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The Condemned Recap

In Istanbul, former IMF agent Barney Collier is at a café owned by Lydia Aden. Lt. Yusef Hamidou and his men barge in and tells Barney to get up. When he refuses, the officers restrain him and Hamidou slaps him before having him taken away.

Jim picks up his briefing from a van at the beach and is informed that three months ago, Englishman George Stanton was murdered at his home in Istanbul, shot in the face with a shotgun. Stanton made money from investments and Lt. Hamidou was promoted to captain after arresting the man responsible for Stanton's death: Jim's former teammate, Barney Collier. Barney is scheduled to hang in three days and is being held at the prison that Hamidou controls. The IMF believes that Hamidou was involved in Stanton's death and framed Barney, and Jim and his team must bring the crooked captain to justice and save Barney's life.

At the team meeting, Barney explains that after his mother's death, his father left the U.S. and tried to get as far away as he could. They figure that Hamidou, who has a long history as a crooked cop, didn't murder Stanton but knows who does. Barney was convicted on Lydia's testimony, and she claimed that she was Barney's lover. Grant doesn't believe it, insisting his father is innocent, and Jim warns him not to let emotion cloud his judgment.

The team travels to Istanbul and Jim goes to the café to meet with Lt. Sirlak, who the IMF has confirmed is an honest cop. Sirlak agrees to get Grant in to see Barney while Hamidou is away that afternoon. As he leaves, Grant arrives and Jim explains that Sirlak was the warden at the prison until he was demoted to make way for Hamidou. That afternoon, Jim and Grant go to the prison and meet with Grant's father. While Grant admits that he's missed Barney, who explains that he needed time alone after his wife's death, Jim takes photos of the cell with a hidden camera and assures Barney that they'll get him out.

Back at the hotel room the team is using as a base of operations, Grant uses a computer to duplicate the wall patterns of the cell onto latex sheet. The next day, Nicholas and Max pose as priest and ask Hamidou for a meeting with Barney. He refuses until they threaten to involve the American embassy. Once they're in the cell, the two agents identify themselves and place the latex sheets up in the back of the cell using collapsible metal supports, creating a false wall.

Jim and Casey go to Stanton's house and search the place. They find a book about the treasures of the St. Sophia Cathedral and a newspaper article about the murder of four guards during the theft of the Tsarina's necklace four month ago. The robbers were never identified.

Max and Nicholas leave and Barney hides behind the false wall.

The police arrest Jim and Casey as they leave Stanton's home.

Later, Max and Nicholas return to perform the last rites for Barney before his execution. Hamidou is surprised to discover that Barney has apparently escaped and blames Sirlak. Once Hamidou leaves to conduct a search, the IMF agents lure the hooded hangman into the cell and then gas him unconscious. Barney then dons the hangman's hood and leaves with Nicholas and Max.

Jim and Casey are taken to the police station and tell Hamidou that they're private investigators. Since Hamidou knows Jim met with Barney earlier, Jim explains that he had hoped to get Barney to lead them to the stolen necklace. He claims that they work for a private collector who wants to buy the stolen necklace, and three weeks ago the collector received an anonymous offer to sell it. Jim was to go to Istanbul where the seller would contact him with further instructions. Intrigued and clearly unaware of where the necklace is, Hamidou insists that they work together. The agents then return to the hotel and meet with Barney and the others. Max goes to the café to tap Lydia's phone, while Jim asks Barney if he can confront Lydia. Exhausted from his ordeal in prison, Barney says that he'll need a couple of days and Jim asks Grant to fill in.

That night, Nicholas is making up Grant to look like his father, while Grant talks about how Barney wasn't there for his birthdays because he was always on assignment. His father also wasn't there when Grant's mother died. Barney, overhearing, admits that he didn't know his wife was dead until a week later, but Grant says that he understands his father was doing important work. However, Barney says that he came back from one mission on Grant's ninth birthday but the boy had fallen asleep waiting to tell him something important. Grant remembers and tells him that he wanted to tell him that he loved him, and never stopped. Barney assures him that he loves him as well as Nicholas finishes his work.

The next day at the café, Grant visits Lydia as she prepares to leave town. Jim and Nicholas are outside in the car listening as Grant accuses Lydia of setting Barney up to get the necklace. She insists she doesn't know anything about it, and Nicholas sets off a fake police siren so that Grant is scared away. As he leaves, he threatens to kill her if she doesn't tell him about the necklace. Once she's gone, Lydia calls her accomplice: Stanton, who is alive and well, but bandaged up because he's undergone plastic surgery. He tells her to meet him at the abandoned building he's using as a hideout so she can avoid Barney.

Jim and Nicholas follow Lydia and split up to enter the building. Meanwhile, Lydia wants to leave the country with Stanton, but he reminds her that he hasn't sold the necklace yet. Realizing that she's a liability, Stanton shoots her and starts packing. Jim arrives and, unaware of where Stanton is, sees Lydia dying on the floor. Stanton draws his gun and orders him to tell him what he knows about the necklace. Nicholas arrives and disarms Stanton, and the two men struggle on a balcony. Stanton finally swings at Nicholas with a board, misses, and falls over the edge to his death.

The dying Lydia tells Jim that Barney she and Stanton framed Barney, and Stanton shot a derelict's corpse in the face to make identification impossible for Hamidou, his partner in the necklace theft. Meanwhile, Nicholas discovers that Stanton was wearing colored prescription contact lenses to further disguise his appearance. He returns to the main room and searches it with Jim, and they finally find the necklace wrapped in plastic and hidden in a pot of stew. They then hide Stanton's body.

Back at the hotel, Grant makes a pair of glasses that match Stanton's prescription. When Barney worries that they can't clear his name with Stanton dead, Jim says that they'll bring him back from the dead a second time. He goes back to the building and drops the glasses near Lydia's corpse, and then calls Hamidou. When the captain arrives, Jim explains that Barney called him there to sell the necklace for $10 million. After seeing the glasses, Hamidou figures that Stanton is still alive and tells Jim that he'll get the necklace from the Englishman and then they'll sell it to Barney and split the $10 million.

Back at the hotel, Casey wires Jim and assures him that the team has set up the recording equipment at the café. Jim tells Casey to call Sirlak in thirty minutes and have him go to the café, and sets up a meeting with Hamidou at the café.

Barney and Grant are at the café setting up mirrors, spotlights, and a video camera with Nicholas and Max. Casey arrives to tell them that Sirlak is on his way. Jim and Hamidou arrive first and Hamidou tells Jim that Stanton is alive and faked his own death. He tells the IMF agent to stay in the car while he gets the necklace from Stanton, but Jim circles around to the back once he's alone.

Inside, Barney calls to Hamidou. He steps out and says that he'll give Hamidou the necklace if he clears Barney's name. Hamidou agrees and Barney hints that it's in his prison cell. Realizing that he no longer needs Barney, Hamidou shoots at him only to discover that he's hit a mirror. Barney continues to taunt him, moving from mirror to mirror as Hamidou shoots at each one and shatters them. A frustrated Hamidou shouts out, confessing that he stole the necklace and killed the guards with Stanton. Barney finally says that he's leaving and Hamidou promises to arrest him if he shows himself in Turkey again. Once the captain leaves, Jim and Barney review the tape they made of Hamidou's confession.

Hamidou drives to the prison and searches Barney's cell for the necklace.

Sirlak arrives at the café and Jim is waiting for him with the necklace and the recording of Hamidou's confession. The lieutenant goes to the prison and informs Hamidou that he's under arrest for theft and murder. Outside, Jim and Barney join the others and Jim tells Grant that it's time to take his father home.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2018

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