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Forbidden Fruit Recap

Michael says that there's no need to thank him and close the doors. Tim points out that Michael saved his lives and Emily's, and Michael says that he's been charged with preserving humanity.

Gallant points out that he killed Evie, and Michael assures him that he has nothing to worry about.

Michael meets with Mallory and says that he has a night vision of the soul that lets him to see what people try to keep hidden. Mallory insists that she has no dark places, and Michael says that she'd like to kill Coco's. The assistant admits that that there are vile things that Coco makes her do, but Coco is helpless without her.

Coco tells Michael that she's often wanted to fire Mallory, but it was easier to keep her around. He says that he's realized that Coco is too shallow for any true negativity.

Michael says that it's wonderful to see Dinah there, and wonders if she'll cause any trouble. He doesn't like unpredictability and doesn't know how she'll react. Dinah says that she wants to get to Sanctuary, and Michael tells her that she will because she's exactly the kind of soul that he's looking for.

Andre says that his mother Dinah is evil and she thinks the entire world revolves around her.

Michael tells Mallory that he wants a world without hypocrisy, and thinks she's made for that world. He realizes that she's afraid of accepting who she is, and Mallory says that she sometimes feels that there's someone buried inside of her trying to claw their way out. When she starts to walk out, Michael grabs her and Mallory screams at him to let her go. There's a blast of force knocking Michael back. His demon face briefly shows, and Mallory summons a fireball from the nearby fireplace. Michael wonders who she is, and Mallory asks who he is before running out.

Later, Michael prays to Satan, cutting himself, drawing a pentagram with his blood, and asking for strength. He says that he thought that he destroyed them all but one survived. Snakes appear out of the blood and approach Michael.

Halloween 1962

At the age of 9, Miriam goes trick-or-treating by herself, dressed up as Rosie from The Jetsons

Halloween 1968

Miriam goes on her first date to a movie, Rosemary's Baby. Being scared makes Miriam feel alive. Her date, Bobby, gropes her and she slaps him before walking out.

Halloween 1988

As a Mossad agent, Miriam kills a terrorist that she finds living in a suburb of Maryland. She thinks that their struggle is almost romantic. Miriam finally chokes him to death, and the doorbell rings. Children are at the door, and stare at Miriam covered in blood. They assume that she's made up for Halloween and gives them candy.


Miriam tells Wilhelmina that she remembers all of the details of her life, but she can't remember the face of the boy that she raised and loved. She wonders if she has feelings or programmed responses, and figures that her memories are false and she's never felt love. Wilhelmina says that she never has, either, but Miriam Miriam wonders what her purpose is, and Wilhelmina says that it's to protect the Outpost. She asks what Miriam remembers of the Cooperative, and Miriam doesn't remember Michael.

Wilhelmina warns that they can't trust him to take the right people to Sanctuary, and she's been told she won't be going that. Miriam says that if Wilhelmina dies there, justice dies there, and they have to kill all of them, including Michael. She figures that they take possession of Michael's computer, find out where Sanctuary is, and travel there on their own. Wilhelmina says that she'll never Miriam's loyalty to her, and Miriam points out that she's programmed to be loyal to her.

A man wanders through the radiation-scarred land and takes supplies from a corpse. He then returns to his camp where his co-worker is cooking a human limb. Brock walks up and says that the limb looks overdone, and tells them that he's looking for his girlfriend and has been trailing her for a year. He has heard about the Outpost, and the men say that they knew of it they would have raided it already. They invite Brock to join them, then turns and shoots a third man coming after him. Brock kills the second man, then asks the first one if he knows where the Outpost is. The man insists that he doesn't know, and Brock kills him and walks off. Horses pulling a carriage go past him.

At the Outpost, the Perimeter alarms go off and Miriam tells Wilhelmina that someone has breached the gates.

The carriage returns to the Outpost, and a suited Miriam orders him at gunpoint to show himself. Miriam and her assistant The Fist confirm that the carriage is empty except for a metal box. She brings it inside and confirms that it's clean. As Wilhelmina looks on, Miriam opens the box revealing dozens of unblemished apples. Wilhelmina figures that Michael had them delivered to show everyone what is awaiting the chosen at Sanctuary. She eats one of them and says that the taste is exquisite. Miriam says that they're the answer to our prayer, and Wilhelmina tells The Fist to take care of the horses. Once she leaves, Miriam suggests that they poison the apples, and they need to make sure survivors eat them all at the same time. Wilhelmina suggests a party.

As The Fist checks the horses, Brock stabs her in the neck, killing her. Once she's dead, Brock takes her security key and enters the Outpost elevator.

Mallory wonders who she is, and remembers her conversation with Michael. Coco interrupts her to say that Wilhelmina has called an emergency meeting. They go to the meeting room and Wilhelmina says that she may have taken things too far. She tells the survivors that they will have a Halloween soiree in the style of a Victorian masquerade ball. Gallant says that he wishes Evie was there, and Wilhelmina tells them to use their imagination to create exquisite costumes... and attendance is mandatory.

Later, Gallant makes up Coco's hair and tells Mallory that the party isn't for Grays. Coco wonders why Wilhelmina is celebrating Halloween, and wonders if she's using the party to announce who is going to Sanctuary. When Gallant suggests that the people are going already know, Mallory asks if anything weird happened to him during his meeting with Michael. She says that she might have set the room on fire during her meeting with Michael, and suggests that she made the fire with her mind. Gallant wonders if she has superpowers, and Mallory says that they should ignore her. Coco dares her to do the same thing with the fireplace in the room, and Mallory concentrates. Nothing happens, and Coco orders her to go back to work.

Everyone gathers for the party and Miriam serves the apples. Gallant figures that they're from sanctuary, and Dinah suggests that they say grace. Andre tells her that she's annoying, and Miriam tells them that they'll get a chance to bob for apples later. Mallory presents Coco and Gallant leads the others in applauding. Wilhelmina comes in behind Coco and whispers "boo", and then announce that it's Halloween when the boundaries between the worlds think and lost souls try to find their way home. She says that it's a night to mourn the dead and to celebrate that they haven't joined them. Wilhelmina says that everyone should save the night as if it was their last, and turns on music.

The survivors dance. A hooded figure approaches Coco, who assumes that it's Michael and dances with him. She says that he already knows who is going to Sanctuary and figures that she'll get in, and wants to be in sync with who is kept out. Coco boasts that she's an influencer, and says that he doesn't know that she also likes to please. The figure starts to walk away, and Coco offers him anilingus.

Coco and the figure go to a bedroom and Coco invites him to defile anyway that he wants. The figure says that he knows all about her, and removes his mask to reveal that he's Brock. Coco says that she never forget him, but had to put him out of her mind as something she could never have. Brock sabs her in the forehead and tells her "Happy Halloween, Bitch."

Mallory bobs for apples and comes up with one, and Wilhelmina says that they should wait until everyone has had a turn and then they will feast together. Miriam secretly tells Wilhelmina that she can't find Coco or The Fist, and Michael didn't come to the party. She doesn't want to proceed for fear of any of them witnessing the survivors' death, but Wilhelmina says that it's too late for that. Once they're dead, Wilhelmina tells Miriam that she'll kill Michael.

Earlier, Miriam milks the snakes for their venom and Wilhelmina injects the apples with them.

Once everyone has apples, Wilhelmina offers a blessing to the Cooperative for providing the fruit. Everyone takes a bite, Tim and Emily sharing. Everyone starts retching and collapsing, and Wilhelmina and Miriam watch and smile. Once everyone is dead, they walk among the bodies and then go to Michael's chamber. Michael is at his computer and says that he's busy formulating his selections. Wilhelmina says that they're making the selections now. Michael chuckles and says that she's passed the test and is perfect for Sanctuary.

Miriam draws her gun, and Michael tells her no to do it. She aims the gun at him, but then turns and shoots Wilhelmina. As Wilhelmina lies dying on the floor, Miriam says that she didn't know why she fired. Michael tells her that she was obeying his commands like she was programmed to do. He asks Miriam if she enjoyed executing the poisoned apple plans, and it's more fun to entice others because he's always believed that people are evil at heart. Miriam says that she's just a machine, and Michael says that he gave R&D a prototype of someone from his childhood to use as a model. She realizes that Michael is the boy that she couldn't remember, and Michael says that he shrouded her memory of him to protect her. Now it's time for Miriam--the only woman who ever understood him--to stand at his side. Michael hugs the crying Miriam as she remembers.

In the main room, the music switches to a different song.

Three witches--Myrtle Snow, Cordelia Foxx, and Madison Montgomery--enter the Outpost. Cordelia tells the other two to find their sisters, and they lay out Mallory, Dinah, and Coco. Once Cordelia has resurrected them, Madison tells Mallory that she figures that Mallory had seen the last of her.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 27, 2018

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