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Countdown Recap

In the country of Kangji, Su Lin sits in a makeshift shrine in a warehouse and looks at a photo of the Holy One. A truck pulls up and Su Lin lets it in. Su Lin looks at the covered contents in the back and tells the driver that he's done well. He says that the weapon will destroy the government and the Holy One will return victorious. Su Lin confirms that the driver, Quon, saw what the weapon was when the canvas slipped, and she refuses to tell him anything else. She promises that the Holy One will return because of Quon's efforts, and tells him to kiss her. When Quon does, Su Lin stabs him in the stomach with a knife and sys that it was foolish of him to disobey her instructions. She then removes the canvas, revealing the nuclear warhead beneath.

In San Francisco, Jim picks up his briefing from a mime artist in the park. He's informed that Kangji is controlled by a government of military strongmen led by General Xang Kai. Xang seeks control of the whole country and he plans to use the warhead. When he detonates it in the heart of the city, he will obliterate the government and blame it on the U.S. Su Lin organized the theft of the weapon and is a religious zealot. Dedicated to the Holy One, exiled for life by the current regime, Xang has agreed to let the Holy One return if he rises to power. Su Lin has placed the warhead in the capital and armed it. The team must find the warhead and stop it from detonating.

At the apartment, Jim explains that Su Lin has written off the loss of millions of lives as long as the Holy One returns. Xang trusts no one and will kill Su Lin once her purpose has served.

At the Kangji American Clinic, Nicholas and Max go in disguised as orderlies and bring in equipment. Jim, Shannon, and Grant are there, and Jim notes that they have the use of the ward for two days and are claiming to set up an inoculation program. Grant has confirmed that Su Lin only has had six hours to hide the bomb in the capital, meaning that she's still in the city.

At the city's military base, Su Lin meets with Xang and tells him that the bomb is in place and armed. No one can disarm it without the code. She reminds him of his promise to let the Holy One return, and says that the warhead will explode in 22 hours. Su Lin finally shows him a photo of where the warhead is hidden and then burns the photo. Xang is satisfied, figuring that it's the last place anyone would look. He strokes Su Lin's face, saying that she's beautiful, and Su Lin jerks away. When the general suggests that he could have her killed, Su Lin says that he doesn't know what steps she's taken to avenge her death. Xang tells her to see her Holy One and speak to no one. Once Su Lin leaves, Xang tells his aide Major Chung to take a detonations expert to the warhead and replace the detonator with Xang's and then kill him.

At the hospital wing, Grant edits a video to make it look like Xang saying that he can't allow the Holy One to return.

Nicholas goes to a shrine and pays homage to the Holy One. A monk comes in and does likewise, and then questions Nicholas about his presence. Nicholas says that he is a believer and hoped to meet the Holy One, and the monk says that he is exiled. The monk warns that the image is forbidden in Kangji and says where the Holy One's body is. Once he's alone, Nicholas radios the others with the Holy One's location. They figure that Su Lin is there and Max confirms that the only route there is by rail and it leaves in one hour.

Chung tells Xang that he has done as Xang commanded. Xang tells him to make sure that Su Lin gets on the train and kill her if she doesn't get on the train or passes information to anyone… and kill her contact as well.

The team drive to the railway station five minutes before the train's departure, and Max and Shannon search the station for Su Lin. Max spots her, and Shannon approaches her as Chung enters the station. Shannon asks Su Lin about where the Holy One lives, and Su Lin abruptly dismisses her. Max spots Chung coming and signals Jim, who tells Max to take Chung out of the play. As Chung approaches Shannon and Su Lin, Max knocks luggage over on the major and loudly apologizes. Shannon enters the train car, and Su Lin sees Chung and boards as well as Chung sees her.

Grant and Nicholas go to a switch box on the tracks ahead and hook up a remote to the signal light bypass controls.

On the train, Shannon sits in the same cabin as Su Lin, and Shannon puts on a ring with a drugged needle.

Nicholas attaches a remote device to the tracks ahead of the oncoming train. Grant joins him and they hide, and the train activates the device. The signal light flashed red, and the train brakes to a halt. Shannon knocks out Su Lin with the ring, and later, Su Lin wakes up in the hospital wing. Jim is posing as a doctor, examining her, and he says that she has a mild concussion and damage to her hands. He explains that the train crashed and she's been out for five hours. In the neighboring room, Max and Shannon watch Su Lin on a monitor, and Nicholas prepares a mask of Chung.

Jim tells Su Lin that she'll be fine in a few days. Once Jim leaves, Grant pulls away the curtain to reveal that he's in the adjoining bed. He says that he heard on the news that a dozen people were killed in the wreck. Nicholas, disguised as Chung, comes in over Max's objections, checks Grant's papers, and demands to know what he's been doing for the last 24 hours. He reveals scratches on Grant's shoulder, and slaps Grant when he claims that he fell off of his bike. Grant grabs him and Nicholas draws a gun. Jim comes in and orders Nicholas away, and Nicholas says that Grant is a mercenary and the scratches are from when Grant broke into a munitions depot. Su Lin tells Nicholas to take him to Xang, and Nicholas tells Jim that she's waned for the crime against the state and shouldn't be released. Grant thanks Jim for his help but says that he's not popular at the American consulate.

That night, Xang slaps Chung and says that Su Lin never arrived at the Holy One's town and tells the major to find her.

Grant tells Su Lin that he took the risks along with the money and turns on the TV. The others play the video, which first has Nicholas reporting on the train wreck. He then announces that the Holy One is returning to the capital city to offer solace to the families of the dead. They the edited video of Xang authorizing the Holy One to come into Kangji. Shocked, Su Lin tells Grant that Xang has betrayed her and they'll all die. She tells Grant that she has killed the Holy One. Grant produces a knife and says that he'll kill Chung and escape, and invites Su Lin to come with him. Su Lin asks him to help her save the Holy One and promises to get him out of country and pay him well.

Chung tells Xang that Su Lin has disappeared, and Xang figures that Su Lin is coming back to betray him. He tells the major to place a watch on the bomb's location.

The disguised Nicholas and Jim reenter the ward and Nicholas tells the two patients that they're coming with him. He handcuffs them together, and Grant jumps him. When Jim tries to intervene, Su Lin knocks him out with a water pitcher. Grant "kills" Nicholas, discovers that he has no keys to the handcuffs, and leaves with Su Lin in tow. They go to the ambulance and Grant orders Max to hand over the keys. When Max tries to jump him, Grant shoots him dead and drives off with Su Lin. Jim and Nicholas come out and check in with Shannon, who is tracking the bug on Grant.

Max follows the ambulance toward the center of the city. Meanwhile, Grant spots soldiers searching vehicles. He turns on the lights and siren, and drives by the soldiers.

Jim triggers a remote, activating the low-oil light on the ambulance. He pulls over, breaks into a plumbing van, and uses a pair of bolt-cutters to cut through the handcuffs. Max and Nicholas follow them as they pull up in an alley and continue to a shrine on foot.

When Grant and Su Lin get to the shrine, and she tells Grant that the warhead is inside and they have to disarm it. She says that she was tricked into planting it and Xang wants to destroy the soul of her country. They slip in a side entrance and when a soldier tries to intervene, Max tranqs him and helps Nicholas drag him away.

Grant steeple-climbs up a narrow alleyway next to the shrine, then lowers a rope from the van down to Su Lin. They enter the shrine through an upper window and Su Lin leads Grant to a warhead in one of the mausoleums. The detonator is set to go off in just over four hours, and Su Lin realizes that Xang changed the keypad and she doesn't know the code. She warns Grant that if anyone tampers with the warhead then it will go off. Su Lin grabs Grant by the shirt in frustration and realizes that he's wearing a wire, and rips the bandages off of her hands to discover that they're uninjured. She assumes that Grant is spying for Xang and attacks him, then runs out to save the Holy One. Grant goes after her, and Su Lin runs to the roof and yells to Xang that he's a murderer. Chung hears her and shoots her dead, and Grant radios the others what happened. The soldiers come charging into the shrine, and Grant slips away.

Back at the hospital, the team realizes that it's too late to evacuate anyone safely. Grant warns that they can't break the code, and Jim suggests that they have to get to Xang before he leaves town. He has Nicholas visit the temple, and Nicholas tells the monks that the Holy One is returning.

Grant edits footage of Su Lin at the hospital so she says that she stopped the timer and declares Xang a betrayer. Nicholas comes in disguised as the Holy One.

Shannon and Max drive in the ambulance to the military base, posing as doctors with a delivery for Xang.

The monks tell the people that the Holy One is returning.

Shannon gives the video tape to Xang, saying that they found it on a wounded patient and it contains a threat against Xang.

Nicholas steps out on a balcony where everyone can see him, including one of Xang's men.

Xang watches the edited video and assumes that Su Lin changed the code. A soldier tells Xang that the Holy One has returned, and Xang figures that he can still wins if he activates the device himself and kills the Holy One. He leaves for the shrine, and Nicholas reports that he's been spreading the word for the people to go to the shrine. Grant is at the shrine and has wired up the detonator, and warns that they only have four minutes until the warhead explodes.

Xang and Chung arrive at the shrine and enter the mausoleum. Once they're inside, Grant locks the door with a remote-controlled release mechanism. Max and Nicholas arrive outside the shrine and tell Jim and Shannon that the people are coming.

When Xang realizes that the bomb is still active, he assumes that Su Lin set him up to die. He enters the code and tells Chung that he planted the warhead... unaware that Grant planted a loudspeaker to relay Xang's words outside. The people hear his confession, and Chung panics and tries to run only to discover the door is locked.

The countdown stops with three seconds left. Grant unlocks the door, and the people enter the mausoleum and arrest Xang and Chung for treason. Jim and Shannon arrive, pick up their teammates, and depart.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 21, 2018

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