jim to talk to Selimun.

At the Australian Stock Bank, Jim and Nicholas have Harris transfer all of Selimun's accounts from Harris' bank to Jim's. Harris warns that he can't exceed his authority, but Jim and Nicholas insist. The banker warns Nicholas of the risk that he's taking, well aware that the money is from the Serpent, but Nicholas orders him to make the transfer and Harris has no choice.

On Selimun's yacht, Shannon steals the key for Selimun's cabin from the guard.

Grant identifies Drago from the voiceprint and confirms that he's a businessman and banker. He has no previous convictions and lives in Sydney. Grant has tapped into Harris' computer and gets the personal account that Drago uses to transfer the million a month to Selimun. Jim has Grant make it look like Selimun has been taking Drago's money, and Grant transfer all of Drago's funds to Selimun's account.

Harris goes to Drago and tells him what Nicholas had him done. He then discovered the transfers, and tells Drago that his personal fortune has been almost liquidated. Drago is furious and has Burrows take Harris away. He then makes a call and says to do it.

Grant creates a holographic protection of a giant underwater gold vault. Nicholas examines a real gold ingot that Grant has acquired.

On Selimun's yacht, Big Blonde shoots Selimun in the back with her crossbow pistol, takes his signet ring, and shoves him into the ocean. She then tells the captain to set course for the island and then come to her cabin.

Shannon breaks into Selimun's cabin and hears someone inside. She turns on the lights and finds Barney, weak but still alive. He explains that Selimun kept him alive after he convinced the prince that he was a paid spy for the Serpents. Shannon says that she can't risk blowing her cover by telling Grant that his father is alive, and leaves for the time being.

Grant gives Nicholas a lapel pin with a miniature camera and transmitter. Max and Grant then carry out the packages of the vitamin C bottles, and Nicholas calls Drago and says that he bought the drugs from Selimun. Nicholas then puts Jim on the line, and Jim says that they'll give him the shipment back but it will cost $5 million and that's only a small % of the street value. Drago has no choice but to agree, and Jim gives him further instructions.

Later, Nicholas delivers the vitamin C containers to Burrows in a cemetery. They exchange money for the shipment and Burrows draws a gun on Nicholas. Nicholas turns and tells him that the heroin is a gift, and tosses the case of money to Burrows. Once he's clear, Nicholas calls Jim that Burrows has the heroin and the money, and Jim says that Max and Grant are flying to Barrier Reef.

The next day on the yacht, Big Blonde comes out on deck and tells Selimun's women that Drago will protect them now. Shannon asks what happened to Selimun, and Big Blonde tells her to forget Selimun.

Max, dressed as one of the Serpent guards, takes a Zodiac to the island shore.

Jim and Nicholas visit Drago and Jim says that they gave the money back as a sign of good faith. They want to buy Drago's organization, pointing out that Drago loses everything without them. Jim points out that Selimun has all of Drago's assets, but they want his distribution network. Drago asks where they'd get the money he wants, and they tell him that Selimun will pay for it. Jim explains that Selimun converted all of the money that Selimun ripped off and converted into bullion. His back to the wall, Drago agrees to deal.

Max sneaks onto the island and watches as a guard takes Barney to the house. He knocks out the guard and takes Barney inside.

Jim, Nicholas, and Drago arrive on the island by helicopter.

Shannon enters the house and finds Max where he's hiding with Barney. Max then calls Grant and puts Barney on the line.

In the house, Jim demands all of the information on the distribution network. Nicholas records everything with the lapel pin/camera. On the boat, Grant watches the transmission and then turns on a player and puts on his scuba gear.

Jim tells Drago that Selimun's gold is hidden in the grotto. Drago says that his records are also there.

Grant swims to the grotto.

Max, Shannon, and Barney go to the grotto and Max takes out the guard with a dart gun. Barney knocks out another guard, and Max takes out a third one. They then go to work.

Grant reaches the closed gate.

Max puts a fake button on the eye of the Serpent insignia on the elevator door. Shannon spots Drago and the others coming via the surveillance system, and Barney turns off the laser system and opens the gate. Shannon takes the elevator up to meet them, while Grant plants a hologram projector at the bottom of the grotto.

When Shannon comes out of the elevator, Jim says that she's one of his assistants and became a close friend of Selimun.

Grant puts the ingot next to the projector and then swims up into the docking bay. Barney says that he's fine and tells Grant to get out as they hear the elevator coming down.

In the elevator, Jim claims that Shannon found out that Selimun was stealing from the Serpent, and Drago orders Big Blonde to lower her crossbow pistol.

Once Grant is clear of the grotto, Barney closes the gate and reactivates the laser. He then hides as the elevator arrives. Max is still posing as a guard, and Shannon says that Selimun said that the "eye of the serpent" was the key to the gold and he used the signet ring to activate it. Drago hands over Selimun's ring that Big Blonde took, and Jim "unlocks" the eye. Max points out that the vault has opened, and Jim activates the hologram projector. It reveals the fake vault that Grant created, and Max swims down and brings them the ingot that Grant planted after Drago shuts down the laser grid.

Drago is convinced that he has Selimun's gold, and uses both rings to unlock a hidden computer that plays all of the information on the Serpent's network. Nicholas records it all and Grant, back on the boat, records all of the data. Drago says that he will keep the gold and the organization. Big Blonde shoots at Jim, and Barney runs out of hiding and takes the bolt meant for his friend. Shannon tackles Big Blonde and they fall into the grotto, and Max attacks Drago.

Shannon and Max manage to knock out their respective opponents. Jim pulls the bolt out of Barney's chest, and Big Blonde emerges from the water and shoots at Shannon. Nicholas pulls Shannon out of the way, and the bolt hits the laser activation switch. The laser goes wild, killing Big Blonde repeatedly and setting the reset of the grotto controls on fire. The agents get into the elevator and take it up. Drago is unable to get out and the grotto collapses around him.

Grant pilots the boat to the dock and picks up his teammates and father. The guards run as the house explodes, and the team gets aboard and Grant takes off. Once they stop, Jim thanks Barney for saving his life. Grant comes over and takes his father's hand for a moment. He goes up on the dock and gives the CD with the recording of the Serpent files to Jim.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2018

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