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The System Recap

In Mexico, mobsters Frank Marley and Bob Connors drive to the home of Webber, a man who is testifying against Connors. Webber goes to his outdoor sauna and the mobsters use a remote control to blow Webber up.

Jim picks up his briefing at a football stadium locker room after exchanging code phrases with a peanut vendor. Jim is informed that Connors was recently convicted by a grand jury and is out on bail but confined to the U.S. while he awaits his trial. Since Webber was killed, Connors protégé Marley is the only man who can testify against the older mobster. Marley runs a Syndicate hotel/casino in the Bahamas and the IMF must convince him to testify against Connors.

At the team briefing, the group examines the blueprints and confirm that the basement counting room is heavily protected by security systems. Grant has hacked Connors' stateside casino computer and planted information showing Casey has lost $50,000 there in the last three months. The team plans to turn Marley against Connors by intercepting the scrambled phone calls between the two men.

Later, the team arrives in the Bahamas and Max goes to Marley's casino. He wins repeatedly at craps and the floor manager notifies Marley, who watches on the closed-circuit camera. The mobster then sends his thug Wilson to bring Max to his office. Meanwhile, Jim and Casey leave the yacht the team is using as headquarters and Casey prepares to move in once Max is clear.

Marley confronts Max and shows him the shaved dice that he used. As he tells Wilson to beat Max up, Max says that the dice are a calling card to convince Marley that he was serious enough to risk his life to sell him important information. He demands that Wilson leaves and Marley reluctantly agrees, and then Max tells him that he's a hitman who was asked to kill Marley. He refused the contract, figuring that Marley is more valuable to him alive once he takes over from Connors. Max is there to sell Marley the identity of the hitman who did accept the assignment. Marley demands the name of the person who tried to hire Max, who admits that the call was anonymous and made through a scrambler. The mobster isn't convinced and refuses to pay, and Max gives him a number to reach him at if he changes his mind.

Once he's out, Max signals Jim at the boat. Nicholas is practicing his mimicry of Connors' voice. Marley calls Connors and Grant intercepts and unscrambles the call. Nicholas takes over as Connors, vaguely assuring Marley that he doesn't know anything about the hit. He then tells Marley that he'll be out of town for the next few days and he's sending an accountant, Jim, to check the casino books. Marley objects but Nicholas puts him off and hangs up.

Casey enters the casino and plays blackjack, and finally asks Carl the dealer where she get credit. He calls Marley to have him come down. Meanwhile, Grant slips in to the casino basement and enters the air ducts.

Marley meets with Casey and is clearly taken with her. She flirts back and says that she's there to kill him... at the tables. He runs a credit check and finds Grant's fake gambling losses, and okays Casey $5,000 credit to try out her system. He signs off on the credit and gives her the receipt.

Grant makes his way to the counting room, which is protected by a laser beam system. Using an infrared eyepiece, Grant pinpoints the lasers and calls Jim, who tells him that he'll have to wait until the next money at 10 p.m. Meanwhile, Nicholas creates a mask of Marley.

That night at 10 p.m., Marley and Wilson escort the deliverymen to the counting room, using a key card and security code to shut down the lasers. They perform the count while a security guard watches the room a closed-circuit camera. Once they finish the count, they lock the money in, reactivate the laser system, and seal the door.

Grant goes to work, taking a brief video loop of the empty counting room. He then wires it into the security camera and signals Nicholas to call the guard, Chuck. Nicholas impersonates Marley and distracts Chuck so that Grant can switch the camera over to the pre-recorded loop. Grant then places a mirror on a telescoping pole in front of the laser emitter, neutralizing the beams. The IMF agent drops down and starts opening the safe, but the pole brace slips. The laser beams reactivate and Grant is forced to hit the floor. Thinking quickly, Jim and Nicholas go to the casino circuit box and prepare to cut the power, but warn Grant that he'll only have five seconds until the emergency batteries kick in. When the lights and lasers go out, Grant grabs the mirror and puts it back into position just in time. He then finishes opening the safe, puts an extra $25,000 into the sealed money bags, and then gets out.

The next day, Jim arrives at the casino and informs Marley that he has instructions direct from Connors to take a look at the casino's finances. Marley refuses to be intimidated but when they do make the count, Jim and Wilson both confirm that there's an extra $25,000. Jim points out that no one would break in to add money and tells Marley to find the problem and fix it. When Marley objects, saying his count has been accurate for years, Jim points out this is the first count that anyone has double-checked.

At the boat, Grant uses his computer to mock up Marley's face for Nicholas. Nicholas uses the credit voucher Casey got to forge Marley's signature and then goes to work on the mask.

Marley calls Max and hires him to act as a bodyguard and spot the hitman hired to kill him. They go to the casino and Jim looks suspiciously at Marley. Casey comes over and asks Marley to cash her check for $2,500. Smitten, he agrees and signs the check. He's unaware that the first check is a carbon and there's a check for $25,000 beneath it. However, when Casey goes across the room to the cashier's cage, the cashier insists on verifying it with Marley per casino procedure. However, he simply holds it up so that Marley can see it from across the room, and the mobster nods and continues talking with Max.

At 10 p.m., Jim accompanies Marley to the counting room. Max goes with Marley and uses a pen device to signal Nicholas, who is outside the casino wearing a Marley mask, accompanied by Grant. Nicholas then goes to Marley's office and calls Carl the dealer to his office. Impersonating Marley's voice, Nicholas orders Carl to deal Casey $25,000 in winning blackjack hands. When the dealer warns that it could cost him his license, Nicholas promises him a bonus and threatens to fire him if he doesn't.

Jim and Marley finish the count and confirm that it's correct. As they leave, Jim goes on ahead and Max suggests to Marley that they take a different route via the outside.

Nicholas goes out to the car and meets Grant, removing his Marley mask. Meanwhile, Casey collects the $25,000 from Carl.

As they take the outside path around the casino, someone shoots at Marley. Max returns fire and tells Marley to run, and Marley insists that it won't happen again. Once the mobster runs off, Max calls to tell Grant that everything went as planned.

When Marley returns to his office, he finds Jim waiting for him with Wilson, Carl, and the cashier. Jim shows him the check Marley supposedly signed giving Casey $25,000, and the cashier confirms that the mobster okayed it. Next, Carl testifies that Marley ordered him to deal Casey another $25,000. Marley accuses them of setting him up and storms out . When Wilson starts to go after him, Jim tells him that it's time to choose sides.

On the casino floor, Marley grabs Casey and demands to know who she's working for. She tells him that Connors set the whole thing up to frame Marley and get him removed by the Syndicate. Now that Marley has been framed, Max will eliminate him on Connors' orders. Marley tells her that he's not dead yet and goes to his office to call Connors. The senior mobster tells him to call on the scrambled line, but Marley says that Connors could have trusted him but now it's too late. Max comes in, takes the phone, assures Connors that everything is fine, and hangs up.

Marley runs to the counting room and locks himself in. Jim calls him over the intercom and offers to negotiate, but Marley says that he's going to testify in return for protection from Connors and immunity. He calls the prosecutor in New Jersey and then activates the alarm to summon the Bahamian police so they can hold him in protective custody. Jim, satisfied, walks outside and leaves with the team.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2018

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