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Holograms Recap

The press gathers as political exile Joseph Elias returns to his native Central American country. The reporters speculate that the U.S. may have pressured President for Life Colonel Gregory Usher into letting opposition leader Elias return after Usher was indicted in a U.S. court on charges of drug trafficking. However, as Elias arrives, Major Duvall, Usher's head of security, pulls up with his soldiers. He shoots Elias dead and then drives away.

In San Francisco, Jim picks up his briefing at a fruit market after exchanging code signs with a street busker. He's informed that since Usher has become his country's ruler three years ago, he has used his country's resources to produce and distribute cocaine. It's proven impossible to extradite Usher and he's made sure that he can't be democratically removed from office. With Elias' assassination, the IMF must now get Usher out of his native country and onto U.S.-controlled territory so he can be arrested.

At the team briefing, Jim tell the others that Miles Taggart, who was providing Usher with ether to manufacture cocaine, has been arrested by the DEA. The arrest has been covered up and Nicholas will go in posing as Taggart. Jim then shows the team a photo of St. Luke, an atoll 50 miles away from Usher's country. It's a U.S. protectorate and the owner has loaned it to the IMF for their use. The team will duplicate the owner's beach house and boat on another island in international waters. Grant then projects a hologram of a teenage boy calling out to his father. Jim explains that the boy, Kieron, is the son of an IMF employee and will be joining their team. Fifteen years ago, Usher's wife left him after he beat her, and rumor has it that she was pregnant at the time. Usher claimed that he loved her and has been searching for her and his alleged son ever since, and Kieron will fill the role of that son.

Nicholas and Grant (as Nicholas' bodyguard) go to see Usher, while Duvall complains that he hasn't had time to check Nicholas' credentials. Duvall takes Grant's gun and asks to see the scar that Nicholas received on his right arm in a recent car-bombing attack. Nicholas says that it was the left arm and shows Duvall the (fake) scar and they enter Usher's compound. As Duvall tells them that they'll see the cocaine plant the next day, Usher has a sudden headache. As Duvall gets Usher his medication, the major explains that Usher has frequent headaches but they shouldn't be construed as a sign of weakness.

An IMF is on the second island assembling a fake house while Max arrives flying the seaplane they'll be using. He tells Jim, who is supervising the construction, that the fake house is convincing. Meanwhile, Casey is training Kieron in the use of an underwater rebreather.

That night, Grant sneaks into Usher's bedroom and places two hologram projectors in the wall. Nicholas tries to keep Usher out of his room by discussing business. Usher shows him a case of rare American Double Eagles that he has collected, says that they have taken a long time to increase in value, and discussion of their business can wait. He goes to his bedroom and Grant is forced to hide on the balcony. Usher hears his men talking outside and starts to go outside to check on them. To avoid exposure, Grant triggers the audio on one of the projectors, distracting Usher. As the guards patrol the balcony, Nicholas arrives in time to drop Grant a rope so that he can climb up and escape. Back in their room, Grant plays a projection of Kieron, calling to Usher and saying that they need him. When a startled Usher turns on the light, Grant shuts off the projectors.

The next day, Usher takes Nicholas to the cocaine plant and complains about how the U.S. has banned the import of ether to his country. He has another headache and Nicholas mentions Jim as an American neurologist in the area who is on a lecture tour. Interested, Usher asks him for more information.

On the second island, Max finishes work on the seaplane and flies Kieron and Casey to the mainland.

During Usher's third anniversary part of his time in power, Jim comes over and introduces himself. Usher talks about his "vision" of Kieron the previous night and has another headache. When Jim steps away, Kieron emerges from the jungle and calls Usher "father," and then runs off. Usher has Duvall send soldiers after Kieron, but the teenager dives into a lake and uses the rebreather that a waiting Casey has for him. The soldiers find no one and leave.

Later, Duvall informs Usher that there was no sign of any boy while Jim examines the colonel. He tells Usher that he has a congenital arteriovenous malfunction, which Usher already knows. Jim says that it could cause hallucinations but Usher realizes that he's holding something back. He tells Jim that Duvall has confirmed he isn't on a lecture tour and figures that he's there to treat Kieron, who has the same inherited condition. Jim reluctantly agrees that he is treating such a boy, who travels with his mother. Max flew him to an island off the coast in a seaplane and he doesn't know where Usher can found the mother and son.

Duvall and his soldiers soon track down Max at a bar. After he puts up a brief fight, they take him into custody. Meanwhile, Grant runs the hologram projector again, and the Kieron image tells Usher that he needs him and that his mother is sorry that she ran away. Duvall come sin and Grant shuts off the projector, and Usher goes to see Max. Max finally gives up the location of the second island and Usher insists on going there and has Duvall prepare a boat.

As the ship's captain takes Usher and Jim to the island, they see the (fake) beach house and Jim confirms that it's where he was before. Kieron is on the beach using a metal detector to look for coins and as they approach, Usher asks Jim if blood relatives can sometimes communicate telepathically. He has Jim confirm that he and Kieron have the same blood type and they watch as a woman resembling Usher's wife calls Kieron into the house.

Nicholas goes to the manufacturing plant to secretly plant explosive charges. Duvall and his soldiers arrive and capture Nicholas, and the major informs him that he's received a telegram from the real Taggart, who escaped U.S. custody.

Usher takes a Zodiac to the island and approaches Kieron, saying that he's a friend of Jim's. They talk about Kieron's poor health and his interest in rare coins, but then Kieron says his mother doesn't want him talking to strangers. The teenager admits that he never knew his father and his mother doesn't like to talk about him. Usher receives an emergency message from Duvall but first asks Kieron if they can meet again, and the teenager says that he might be able to.

When Grant sees Duvall return with Nicholas, he rigs the outlet plate in the room to give a shock. Duvall comes in and is shocked long enough for Grant him to knock him out. The team now needs time to disassemble the fake house on the second island and Nicholas makes a Duvall mask to delay Usher.

Usher returns to the compound and meets with the disguised Nicholas, telling him that he's a father. He isn't interested in Nicholas' disposition, casually telling Duvall to dispose of him, and then goes to his case of Double Eagles. Usher decides to give them to Kieron as a belated birthday present and orders Nicholas to prepare the boat again. However, Nicholas warns him that there are three American destroyers in the area and they can't go by water. Usher starts drinking heavily and Jim comes to see him. The dictator laments his wife's betrayal, ignoring the fact that he beat her, and Jim suggests that he take a plane instead to avoid the destroyers. Usher agrees and meets with Max, telling him that he'll spare his life if the pilot takes him to island with the beach house.

Max agrees and flies Usher out. The colonel sees the second island and thinks that it's the spot, but Max points out that there's no house on it. Meanwhile, the disguised Nicholas smuggles Grant out in the trunk of Duvall's car. They go to the rendezvous spot, activate the explosives at the plant, and take a helicopter to meet their teammates.

Max lands the seaplane at St. Luke and Usher goes assure. Kieron waves to him from the house and the dictator approaches him. However, U.S. Marshals move in behind him and when Usher notices them, Kieron slips away. Usher realizes that he's on the wrong island and wades out to the seaplane, dropping the case of coins, but Max has slipped away as well. As the marshals place Usher under arrest, Jim, Casey, Kieron, and Max watch. Jim assures Kieron that his father would be proud of him and they leave in the helicopter.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2018

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