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Improvise Recap

In a village in Nigeria, Solomon and the village children pull Mac out of a well. Once he's out, Mac calls the children over and starts up a machine that pumps water from the well into a nearby trough. Everybody come over, and Solomon thanks Mac. Mac thanks him for giving him a home and a purpose. A helicopter flies up and lands. Oversight gets out and tells Mac that they need to talk because Jack is in trouble.

Father and son go inside and Oversight shows Mac photos of Jack with a group of mercenaries, breaking into a Russian military facility and stealing weaponry. Oversight explains that Jack had trouble dealing with Mac's quitting, and two weeks ago disappeared entirely. He then reappeared with the mercenaries, and the Russians want him for the break-in. Oversight that Jack needs Mac's help, and if the Russians get Jack then they'll throw him into prison or kill him.

As Mac packs his things, his lover Nasha comes in and Mac explains that he has to help his friend. As they kiss, Oversight comes in and calls Mac "son", saying that they have to go. Mac tells him to go and give them some privacy. Once Oversight leaves, Nasha gives Mac her necklace and tells him to make sure that he brings it back to her.

At the depot, Leanna and Will arrive disguised as soldiers. Will orders everyone out, saying that they will be called back in and interviewed. Once they leave, they plug into a computer. Riley is at a safehouse and finds the server stack the surveillance footage. She downloads the information, but two soldiers come in and say that it's their investigation. Riley has will recite in Russian that the Commander sent them to assist. The soldiers don't buy it, and Will and Leanna try to leave. A fight breaks out and Leanna takes both men down while Will watches.

As Jack and Oversight fly back, Mac watches a video message of Jack to him. Jack talks about how things are different around Phoenix since Mac leaves, and called to see if Mac is okay. Oversight comes into the cabin and says that they're five hours out. They talk about Mac's childhood, and then Mac says that he's there for Jack, not Oversight, and it's better the less that they talk. Oversight gives Mac a new Swiss army knife, but Mac refuses it.

When Leanna and Will return to the safe house, they find Mac there. Matty is hooked up via video and says that Jack got himself in trouble. She doesn't know what is happening with Jack, and Oversight confirms that Jack has been erratic since Mac left. One morning he didn't show up and then Jill intercepted the photos being sent around by Russian Military Intelligence. Leanna and Riley downloaded the video, and Riley finds Jack in the video. Oversight recognizes Roman Mereks. Both he and Matty thought that Roan was dead, and Oversight explains nine years ago Roman was the former dictator of Belarus. A team of CIA operatives helped overthrow him, and they thought Roman was dead. Jack led the CIA team, and Roman tried to recruit Jack. Oversight suggests that Jack might have finally accepted Roman's offer.

Jill at Phoenix finds the 18-wheeler that the mercenaries used to steal the weapons. Neither the weapons nor the mercenaries are there.

On the Belarus border, Jack drives in with the vehicles. He gives Roman advice on how to ditch the vehicles once they enter Belarus.

Mac finds tire tracks and they figure that Roman moved the weaponry to a smaller vehicle. Will wonders why Jack got into business with Roman, and why Roman thought Jack would accept his offer after nine years. Mac sees a truck mirror turned the wrong way and explains that he taught Mac the same trick in Afghanistan as a way to send a secret message. The mirror is pointed toward a cell phone in the brush, and Riley checks it out. There are seven phone numbers on it, and the most popular one belongs to Serhiy Yaroslav. He's a former special ops soldier who went into business for himself fifteen years ago. Yaroslav is in Roslavi two hours west of their location, and they head out to question him about Roman.

As the team drives, Will and Riley tell Mac that he could write his own check since he was the only one at Phoenix who could improvise. She benched the team, having them doing intel gathering. Jill is running a task force looking for Murdoc and has some promising leads. They finally tell Mac that Jack lost his purpose after Mac left. He kept an eye on him via satellite surveillance, and said that Mac met someone special. Mac tells his friend about Nasha and how she teaches school. Will tells Mac not to blame himself for what Jack has done, and Mac admits that he saw that Jack wasn't in the best place in the last video he sent. However, he couldn't tell Jack he wasn't coming home because that wasn't what Jack wanted to hear.

Oversight and Leanna are in the other vehicle, and Oversight says that Mac hates him. Leanna finally agree, and Oversight thought that the father-and-son reunion would at last be civil. She tells him that it's important enough for him to earn Mac's forgiveness.

The team arrives at Yaroslav inside of a café, with his men outside. Oversight says that he only agreed to have Will there because Matty insisted. Matt figures that they'll bring Yaroslav to them. Once he drives away, they intercept his convoy, grab Yaroslav, and drag him into the woods alone. Riley tells him that they know Yaroslav has a Chinese prototype stealth fighter and if Yaroslav doesn't tell them what they want to know, they'll turn him over to the Chinese government. Yaroslav tells them that Roman wants to buy an army, and admits that he has 3,000 mercenaries for $50 million. Roman said that he'd reach out when he had the funds. Matty calls and Mac tells her about Roman's plans. She figures that Roman is going to overthrow the current Belarus ruler, and explains that Jack stole Roman's fortune in uncut diamonds and hit them in-country. They realize that Jack is taking Roman to the diamonds. Three months after Jack hid the diamonds, the CIA sent another team of operatives in to clear out the diamonds. Jack doesn't know about it, and once Roman learns that his diamonds are missing, he'll kill Jack.

As the team flies to Belarus and ducks anti-aircraft fire, Matty says that Belarus' current dictator, Oleg Vadim, just issued orders to shoot them down. Jack insists that they have to go in by air to get to the infil spot. Mac and Oversight prepare to jump, and Oversight tells his son not to deploy until they're 2,000 feet down. They jump and deploy at 2,000 feet to avoid the AA fire. Oversight's chute is set on fire by a near miss, and he can't pull his reserve. Mac pulls his chute, skydives over to Oversight, grabs him, cuts his main with Oversight's Swiss army knife, and tells him to pull his reserve. Once he skydives clear, Mac pulls his reserve. Once they're safely on the ground, Mac gives Oversight the knife back without letting his father to thank him.

The two men proceed to the abandoned church that is the infil spot with the former diamonds. Oversight complains that Mac ignores him every time that he tries to resolve things between them. Mac doesn't want to talk, and Matty says that a truck is heading toward them. Oversight tells Mac to get Jack while he distracts them, and they'll meet at exfil. Oversight lays down a line of plastic explosives and blows it in front of the oncoming truck, then tosses smoke grenades. Jack and the mercenaries come out, and Mac grabs Jack and tells him that the CIA took the diamonds nine years ago. He says that the plan is to escape, and runs off with Jack following him.

In the forest, Jack tells his friend how good it is to see him. Mac asks why he's working with Roman, and Jack says that it's a complicated explanation.

Oversight runs for the exfil spot: a farm in the woods. Soldiers emerge from the barn and surround him.

Roman and his men search the abandoned church and discover the diamonds aren't there. The former dictator calls Jack on the radio, and Jack says that he knew the diamonds weren't there. Jack tells Roman that he's a loser and the deal is off, and tosses away the radio. They reach the exfil spot and there's no sign of Oversight. Mac wants to leave, but Jack tells him to at least call. Oleg responds, saying that Oversight is with him and Mac will be. Jack takes the radio and reminds Oleg that he deposed Roman, and suggests that he do him a favor by letting Oversight go. Oleg tells them that there will be no deals and he kills all trespassers. Mac says that they'll trade Roman for Oversight, and Jack explains that Roman is planning to use mercenaries to depose Oleg. He says that Roman stole the guns from the Russians to arm the mercenaries. Oleg finally agrees if they bring him Roman in two hours.

Once Mac and Jack cut off, they talk to the others. Mac asks where Roman is, and Riley confirms that he's heading toward the Russian border. There's a bridge along the way, and Matty warns that it's one of Oleg's military checkpoints. If Oleg gets Roman first then there'll be no deal.

Jack and Mac go to the bridge and count four soldiers there. Mac says that they'll crawl along the bottom of the bridge and attack. The two men head to the bottom of the bridge and find an old shopping cart. Using some old wire, Mac makes a mechanical ascender, and Jack figures that Mac has missed the together. He says that he's really happy to have Mac there, but Mac tells him to focus. They ascend up to the bridge and come over the side behind the soldiers, and then jump them. Once the four soldiers are down, Matty says that Roman and his men are approaching.

Mac and Jack hide and Roman's people see the unconscious soldiers. When they come over to investigate, the two men attack them. Roman runs and Jack tackles him. They fight and Roman knocks Jack unconscious, tosses him into the back seat of a car, and drives off with him. Mac takes down the last of Roman's mercenaries and then goes after Roman on a motorcycle. They drive through the countryside, and Roman spots the helicopter that he's meeting. He jams the accelerator with his knife and jumps out, and then runs for the helicopter as the car heads for a cliff.

Mac goes after Jack, jumps off the motorcycle into the car, and manages to pull himself in. He pulls out the knife and brakes the car just in time, Mac then frees Jack, who laughs hysterically at the fact that he's alive and Mac is around. Roman's helicopter departs, and Mac tells Matty what happened. Matty checks with Leanna--who is piloting the helicopter--and tells her to hand Roman over to Vadim and then get back to the exfil point.

Jack asks Mac if it's over, and Mac asks why he was working with Roman. His friend says that first he was going to hunt down and capture Walsh. Jack figured that once he had Walsh, Oversight would retire and Mac would come back to Phoenix. Roman found Jack first and said that if Jack didn't help him get the diamonds then he'd send someone to kill Mac. Jack figured that Phoenix would learn of it, realize that Jack was in trouble, and send Oversight to get Mac. He tells Mac that the world needs him and he owes it to the world to work for Phoenix. Jack tells him to put aside his BS with Oversight and rejoin the team. Mac admits that he missed the field work and they shake hands.

Back at Phoenix, Oversight meets with Matty. She says that they pointed Mac in a direction, and she can't train operatives to do what Mac does. Matty figures that Phoenix isn't running at its full potential, and says that there's a lot of baggage between Mac and Oversight. She asks him to think beyond himself and think of the greater good of Phoenix, and consider quitting. Oversight says that if it's the only way to get Mac back, he'll make the necessary arrangements. Matty tells him that he needs to apologize for thinking that Mac thought, and thank him for saving his life. Jack and Riley come in without Mac.

Will tells Leanna that he didn't know that she could fly. They enter the war room and wonder where Mac is. Jack tells him that Mac is going back to Nigeria and left a note in writing that he didn't want to say goodbye in person because it hurt too much the last time. Oversight looks over at Matty.

At the airport, Mac calls Nasha and tells her that Jack is safe. She asks if he's going to sit down and talk with Oversight, just as an air cap gives Mac a present addressed to him. Mac figures that it's a bomb, runs over to the desk, and has them control airport security. They x-ray it and learn that there's a phone inside. Mac calls the phone number indicated and gets Jill. She's in her car, and Murdoc pops up behind her and says that he's heard she was looking for him.

Once the car crashes, Murdoc takes the phone, gets out, and tells Mac that Jill won't be coming to the phone. He says that he was hoping they'd see each other again before they leave. Mac tosses down the phone and runs out of the airport.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2018

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