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unMoored Recap

Tucson, AZ: Three Years Ago

A woman, Evangeline Whedon, enters a bar with an underground fight between John and armed opponent is going down. The man takes John down and a spectator yells "Kill the mutie!" John gets his wind back and takes out his opponent. Afterward, John is drinking at the bar and Evangeline approaches him. She asks if that's what he wants to do with his life, and Evangeline says that she's an attorney and therapist who worked with the X-Men. Evangeline knows about John's history and says that she was the youngest attorney in Philadelphia, and then her mutant powers came out. She lost everything and the X-Men found her, and she says that they want John to lead the mutant underground in Atlanta. John is surprised, and Evangeline tells him that she's offering him a purpose again.


Marcos is in his room making something for the baby using his powers when John comes in. He says that he always thought that he' be together with Lorna and their baby when the baby was born. John tells him that hope is a strong thing and advises his friend to hang on to it, but Marcos doesn't know if they made it out. He worries that they can't get a lead on the Inner Circle, and John says that he might know someone who can.

At the Inner Circle base, Reeva calls the Frosts in and says that the blackouts caused by Lorna's birth have drawn attention. She's reached out to her political contacts, who have said that the energy Department is going to put a claim about a lighting strike. Reeva wants to clean up some other loose ends, and the Frosts assure her that they have everything under control. Their leader doesn't believe it and says that all of the witnesses have to be killed and the facility evacuated. Esme wants to wait until they've completed training, but Reeva insists that they have to be secure first and asks if Esme can handle it. Esme glances over at her sisters and then tells Reeva that they can.

Lauren and Clarice tell Cristina that their source has reported that Jazmine is at a shelter in Alexandria. They're heading there in the morning, and tell Cristina that she should be there because she's a fugitive. Cristina loses her temper and smashes a nearby lamp. She says that she can't risk losing Jazmine, who is her only family. Lauren says that she lost her brother six months ago and knows how Cristina figures, and Clarice says that they should call it a night.

Andy has a dream of meeting Lauren on a rooftop and her telling him that he needs to come back. He takes her hand and insists that Fenris is their destiny. She pulls away and falls off the roof, and disappears... and Andy wakes up from his nightmare.

In Atlanta, Jace returns home with groceries. Paula says that her day was good, and Jace says that he might have landed a job for his firm. His wife realizes that he's upset, and Jace says that he's been thinking about the blackouts that hit DC. He suspects that it might be mutant-related, and Paula begs him not to open the door to his obsession with mutants. Paula knows that he keeps his files on mutants, and insists that they can build a new family and a new life. She begs Jace to focus on what's really important, and Jace tells her that he's good. As they hug, Jace looks over at a photo of his child that he can no longer remember.

John lies in bed next to Clarice and remembers the past. She wakes up and figures that he's thinking about Evangeline and how she can help them track down the Inner Circle. John says that they have a complicated relationship, but assures Clarice that it wasn't romantic. He explains that he was lost after he was discharged from the Marines, and taking pills to deal with the pain.

Evangeline watches John and reminds him that he's going through cold turkey for the cause.

John tells Clarice that Evangeline got him through the worst time in his life. He wonders if she'll talk to him after Atlanta.

The Frosts leave the Inner circle private jet and call Bulk and Fade. Fade kills the security guard and Bulk blows up the facility. Meanwhile, the facility owner David Hine checks out a nearby jet.

As Caitlin packs, she tells Reed that it's their best chance to find Andy. She insists that Andy isn't dead, and Reed points out that he chose to leave. Caitlin asks what he would do if it was Lauren--his favorite--and Reed says that Lauren is living with a mother who isn't really there. She says that Reed is suppressing his feelings and it's the Strucker way. When Reed asks her not to go for their family's sake, Caitlin says that their family is the reason that she's going.

The Frosts confront Hine and ask why he was looking at buying an airplane. He claims that he was going to hold onto the money for six months, and a nearby prop plane starts up. The Frosts telepathically force him to walk toward the spinning blade. However, Esme telepathically controls a truck driver to run Hine over and ignores her sister's complaints.

At the HQ, an exhausted Andy is getting coffee when Lorna comes in. He says that he didn't sleep much and claims that he was playing video games before going to his training session. Reeva tells him to start by breaking through barriers, and Andy goes through the first three. As he approaches the fourth, he remembers his dream and slams into the fourth wall. Reeva tells Sage to get Fade because she has an assignment for him.

John, Marcos, and Caitlin meet with Evangeline in Philadelphia. She says that SS can never make a connection between her firm and the underground. John asks her to trace bank records of the Inner Circle and need her help to interpret the data. Evangeline recognizes the name and is surprised that Wire is still alive after obtaining the information.

Reeva meets with Andy and points out that he should have been able to easily handle the barriers. Andy tells her that he had an off day, and Reeve says that when she grew up she had a friend named Benazir. One day they had a fight and later they were attacked by a gang of Purifiers. Reeva's feelings got in the way and her powers wouldn't come, and they killed Benazir. That was the day that Reeva realized that emotions affect their powers, and ask Andy if there's anything he wants to tell her. Andy says that there isn't and promises that he won't fail the next test that afternoon.

Reed takes out his father's research files and finds a 1985 reference to his having another attack of neuralgia. Lauren comes in and Reed hastily sets the files aside. His daughter says that she and Clarice are going to pick up Jazmine, and sees the files. Reed says that they're photos from her old Instagram account, and Lauren asks if he's okay. Her father tells her that she doesn't have to worry about him. Reed tells her that he'll see her at the clinic. Once Lauren leaves, Reed goes back to the file.

Lorna is sitting next to Dawn, and Andy knocks at the door. She lets him in and asks him what happened during training. Andy says that it feels like he should be with Lauren. Lorna warns him that Reeva can't think that he's not 100% with her. Dawn starts crying and Lorna asks Andy to leave so that she can breast-feed her daughter.

Andy buys a new cell phone and calls the clinic. He asks for Lauren, and Reed takes the phone. When Andy hears his father's voice, he says nothing. Reed asks how he knows Lauren, and Andy hangs up and destroys the phone. As he walks away, Fade watches from nearby and calls to tell Reeva that they have a problem.

Jace goes to a bar and meets with a friend, Agent Myers. Myers says that a lot of people think Jace got a raw deal about what happened in SS. Jace asks about the blackout, and Myers passes on the rumor that a substation was hit by a lightning bolt. Myers believes it, but Jace figures that Lorna was responsible. His friend says that his theory is crazy and advises him to let it go.

Paula returns home and finds Jace throwing away his mutant files. He says that he has to let go of the past or he'll lose his future, and that Paula lost her husband as well as her daughter. Relieved, Paula hugs Jace.

Evangeline has an associate trace the transactions and finds Reeva preparing for war. She says that Reeva is one of the most powerful mutants post-7/15, and says that there's no way to stop the Inner Circle when they have Andy and Lorna. When John says that there are other powerful mutants in the underground, Evangeline tells him that she won't let him lead other mutants into a losing fight. They walk out and Marcos and Caitlin tell John that he did everything that he could. John says that they should go to the car and walks back inside.

Andy participates in the second training session, and Sage tells Reeva that Andy's kinetic levels are higher than ever. He bounces off of another barrier, and the Frosts telepathically scan him and then tell Reeva that Andy is distracted by thoughts of Lauren.

John enters Evangeline's office and tells her that he's not giving up. She says that they can't win, and John reminds her that she said that he needed a cause. John says that his people need something to believe in after Atlanta. Evangeline warns that there aren't enough of them left, but says that there is a mutant named Erg who lives in the tunnels under DC. Erg might help John, and Evangeline gives John a contact number. She warns that Lorna and Reeva likely won't come home, and if they fully join Reeva then she'll kill them. Evangeline apologizes for giving John a cause because the cause is doomed.

In Reeva's office, the Frosts talk telepathically until Reeva says that they're supposed to talk out loud. They wonder what Reeva is going to do with Andy, and Reeva points out that he's trying to call the underground. She tells them that she'll talk to Andy and assess the situation. When Esme objects, Reeva says that they have a problem and it needs to be dealt with.

Andy is looking at photos of his family when Reeva comes in. She says that she saw that Andy's mind is elsewhere, and says that he can't lie about his doubts. Andy insists that he's not lying, and Reeva prepares to unleash her power on him. However, Andy speaks up and says that there's something bad. He explains that Caitlin has been contacting him online asking him to contact them, but he never did. Andy says that he called Lauren to hear her voice but she wasn't there so he hung up. Reeva wonders why he called now, and Andy tells her about his dreams where Lauren is afraid of him. She tells him to remember his dreams and be strong, because they're building a homeland for all mutants. Andy says that he can do it and Reeva hugs him.

Lauren and Clarice return with Jazmine, who runs to Cristina. Clarice takes the sisters to the truck, and Reed tells Lauren that it can't be easy seeing siblings back together. Lauren insists that she's fine, but Reed doesn't believe her. His daughter calls him on how he pretends that everything is okay when he and Caitlin argue about Andy. Lauren says that she's looked up the people that died in Atlanta, and her parents have never discussed what happened. She walks out, and Reed's arm flares with power. He reaches out and touches a file cabinet, and burns through the side before the energy fades.

John meets with Clarice and tells her that things went well with Evangeline and she gave them the name of someone who could help. Clarice asks if there's something wrong, and John claims that everything is okay before kissing her.

Marcos finds Caitlin and offers her the bottle of champagne he was going to share with Lorna. They share a toast to the baby, and Marcos worries that if they don't find Lorna and Andy in time, he doesn't know what he'll do. Caitlin tells him not to give into despair or it will eat him alive.

John gets up out of bed.

Reed and Lauren drive away.

John punches a wall repeatedly and remembers the people that died on his watch.

Andy blasts through the final barrier, and Reeva applauds.

Marcos drinks more of the champagne alone and then breaks it on the ground. He picks up a piece and shines a light through it onto the clouds, remembering how he did something similar when he first met Lorna.

Lorna sees the clouds and tells Dawn to look. She goes over to the crib and realizes that Dawn is running a fever, and calls for help.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2018

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