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Among Us Hide… Recap

The medics wheel a badly-injured Andrew into the base's medbay, and Melissa watches her ex-husband. A doctor finally tells her that Andrew is alive, and she asks Andrew what happened. He says that one of his students, Alexander, was there with two men. Andrew figures that they were professionals, and Coulson realizes that they were Hydra. He assures Melinda that it isn't her fault, and Andrew explains that Coulson had a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent following him. The man fired on Alexander's men, and killed one before the other one shot him. Alexander lit the gasoline he brought and the blast threw Andrew clear. Andrew admits that he's not sorry alexander is gone, and figures he didn't survive the blast. He wonders if Grant will come after him again, and Melinda says that he won't as she walks out.

Lance is in the hallway coming to see Andrew. Melinda refuses to let Lance in, blaming him for Andrew's injuries. Lance points out that Grant was going to hurt Andrew no matter what, but Melinda doesn't accept it. Coulson comes out and tells Lance that he's off the assignment to kill Grant. Melinda asks for permission to go after Grant, and tells Coulson that she's back.

At a Hydra base, Kebo insists that he followed Grant's protocol. Grant insists that they all want him dead, and now they have to dispose of Werner before S.H.I.E.L.D. traces him to Grant. He tells Kebo to find Werner and kill him.

Coulson checks on Daisy, who figures that Lash tracked their truck because he's a member of the ATCU. She figures that since the Inhuman can transform to a human form, it would be easy for him to infiltrate the organization. Coulson says that Rosalind is giving him a tour of his operation and he'll see what he can find out, while Daisy tries to identify Daisy. Before he goes, Coulson tells Daisy to keep it off of Rosalind's radar. Daisy wonders if Coulson is getting too close to Rosalind, and he claims that he's cut himself off from that. As he goes, Daisy asks if Melinda is back for good and Coulson admits that he doesn't know.

Melinda grabs Bobbi and says that Lance went after Grant because of Bobbi. Bobbi defends herself and the two women fight. When Bobbi subdues Melinda, Melinda says that she could fight her own battles, and figures that Bobbi is mission-ready. Bobbi warns that Coulson hasn't cleared her for mission status, but Melinda figures that she is and says that they're leaving in 20.

Bobbi and Melinda go to the hanger, and Lance comes over to talk to Bobbi. He insists on going with them, and Bobbi says that she understands but other people don't. She says that she's ready and Lance tells her to do better than they did. As he goes, Bobbi asks him if he's going to say the thing, and Lance says that she already knows.

Aboard the jet, Melinda says that there were four men on the scene. However, there were only three bodies found. She's found out that Alexander was actually Werner Von Strucker, and figures that Werner will lead them back to Grant. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been monitoring Hydra bank accounts and one just activated. They're heading to the Cayman Islands where Werner is getting his funds.

Werner goes to former Hydra director Gideon Malick for help. Gideon agrees that Grant should have sent Werner out, and says that Werner's father was a great man. Werner warns that Grant is scary, and Gideon tells him that he'll handle everything.

Rosalind picks Coulson up and complains that he isn't sharing information. She tells the caller to have them get started and then tells the driver that they're heading back because she has an emergency to handle. Coulson refuses to leave and says that it's time to see the ATCU facility. Once the emergency is over, they'll go there. Rosalind refuses and Coulson wonders if they're really sharing information. She agrees and tells the driver to take her home.

As Fitz works up fake IDs for Melinda and Bobbi, he runs a portal simulation in the background. Lance watches and wonders if Fitz should help Jemma rescue Will. The agent points out that Jemma and Will were involved, but Fitz insists that he owes him. Lance isn't convinced, and Fitz wonders why he's in the lab. The agent finally says that Coulson benched him, so he thought that he'd help Fitz. Fitz quickly grows impatient with his efforts and has him leave.

Daisy finds Andrew in the hallway and asks her for a consult. He's eager to help, and Daisy explains about Lash. She wonders why Lash spared her, and explains how the Inhuman can revert to human form. Mack calls Daisy over and she tells Andrew that she'll keep him posted. Once they're alone, Mack figures that Banks has access to ATCU information on Inhumans, and knew where the truck was going. He already has a van going and Lance comes in and offers to drive.

In the Cayman Islands, Bobbi and Melinda go to Werner's bank. Using the IDs that Fitz provided, they have the bank officer, Jerome Deschamps, take them to the safe deposit vault. They use a device to open Box 38, Werner's. Fitz analyzes the data and discovers that there's no cash. An alarm goes off and a gate slams down over the vault. Deschamps comes in with two security guards. Bobbi claims that they're checking their security system, and offers Deschamps a job. Fitz feeds her information on Deschamps, while Melinda complains in Mandarin that the plan isn't a good idea. One of the guards goes for his gun, and Melinda attacks him. Bobbi has no choice but to attack the other guard, while Melinda knocks out Deschamps and they leave.

In the surveillance van, Mack, Daisy, and Lance keep an eye on Banks. Banks was discharged from the marines for cause, and Lance starts talking about how to capture Banks. Mack and Daisy both disagree, and Daisy points out that Andrew almost died. Lance insists that he had no choice, and they're interrupted when Banks goes to his car and drives away with the team in pursuit.

Rosalind goes to her home and the police tell her that the thief was scared off by her security system. She lets the police look around but tells Coulson to stay put. Coulson glances around the living room and realizes that the furniture is new. He finds a baseball bat and stares at it in surprise, and Rosalind comes out and tells him not to touch her things.

Lance follows Banks and watch as he arrives at his house. They wonder what to do next without tipping off the ATCU, and Lance finally goes out on his own. Wearing a bandana over his face, he walks over and shoots Banks. He drags Banks back to the van and says that he iced him, and sys that they can test Banks' blood for Inhuman DNA markers. Daisy and Mack admits that it's a good idea, and Lance punches Andrew in the nose so they can take some blood.

Jemma meets with Andrew and tells him what he told her about going through something extreme. As they talk, Daisy calls and asks Jemma to run the blood analysis that they're sending her. Jemma readily agrees and in the van, Banks' phone goes off and he gets a text message saying that the subject is en route to Endotex. There's an Endotex Lab in Gaithersburg, and the team agree to check it out. Mack doesn't want to take Banks with them, and they put him into his car.

Rosalind has her drivers get some burgers, and Phil points out that the thief didn't take anything valuable. He wonders if she was trying to earn some sympathy from him with a staged break-in, and Rosalind points out that she's had a home break-in for the first time when Coulson knew she'd be out. Coulson wonders if everything in the apartment is hers, and figures that Coulson is stalling. Rosalind irritably throws the food away and says that they're going to the facility.

Once Melinda and Bobbi lift off, Fitz analyzes the passports from the safe deposit box. One matches the owner of a penthouse in Lisbon, and Fitz has confirmed that Werner went through customs several hours ago. As they head there, Melinda figures that Bobbi is gun shy. Bobbi insists that she wanted back in the field, but Melinda figures that she's keeping herself locked up. She tells Bobbi to let what happened to her could make her stronger, and warns that diplomacy may not be an option next time.

Kebo hands Grant a phone. It's Gideon, who says that not everyone fears Grant. He offers Grant redemption, and warns that he's made a few mistakes like using Werner. Grant says that Werner is more than a pawn, and Gideon figures that Grant considers Werner a liability… and he knows where Grant can find him. When Grant wonders why Gideon would offer the information, Gideon tells him to remember his help.

That night, Daisy, Mack, and Lance go to Endotex and figure that it's a front. They send in a new dwarf drone in and Jemma calls to report that Banks is not an Inhuman. Once she's done, Jemma suggests to Fitz that they look over the portal simulation. Fitz reluctantly says that he can't figure a way to open the portal up, but promises that he won't give up. Jemma says that she knows it's an odd situation, and Fitz promises that they'll get Will back. Once Jemma leaves, Fitz brings up the files on Will.

Lance figures that there's something up with Banks, and they watch as a truck pulls up. The dwarf has a cloaking device, and the team watches through it as the ATCU soldiers bring out a pod holding an Inhuman. Daisy realizes that the ATCU is storing Inhumans like animals. The team spots Coulson and Rosalind watching. There's too much noise to hear their conversation, and Daisy doesn't believe that Coulson is horrified. She refuses to work with the ATCU, and Mack orders her to bring the dwarf back.

In the building, Rosalind explains that they keep the Inhumans asleep. She admits that she didn't want to show Coulson because she thought he wouldn't understand. The ATCU is working on a cure and they consider what they're doing the equivalent of putting someone in a medically-induced coma. Coulson realizes that Rosalind lost someone, and she admits that her husband died years ago of cancer. She explains that she would have done anything to keep her husband in a coma to find a cure, and she wants to do the same for the Inhumans. Rosalind jokingly warns that if Coulson tells anyone she's human, she'll find his base and blow it up. As they go, Rosalind admits that Coulson may have been right about her wanting him to like her.

Melinda and Bobbi break into the Lisbon penthouse and find Kebo torturing Werner. He throws a knife at Melinda, stabs Werner in the chest, and runs. Bobbi goes after him and braces herself, then attacks two men. Kebo comes after her and they fight.

Melinda takes out the two men in the penthouse and frees Werner. She asks the dying man where she can find Grant, and Werner stares off into space.

Kebo knocks Bobbi into the pool and holds her under. She manages to grab her battle baton and hits Kebo in the gut, and then climbs out. She gets her other battle baton, activates the taser function, and plunges it into the pool. Kebo is shocked unconscious.

Werner says that he tried to do what Grant wanted. He insists that they had Andrew, but then he changed.

Earlier at the store, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent shoots one Hydra agent and is killed by the other. Werner stares as Andrew transforms into Lash. He knocks Werner aside and kills the other Hydra agents, and then reverts back and lights the gasoline himself to cover his tracks.

Melinda insists that it can't be true, and Werner wonders what Andrew is before dying.

At the base, Daisy calls Lincoln and confirms that he's okay. He refuses to tell her what he is, and figures that Daisy is trying to trace the call. Lincoln says that he'll reach out soon and Daisy hangs up. Andrew comes up and asks if she was talking to Lincoln, and tells her that she'll soon figure out where Lash is. He casually asks where Lincoln is, and Daisy admits that he didn't but will let Andrew know when Lincoln tells her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2015

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