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Daddy's Girl Recap

Cassie is shooting pool at a biker's bar, while D.D. and Shane look on. Their friend explains that it's a nostalgia thing and she came there for prom, and figures that it's time for R&R. Cassie says that she used to spend most of her nights there. A waitress takes their order. A biker hustles a guy off the street, and Cassie sees it and deliberately misses her next shot. The biker and his two friends come over and try to flirt with the Spies, and Cassie plays along. She says that it's her first time playing pool, and the biker suggests that they'll pay $100 if Cassie wins and they get to take the Spies out if he wins.

Cassie agrees and misses her first shot, and the biker has a long run. She suggests that if she sinks the rest of the balls in one shot, they pay her $1,000. If she loses then they'll figure out something. The biker puts the $1,000 down and Cassie makes the shot. She gives the money back to the first guy and tells the biker that she hustled him. When he grabs her arm, Cassie throws him into a shelf and Cassie punches him back. All the other bikers advance on them and the spies divide them up and take them all out. Once they're done, they go to another bar.

The next morning back at the apartment, Jack shows the Spies photos of the medics cleaning up after their night out. He complains about how he had to clean up after them without the Chairman finding out, and says that he's going to ground them by putting them under house arrest. First he gives them their assignment and explains that businessman Conrad Blaine is negotiating a trade agreement. The Spies will be watching his daughter Ashley while Conrad is in Geneva. Jack warns that they have word that an extremist group may try to kidnap Ashley and disrupt the negotiations. If the Spies leave the house then they'll go back to prison

Jack brings Ashley to the apartment so the Spies can watch her, and after the chauffeur brings in Ashley's bags, Conrad thanks them for assuring him some peace of mind. Conrad tells a disinterested teenage Ashley that he'll be back as soon as he can or she can call him. Ashley refuses to let her father kiss her on the cheek and Jack walks him out. D.D. introduces everyone to Ashley and says that she has a slumber party all planned out. Ashley isn't interested, saying that it sounds like hell, and walks off.

D.D. picks out a movie, The Thing With Two Heads, and Cassie steps in a wad of chewed gum on the carpet beneath her feet. When Cassie and Shane mention that there were in prison, Ashley says that it's almost cool and asks for details. Cassie says that someone framed her father for spying so she hacked into government computers to clear his name. Shane says that her father is to blame as well and raised her as a boy. Cassie says that she doesn't have a father to blame because he hasn't been around for a while, and walks off. Ashley thanks D.D. and Shane for taking her in and says that she'll try a little bit.

The next morning, D.D. makes breakfast and asks Cassie about her father. Cassie says that she never talks to him and refuses to discuss it further. Shane comes out and says that Ashley climbed out of her bedroom window.

The Spies drive to find Ashley and Cassie says that Ashley stole D.D.'s credit cards. Shane admits that Ashley unplugged her state-of-the-art security system, and Cassie figures that they have to find something that will lead to Ashley or they'll go to prison. Jack calls and D.D. says that Ashley can't come to the phone. When she runs out of excuses, D.D. gives the cell phone to Cassie, who then gives the phone to Shane. Jack offers to come over, and Shane says that they're busy doing things. She gives the phone to D.D., who says that he can come by and see all the feminine things that they're going to do. Jack quickly hangs up and the Spies continue their search.

The Spies go to Conrad's manor and break in. As she works on the security system, Shane says that it would have been better to break in at night as the neighborhood boys gather to watch them. Cassie gets them to go away by saying that Species is on cable. The Spies enter the manor and discover that Ashley's room is a mess. Shane finds Ashley's diary and they all read through it. There's an entry about Ashley saw photos of her and Conrad when she was 7 and they used to love each other. Cassie says that Conrad isn't the first man to lose his wife and fail his daughter. There's another entry about Ashley breaking up with a boyfriend, Jason, two weeks ago. They met at a coffee house, and Shane figures that they should go there.

Conrad comes in downstairs and the Spies hear him. He calls Ashley, and D.D. grabs Ashley's phone and says that she's in the shower. Conrad asks D.D. to tell Ashley that his plans have changed and he's checking on her. Shane knocks something over and Conrad hears the noise, and goes upstairs to investigate. D.D. fakes the signal breaking up and the Spies go out the rear window.

Ashley arrives by taxi, and then a van comes by and drives off with Ashley. The Spies drive after the van and Cassie says that she saw Ashley recognize someone in the van. Jack calls and D.D. fakes the operator telling him that his call didn't go through. Cassie suggests that she convince Jason and his political activists that she's one of them. They drop her off at the coffee house, and she approaches two people. Cassie claims that she's from New Zealand and only trusts them because Jason said she could trust them. She says that she and Jason staged a riot, and they give her an address.

The Spies go to the address and Jason answers the door. They say that they're looking for Ashley and barge in. Jason says that Ashley isn't there, and D.D. confirms that Ashley isn't there. As the women leave, Shane says that she saw a gum wrapper on the floor like the one Ashley chooses. They kick the door in and demands to know where Ashley is. Jason glances at a closet, and Cassie kicks open the back to reveal Ashley tied to a chair. When Cassie frees her, Ashley kicks Jason in the shin and says that they're so broken up.

Four masked men run in and say that they're kidnapping Ashley. They tie up everyone and take Ashley, and Jason insists that Ashley will be fine and the terrorists have an issue with Conrad. When Jason dismisses Ashley as a spoiled rich girl, Cassie kicks him in the face. D.D. and Cassie then slam their chairs together, breaking them and freeing themselves. Jack calls and demands to talk to Ashley. She claims that Ashley is in the bathtub, and Jack says that he's in their house and they're not. D.D. tries to bluff him but Jack isn't fooled and complains that they blew their job. She apologizes and asks him to tell Conrad that they're sorry.

Later, the terrorists send Conrad a tape of Ashley to prove that they have her, and give him 24 hours to pay them $5 million. Conrad figures the terrorists were at the house earlier, and Shane suggests that it was someone else. He apologizes for involving them, saying that he lost Ashley a long time ago. Cassie sympathizes, and Conrad says that he didn't handle it well when his wife Sharon died. He kept everyone out, particularly Ashley, and by the time he realized that he had made a mistake, it was too late. Shane warns that paying the ransom may not get Ashley back, and D.D. asks Jack for two hours before he does what he needs to do. Jack agrees and the Spies leave.

In D.D.'s room, D.D. analyzes the silver tongue stud Ashley has in the video. Cassie figures that Conrad was sorry and says that her father died when his wife died. He felt the world owed him for taking her away, and used Cassie in all of his scams. Cassie hated him for not being a real father, and ran away when she was young. A year ago he tried to get in touch with her when he was in prison as well, and wrote her a letter saying he was to blame for how Cassie turned out. Cassie never wrote back, refusing to give him the satisfaction, and figures that Ashley and Conrad should talk. D.D. gets a reflection of Ashley's location from the reflection on her tongue stud, and picks up the name of Redstone Medical Supplies.

Once they confirm the warehouse's location, they tell Jack. Jack tells Conrad that they'll wait in the van and he'll take Conrad to Ashley once he thinks that it's safe.

That night, the Spies parachute down to the warehouse roof and then lower Shane on a rope to the floor below. She cuts open the window and releases the latch, and one jumpcut later Cassie and D.D. join her. They lure in one of the terrorists and knock him out, then take him to the room where Ashley is being held. He says that the others took break, and D.D. realizes that the masked terrorist is Conrad's chauffeur, Bruce. Bruce claims that he's the chauffeur's evil twin brother, but nobody is fooled. Ashley kicks him in the shin and Bruce says that he had strict orders to make sure that she was comfortable.

Conrad and Jack come in and Conrad admits that he ordered the chauffeur to kidnap Ashley. He told Jack the truth and explains that Jason called him earlier with a ransom demand. Jason forgot to disguise his voice, and Conrad had Bruce hire a team to kidnap Ashley from Jason. He wanted to get his daughter back, seeing it as an opportunity for Ashley to see how much Conrad cared for her. Ashley agrees with him that it was a horrible idea and hugs him, relieved that he still loves her.

Later at the apartment, Jack tells the Spies that after everything that happened they're allowed to continue being with the program. He talks to Cassie privately and gives her her father's phone number. He's living in a small town in Oregon after getting out of prison. Cassie thanks Jack for the thought but doesn't think that they have anything to talk about. As Jack goes, Cassie kisses him on the cheek and says that he's appreciated.

Cassie goes to the couch and after her teammates go to bed, she watches her video of her and her father together when she was a child... and smiles. She looks at the phone number and dials the number, and says hello to her father.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2018

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