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Banshee Recap

In Ireland in the village of BallyNaGrash, a senior citizens' club board their bus. O'Rourke puts a bomb disguised as a bottle of stout into a case and then convinces the nurse in charge to take it as a gift from McCarron's Pub. The bus drives across the countryside, the senior citizens singing. Brian McCarron watches, and O'Rourke drives up to him and wonders why it has to be the old folks. Brian says that the senior citizens are a good mix of Catholics and Protestants, north and south. He dismisses O'Rourke as a superstitious fool and they watch as the bus blows up.

Jim picks up his briefing from an engineer at a miniature train yard, and is informed that nine people were killed in the bus exploding. The Hatreds have been reignited with both sides blaming the other. The IMF believes that Brian, a secret arms dealer, is responsible and is using the explosion as an excuse to increase his market. The team must bring Brian to justice and stop the fighting.

The team travels to a lighthouse near the village and sets up base. Jim reviews the two men, Republican Michael Skelton and Nationalist Jamie Kearney. Each of them lost a relative in the explosion and have become the leaders of their respective factions. Both men are patriots caught up in the politics, and Brian is cashing in on both sides.

Later at McCarron's Pub, Shannon sings for the customers while Nicholas passes the hat. Kearney calls for her to perform a Nationalist song, and Skelton loudly objects. O'Rourke grabs a stick and tells them to stick to their sides of the pub. Brian comes out and motions to Kearney to come over, and Skelton says that the old folk were singing the same song that he asked Shannon to sing. Jim and Max come in and order drinks.

Brian takes Kearney to a secret room in the cellar containing weapons.

Nicholas slips out and peers through a cellar window, watching them. Kearney inspects the arms and says that they're defending their rights, not fighting a war. Brian says that Skelton doesn't think that, and Kearney is well aware that Brian sells to both sides for profit. Unimpressed, Brian quotes him a price and Kearney has no choice but to buy them. The arms dealer says that Skelton bought double, and gives him until Friday to raise the money to buy an equal amount.

Jim calls to the customers and says that he'll give 50 pounds to 10 to anyone who can beat Max. Grant comes in and accepts the challenge.

Nicholas picks the lock on the outside cellar door and enters the secret room.

Everyone in the pub goes outside and the two agents stage their pre-planned fight. Meanwhile, Shannon plants a remote-controlled flame canister in the fireplace and projectors in statues. Max throws Grant into the pub and follows him in, and everyone else watches as Max takes a dive. Jim buys drinks on the house, and Shannon flirts with O'Rourke. She says that the happenings at night wouldn't frighten him out at the old church and talks about the banshee crying and wailing, looking for more deaths. A farmer speaks up, saying that it's bad luck to hurt the old people, and Shannon plays up how the old people were close to death and come back with the fairy key. O'Rourke dismisses it as superstition, but the farmer says that whoever hurt the old people won't laugh.

At the bar, Max claims that Grant got lucky. Jim chats with Grant, who says that he jumped ship from a freighter and asks if he is familiar with weapons as Brian returns to the bar. Grant boasts of his weapon skills, and Jim offers him a job, and Brian interrupts to offer them drinks.

Nicholas sabotages the weapons.

Brian explains that he can put a little money their way. Jim says that they've had dealings with trouble spots around the world while selling guns. Brian suggests that they become partners and open up new markets, and Grant refuses and walks away. Max says that he'll take care of Grant, and Brian gives Max a gun and tells O'Rourke to go with him and take a shotgun along to be sure.

Nicholas leaves the cellar.

Max and O'Rourke spot Grant, who sees them and runs. They corner Grant in a ravine and Max shoots him in the back from a distance. O'Rourke prepares to finish him off with his shotgun, and Max says that he'd be happier if it was O'Rourke. He talks about how it's bad luck to shoot a black man, and the superstitious O'Rourke tells Max to do it. Max goes into the ravine and fires a shot into the ground next to Grant. He then walks away and after a moment, O'Rourke follows him. Grant then gets up and off the other way.

In the cellar, Jim grabs one of the rifles and tells Brian that he bought defective weapons. Smiling, Jim leads Brian out.

Grant re-enters the village and meets Shannon and Nicholas at a stable.

Brian and O'Rourke drive out into the countryside and meet with Jim and Max, who show them Mac-10 submachine guns with Max demonstrating on the remains of the bus. Jim offers to sell Brian fifty of them at 1,000 pounds each. If Brian can't raise the money then Jim says that he'll go into business for himself. Once the two agents drive off, O'Rourke says that it was an evil thing to do shooting up the bus.

Later at the lighthouse, Grant records music of the old folks singing.

That night at the pub, O'Rourke talks about the old folk and the fairy key to Death's door. Brian thinks that he's crazy, but O'Rourke worries that the ghosts will blame him for the deaths. Unimpressed, Brian goes up to his room.

Grant and Max set up a projector and sound equipment nearby, while Shannon dresses up as a banshee. Nicholas goes into the cellar and puts in a special fuse that allows him to lower the lights upstairs. Grant plays the audio of the song, and O'Rourke hears it and goes to the window. Using holograms, Grant projects an image of Shannon a nearby hill and then right at the window. He then triggers the flame canister in the fireplace and uses the projectors to show an image of Shannon inside the pub.

Brian hears O'Rourke yelling and comes downstairs. O'Rourke tells him that the banshee came for both of them and they're going to die. Brian tells him to get control of himself and nothing will stop him from getting the Mac-10s. When O'Rourke points out that Brian can't afford to buy the Mac-10s, Brian says that they'll take them.

The next day, Grant sets up a timing device to a candle in the lighthouse. Nicholas goes to Kearney's farm and the man confronts him with a pitchfork. He says that he has real guns unlike the ones that Brian sells him, and Nicholas sells that Skelton has afforded him. Nicholas tells Kearney to come to the lighthouse after dark and find out what Skelton is up to.

Max tells Skelton the same thing and issues him the same invitation.

Shannon is performing at the pub, and afterward tells Brian that guns are being sold at the lighthouse that night. He tells O'Rourke that Jim and Max are dealing direct with his customers, and says that they'll go to the lighthouse and blow them both away. Brian figures that they have the element of surprise on their side.

That night, Kearney arrives at the lighthouse first and Max tranqs him.

Outside the pub, Grant attaches a device to the fuel line on Brian's car. He hides as Brian and O'Rourke come out and get in the car.

Nicholas tranqs Skelton when he arrives.

Brian's car breaks down as the two men drive past the bus. Brian starts walking and O'Rourke follows.

A storm comes up, and Max and Nicholas wake the two men up. They're handcuffed and manacled to each other, and Nicholas points out that the key is dangling overhead from a string, rigged to the candle Grant set up earlier. The agents tell them to fight or talk, and Jim dressed in black as a carriage driver steps out from the shadows and tells them to consider who benefits from the killing. Once the agents leave, Skelton and Kearney fight each other.

The team drives to a nearby cemetery at a ruined church, and Shannon begins her banshee act again. Nicholas plays the recorded music, and Brian and O'Rourke hear it. Grant projects the hologram of Shannon near them, and O'Rourke refuses to do anymore of Brian's killing so the banshee will leave him be. He runs and Brian shoots him down before running as the banshee advances on him.

Kearney and Skelton get tired of fighting and say that they'll wait but there'll be no talking.

Brian runs to the church, crying for sanctuary. The team has set up a camera, and turn on a monitor in the lighthouse. Grant projects a hologram of Jim driving a carriage coming to collect Brian's soul. Jim rides up in a real carriage, pulls to a halt in front of the church, and tells Brian that it's time to ride the Coach of Death. Grant is inside the carriage, opens the door, and motions for Brian. Brian begs for penance and confesses his sins, and Kearney and Skelton hear it all. Skelton and Kearney realize that Brian played them both and they're just to blame as he is. They agree to go together and get Brian, shaking on it.

Jim drives up to where Shannon is waiting and offers her a ride. The other agents are inside and Grant motions for Shannon to join them. She gets in and they drive off.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 2, 2018

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