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Boy Wonder Recap

Cordelia finds herself amidst piles of ruins. She calls out but gets no answer, and sees the Academy sign on the ground. Cordelia walks off, calling for the members of her coven, and zombies advance on her as a hooded figure looks on. The zombies tear Cordelia apart with their teeth as the white-faced figure laughs.


Cordelia wakes up from her dream and finds Zoe and Myrtle there. They explain that Cordelia was calling to them, and Madison and Queenie step forward. Cordelia is happy that they're alive and embraces them both. She demands to see Michael, and goes to see the warlocks. She thanks them for bringing Madison and Queenie back, and tells them that about her vision. Cordelia believes that it shows an apocalypse, and says that whether they survive depends on what they do again. She tells Michael that in two weeks he will take the test of the Seven Wonders. Michael says that he wants to take it. When Myrtle objects, Cordelia says that no one will change her mind. She informs Michael that if he succeeds then he will be the next Supreme and it will change everything.

When they return to the Academy, Myrtle complains about Cordelia's decision. She wonders why Cordelia agreed to let a male try it when the stories of an Alpha are fairy tales. Cordelia says that she's the end of the world and her girls dead, and worries if it's her hubris that causes it, and that she will need to find the next Supreme one day. Myrtle advises her to look far and wide, and that no one imagined Cordelia was powerful enough to become Supreme.

Myrtle describes how she saw Mallory bring a dead deer back to life.

Cordelia points out that Michael brought Queenie back, and Myrtle wonders why Cordelia is so eager to affirm Michael's power. She suggests that Cordelia wait, and Cordelia warns that she's fading and her powers are leaving her. Myrtle breaks into tears, and Mallory comes in and says that the old girls are settled and Cordelia's visitors are waiting for her.

In the dining room, Cordelia meets with Coco and her father. Coco doesn't think that she needs to be there, and Coco says that she has no magical power. Mr. St. Pierre Vanderbilt has Coco describe how she discovered that she saved a boy's life when she sensed a boy's allergy. Women in Beverly Hills came to her to sense gluten, and Cordelia that she can sense dangerous things and that's a start. She asks Coco to trust her, and asks Mallory to show Coco around.

At the Boy's Academy, perform the Blood Moon ceremony to anoint Michael before he undergoes the Seven Wonders. They conjure a circle of power around Michael, who accepts the blessings. Everyone applauds except John Henry, who stares at Michael. A wind sweeps through the chamber, blowing out the flames.

Later, Behold comes to John Henry's room and discovers that he's packing. John Henry says that he needs answers, and Baldwin warns him against his disrespect for the process. He figures that there's something wrong with Michael and says that he saw the white-faced demon. Baldwin figures that John Henry is jealous and uses his magic to block the door. John Henry slams him against the wall and says that he's going to New Orleans to see Cordelia. He admits that he's afraid and leaves.

On his drive to New Orleans, John Henry stops at a gas station and uses the self-service to fill up. As he takes a text, a car pulls up and Miriam gets out. She fakes incompetence and asks John Henry for help, pays for her gas, and hamstrings John Henry's Achilles' tendons and then his throat. Miriam pours gas on him and as she drives off, tosses a lit match on the warlock.

Michael goes outside and finds Miriam waiting. They hug and Miriam assures him that she took care of John Henry. Michael figures that once he becomes Supreme, he can eliminate them all. Miriam assures him that everything is going beautifully and that he will own the Seven Wonders. She says that she's not the only one who has Michael's back, and Ariel comes out. Miriam whispers to Michael not to say whose Michael's father is, and Ariel is glad that John Henry is dead so they he can't stop the warlocks from being on top.

Michael passes the Seven Wonders: Telekinesis, Concilium, Transmutation, Divination, Pyrokinesis, Vitalum Vitalis, and the final test: descent into the netherworld. Cordelia asks Michael to bring Misty Day back. The warlocks object and Ariel asks to talk to Cordelia privately. she says that darkness is coming and Michael has to be able to withstand anything if he is going to lead them. Ariel figures that she's fading, and Cordelia says that Ariel has reached his limit unless he uses Michael to extend his influence. the warlock accuses Cordelia of trying to kill Michael, and says that she's nothing more than a weak, frightened woman just like Fiona. Cordelia tells him that she could crush his throat with a gesture, and says that she outranks him and could destroy him, so he'd better fall in line.

Michael comes in and says that he will get Misty back. He performs the ritual and appears in the hallways of the netherworld, and searches for Misty. He finds her in a classroom resurrecting frogs. The teacher, Mr. Kingery comes over and a boy says that it's a trick. Kingery orders Misty to dissect a live frog, grabs her hand, and forces her to cut it open. Misty brings it back to life and Kingery forces her to kill it. The cycle repeats itself until Kingery's stomach opens and his intestines fall out. Michael removes his scalpel from Kingery's body, and Misty asks if he's there to save him.

Michael wakes up and Misty appears next to him, alive and well. Cordelia embraces her and Misty wonders if she's alive. The witches assure her that she is, and Misty backs away from Cordelia. Cordelia bleeds from the nose and Ariel says that when a new Supreme arises, the old one fades. Myrtle objects and Michael says that he passed the Seven Wonders. Cordelia tells them that there can be no doubt and Michael is the next Supreme, and then collapses.

Later, Myrtle and Misty tend to Cordelia. Misty gives Cordelia tea and says that Cordelia should have left her where she is. She says that there is something wrong with Michael.

In Purgatory, the children in the classroom talk gibberish and Michael listens.

Misty tells Cordelia that evil was speaking to Michael. Cordelia suggests that he was negotiating Misty's release from Hell, but Misty says that Michael wore the perfume of death. Myrtle wonders what they've done, and Cordelia explains that she let the test go forward so that she could discover how strong Michael is. She tells the others that something is coming and Michael has already given them an advantage by bringing all of his girls back to her for the fight ahead. Misty says that she can't fight because she no longer knows where she is. Cordelia assures her that she's done enough by bringing them the first proof, and now she needs to heal.

The White Witch, Stevie Nicks, enters the chamber where the witches are eating. Stevie performs for Misty while Michael watches from the balcony above. Ariel is there and raises a glass to Michael, and Cordelia sees them. She walks out and Madison follows her. Meanwhile, Stevie pulls Misty forward and dances with her.

Cordelia tells Michael to go with Michael and find out what's going on. Baldwin comes in and admits that he heard their plan, and insists on going with Madison. He admits that he has his own concerns about Michael but no evidence, but says that he has a bad gut feeling. Cordelia agrees and tells Madison the destination: the Murder House, where it all began.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2018

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