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The Fuehrer's Children Recap

At a cabin in Oregon, Richard Kester leads a group of neo-Nazis in vowing to preserve the white race. As Richard rants about the world conspiracy against the white men, his wife Eva comes in and whispers to him. Richard then announces that there is a traitor among them: a government spy. He declares that Jarrod Mercer is the spy, and the other attendees grab him and string him up.

Jim picks up his briefing from a horseback rider, and is informed that Richard leads the White People's Coalition and advocates the overthrow of the government. The WPC has conducted armored car robberies to finance their operations. Richard is on the verge of becoming the leader of neo-Nazi groups through the world, and is attending a three-day meeting in Germany where the other group leaders will vote on his proposal. If Richard is elected, violence will sweep the world. The team must discredit Richard and end the WPC.

At the apartment, Jim explains that the neo-Nazis are meeting at the Rheinberg Hotel outside of Hamburg. It's private and supposedly safe, and the team will set up in the attic above the lobby. Before Mercer was killed, he said that Richard is going to demonstrate a secret weapon at the meeting. Shannon will replace the hotel manager while Jim will pose as a South African compute expert who sells his services to anyone who will pay. Richard has invited him to come to the meeting, and Jim plans to offer Richard something that he needs.

Later at the hotel, Shannon greets Richard and Eva as they arrive early. Max and Grant are bugging Richard's suite, and Jim and Nicholas pass the news of Richard's arrival on to them. Richard tells Shannon to tell the other leaders that he's moving the meeting up to 3 that afternoon, and Eva asks Shannon for the keys to the wine cellar.

At 3, Richard meets with the other leaders and says that he wants to make things happen. The team watches as Richard asks them to consider his proposal. Jim goes to meet Richard at the bar while Grant and Max search Richard's suite and try to determine what his secret weapon is while Eva is in the shower.

Richard tests Jim, stating the birthday of Jim's supposed wife. Jim corrects him and asks if Richard would be the head of a computer network spreading his message across the world. Richard agrees and insists that they go up to his suite and work out the details.

Max plants a hidden camera and a bug in Richard's computer, while Grant finds a torn-up piece of paper in the waste can with a name on it. They hear Jim and Richard coming in, and Max goes out the window while Eva comes out of the shower and pulls a gun on Grant. The Kesters figure that Grant is a thief, and Richard punches him. Jim grabs Grant as he tries to fight back and says that Richard should notify the hotel management. Richard says that he'll deal with Grant himself and draws a gun, and Jim warns that shooting Grant would complicate matters. The neo-Nazi leader agrees to wait for a more convenient time and hold a tournament for sport, and tells Eva to take Grant to the cellar. He gives Jim the gun and Grant slips Jim the paper that he found.

Back in the attic, Jim and the others put the torn-up paper together and discover that it says, "Rudolph Silas, 3 pm, Tuesday": the day's date. Jim insists that nothing will happen to Grant but they can't spring him yet. Nicholas figures that "Rudolph Silas" is the name of a ship: a cargo freighter registered in the Philippines and purchased by Richard. Jim figures that Richard's secret weapon is aboard the ship.

Nicholas, Max, and Shannon go to the dock and once the pilot leaves, the trio go aboard posing as members of medical team looking for possible infection from Malta. Captain Marks agrees to let them inspect immediately rather than quarantine the ship indefinitely.

On the hotel grounds, Jim tells Richard that he can shadow his system into the world financial network and embezzle small unnoticeable amounts of money in large quantities. Richard says that the WPC will grow substantially in the last 24 hours but he wants control. Jim explains that each leader will get limited access and Richard will retain complete control. Richard says that the other organizations will want proof, and Jim immediately agrees.

On the freighter, the trio check the ship but don't find anything. Richard and one of the leaders, Hans Fruger, arrive and Max warns Shannon. When Richard arrives in the pilot house, Max assures him that it's a routine inspection. Fruger says that he served with the same unit that Max was supposedly with, and praises Max as a true Aryan. As the two men leave, Richard assures Fruger that the fight for the mind begins in the cradle. They go to a cargo room near the engine and find a group of uniformed boys watching footage of Hitler. Richard questions one of the boys, who says that they're watching their god and master. The teacher, Vogel, calls the boys to attention and leads them in song. Richard tells Fruger that the boys think that Hitler is alive and he's kept them in hidden away their entire lives and they only know what he wants them to know.

Nicholas hears the boys singing and peers in a vent, seeing the boys. He takes photos as Shannon arrives and sees the same thing. Nicholas radios Jim and tells him that they found Richard's secret weapon, and lets him listen to the boys singing.

Later, Richard has Vogel bring the boys to a private bunkhouse at the hotel via a chartered bus. Shannon is there, and Richard tells her to keep the boys' presence a secret. They go into the bunkhouse and Richard gives Shannon a list of the only food and drink that the boys are permitted. After Shannon leaves, Richard tells the boys that to reward their good behavior he's going to hold a hunt. Shannon overhears him and tells the others, and Jim figures they can plan a few surprises of their own. IMF Research has come up with the photos of a kidnap victim whose parents were Richard's former followers, and they've computer-aged the photo confirm that he's one of Richard's boys. They figure all the boys were kidnapped and have had no contact with the outside world. Richard has booked the conference room for the next night, and Jim figures that they should let Richard go ahead with his program but make a few alterations of their own.

In the forest, Vogel puts a tracking collar on Grant so the boys can locate him. As Grant walks off, a tripwire snags his legs and a rope lifts him off the ground. Vogel tells him that they don't want the boys to come back empty-handed on their first hunt and drives to the boys and tells them that the first team to get Grant get a prize. The boys run off into the woods as Vogel and Eva watch. Max and Nicholas are watching, and Max tranqs them both. As Max carries Eva off, Nicholas takes Vogel's glasses and jacket. He then disguises himself as Vogel

The boys track Grant's collar and soon find him. They surround him and prepare to kill him, but Nicholas-as-Vogel and Max arrive and Nicholas says that the hunt is over. Vogel tells them to return to the bunkhouse and they obediently leave. They free Grant, who wants to do something about it.

Later at the bunkhouse, Nicholas asks the boys what they know about Grant and black men. They recite the lies they've been taught, and Nicholas says that none of them are true. He tells the boys to talk to Grant and find out the truth for themselves. Grant is waiting in the bunkhouse, and the boys hesitantly approach him. He offers his hand to one boy, Peter, and Peter finally shakes it. The other boys join in and Nicholas leaves, removing his Vogel mask and joining the others. Nicholas says that he told Richard that Grant is dead, and Eva is going to bury the body and won't be back for 24 hours. Richard has been using subliminal tapes to condition the boys, and the team has substituted their own messages. Max has prepared a visual performance, and Jim goes to rehearse for his own "show".

Later, the leaders meet and Jim hands out the cards as Richard explains Jim's plan. Via an earpiece in Jim's glasses, Grant talks Jim through demonstrating the siphon program he's created with Fruger's Swiss bank account. Jim transfers $100,000 to Fruger's account and Fruger promises him that if it doesn't work, he'll shoot him dead. Grant tells Jim to stall for time, and then makes the transfer. Jim shows the results to the leader and Fruger confirms the transfer. He says that they'll give Richard his final decision that night.

At the bunkhouse, Nicholas has Grant teach the boys. He talks about Martin Luther King and he had ideas that were more powerful than weapons or riches.

Shannon tells Richard that she has prepared everything for his meeting. Once Richard leaves, Shannon signals Nicholas that Richard is on his way.

Eva wakes up and discovers that she's bound and in a wine cellar. She pulls out a bottle with her feet, breaks it, and uses the glass to cut herself free.

In the bunkhouse, Richard inspects the boys and tells Nicholas that he's done a good job. Nicholas assures him that the boys know what to do at the demonstration. Richard asks Peter if he knows the new things that he's been taught, and the boy tells the truth. When Vogel asks for an early demonstration, Nicholas warns that it might take away from the performance. Richard agrees and leaves.

When Eva leaves the wine cellar, Shannon sees her running across the grounds. The agent drives after her and tranqs her. Richard comes along and Shannon hides his wife in her jeep just in time.

That night, Max and Grant set up stereos in the conference room.

Fruger announces that of the five leaders, four voted to make Richard their world leader. The other leaders have entered their account codes on the cards, and Fruger takes them and says that he'll give them to Richard. The dissenting voter, Charles Pembroke, warns Fruger that if anything goes wrong then he'll hold Fruger responsible.

The leaders gather and Jim arrives, and Fruger presents Richard as the new world leader. He gives the cards to Richard, who gives them to Jim. Richard then calls in the boys, explains what he's done, and introduces Nicholas. Nicholas makes sure that Richard receives all of the credit. He tells the boys to sing, and they sing "Abraham, Martin, and John" while Grant runs video of King and the Kennedys. Richard stares in shock and then runs to rip out the loudspeakers, while a furious Pembroke grabs Fruger.

Nicholas leads the boys out, and Richard smashes a loudspeaker. The leaders realize that Jim has slipped away and strangle Richard, saying that he's a race traitor. Nicholas gets the boys back on the bus so they can be taken back to their parents, removes his mask, and Grant goes along with them. Jim figures that they can use the account numbers to end the neo-Nazi organizations once and for all.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 27, 2018

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