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Return to Murder House Recap

Madison and Behold arrive at the Murder House in LA.

The couple meet with George, who says that he needs to check on them. Once they alone, Madison and Behold argue with each other about how the other one complains. George comes back and says that their transfer went through, and all they need to do is sign the papers. He tells them that the house has been unoccupied for the last decade because of missing-person reports, break-ins, and the 36 people who have died. The realtor insists that his office isn't legally liable for anything that happens and welcomes them to their new home.

Madison and Behold pass through the gate and look at the house. They go to the front door and Behold discovers that he can't magic the front door open. When they enter, the couple discover that the interior is pristine despite the decrepit exterior. Behold can send the bad vibes and pities the souls trapped there. However, Madison doesn't want to fuck up her third chance at life. Behold reminds her who gave her that chance and as they go upstairs, the door slams shut behind them on its own.

In the upstairs bedroom, Behold prepares a spell to force the spirits out of hiding. They perform the ritual and see a ghost walk down the hallway. Walking down the hallway, Madison and Behold see the ghosts of the twins, go downstairs, and find Tate arguing with his psychiatrist, Ben Harmon. Ben points out that they've had daily sessions for years, and Tate asks for Ben's help with Violet because she ignores him. He says that it's torture and ask ben to convince Violet to talk to him. Ben reminds him that he set fire to his mother's boyfriend, killed over a dozen kids in high school, killed Violet's parents, and impregnated her mother. Tate says that he's different now and knows that he has feelings for him.

Madison comes in and reveals that they can see each other. Behold introduces them and reveals that he knows Tate and Ben. Ben says that they can only be seen when they want to, but Madison tells him that's no longer and the case and suggests that they're going to have to answer some questions about Michael Langdon if they don't want any interruptions. Tate warns that even people protected by magic aren't safe in the house and walks off.

Ben refuses to talk and goes to look out the window, cry, and masturbate. Madison wonders if they should try to help Tate because she feels sorry for him. A ball bounces down the stairs and rolls to a stop. Maddison picks it up and a spirit attacks her. Behold starts to banish the spirit, but Billie Dean Howard appears and warns him that if he does then more spirits will come after them. She tosses the ball and the spirit, Beau, goes after it. Billie Dean says that she's a friend of the house and the witches realize that she's alive. She recognizes Madison and says that she's dealt with other Montgomerys. Billie Dean explains that she's a "medium to the stars", and Constance comes down and says that it's her house.

In her room, Constance makes drinks for herself and Billie Dean, and Billie Dean says that Madison and Behold won't be moving on. Moira comes in and says that she's tied up the living room again, and Constance goes to check it. She finds dust on the mantle and asks Moira why she shouldn't be a real made when she's stuck there for an eternity. Moira says that her real job is satisfying Constance's husband in the basement, and talks about all of Constance's unfulfilled dreams. She walks off and ignores Constance when the woman throws her glass at Moira.

The others come in and Madison says that they need information Michael. Billie Dean insists that they're not talking about her, and Constance says that she wants something before she talks about Michael. Madison asks what she wants, and Constance says that she wants them to get Moira out of the house.

Later, Behold digs a hole in the lawn and fids Moira's skull. He hands it to the watching Madison, but she says that it's not Moira's. Behold wants to bind Moira to the closet, but Madison tells him to keep digging. They go to the kitchen and tell Moira that Constance hates her guts. Madison explains what Constance wants and show her her bones that they found. Moira thanks them, saying that her bones are her means to escape. Behold tells her that she can choose where to be buried, and Moira tells them that there's only one place that she wanted to be.

That night, Madison and Behold take Moira's bones to the cemetery next to her mother's grave. She says that she'd slit Behold's threat if it would get her out of the house with the answers. Behold considers himself warned and they put the bones in the grave that they've dug. Once they leave, Moira's spirt appears and her mother Molly greets her. Moira tells her that she pulled the plug on the respirator because she couldn't bear to see her in the nursing home. Molly says that she was in agony and Moira gave her peace, and Moira kisses her on the cheek. Together the two of them walk off into the mists.

Back in the house, Madison and Behold tell Constance that Moira is gone. She says that Michael was born in the house to a mother and a family marked for death. When Michael's mother died, Constance raised him and he was also her grandson. Tate was his father, and Constance thought Michael would be her chance to do things right. She says that Michael did unspeakable acts starting with killing flies, and then moved on to small rodents. Constance realized that Michael was a serial killer in the offing, and he left her "presents" because he loved her. He refused to stop and Constance buried his "gifts" and planted a rose bush on top.

Constance figures that Madison is childless, and explains that she loved all of her children. Michael made her realize that she was put on earth to raise monsters. The smell of flowers eventually made her retch because there were so many .Michael killed his sitter and Constance convinced the authorities that the sitter convinced herself. One day Michael was late getting up for school, and when Constance went to wake him, she discovered that he'd aged a decade overnight. One night he choked her and said that she wouldn't tell him what to do anymore. Michael then apologized and asks for a glass of water, and Constance stroked his face and agreed.

Constance says that great men have all had their peccadillos, but realized that Michael's aging required sacred intervention. However, Michael killed the priest and Constance realized that she didn't matter and was just a step along the path. Michael was done with her, and he would have cut her throat if she corrected her grammar again. Constance came to the house where she knew the rules and the company, put on a record, and OD'd. When she woke, her children were there with her and she had died to be a mother. Constance never wanted to see her grandson again.

Once she's done, Constance asks Madison and Behold if the story was everything they dreamed of. Constance's daughter comes in and says that it's tea time, and Constance excuses herself to be with her family.

Ben looks out the window, cries, and masturbates. Madison asks him if he's going to be much longer, and says that they still need to talk to him about Michael. They offer to stop the impulse, and Ben explains that when Constance died he saw his son.

Michael enters the house and calls to Constance. He finds her body and realizes that she killed herself, and breaks into tears. He tries to wake her up, saying that he's sorry. Ben appears to her and explains that Constance doesn't want Michael to see her, and says that he's someone who wants to help. He tells Michael that if he wants to change then he can help him, and think of Michael as his son even.

Ben meets with Michael as his psychoanalysis, and wanted Michael to have all of the simple joys of having a father. They spent time together and Ben wanted to give him everything because he was alive. One day, Tate finds Michael in his room and tells him to stay away from his stuff. Michael calls Tate "father", and Tate insists that he couldn't have created something as monstrous as Michael. Once Tate leaves, Michael breaks into tears and from that day on, Michael turns toward the darkness. He dons the rubber suit and tortures the other ghosts.

One day Ben finds Michael giving Elizabeth Short a "smile". The house sold and a lesbian couple moved in. Michael, wearing the rubber suit, killed them and then knocked Ben away when he tried to interfere. Ben said that the couple were good people, and Michael says that they didn't belong there. The spirits of the two dead women appear, and Ben tells Michael that he's not a killer. Michael incinerates the spirits and drops to his knees, and ben realizes that he never could have helped him and it was foolish to try.

Madison realizes that their new Supreme is pure evil. Vivien appears and says that it won't be easy, and admits that she doesn't know if she and ben are speaking again. Ben says that he never stopped loving him, and Vivien says that she couldn't forgive Ben for needing Michael. Now she's realized that maybe he never had a choice. A baby cries, and Vivien tells Ben that his son needs his father. The couple kiss and Ben goes to see his son. Vivien tells Madison and Behold that Michael is not just an evil warlock but the Antichrist.

Vivien says that she kept away from Michael at first because it was painful. But then strange things happened.

A murder of crows surround the house every day, and the inside of the house heats up. One day three robed figures come and ring the doorbell, Miriam among them. They bow to Michael when he comes downstairs and the leader says that he's Anton LaVey, the Black Pope of the Church of Satan. They followed the signs to the house, and say that it's time to lift the scales from his eyes.

Vivien explains that at first she thought that they were conmen and didn't take them seriously. One day they held a Black Mass.

A girl is sitting in the rain, and Miriam pulls up and offers her a ride. The girl accepts but soon notices the upside-down cross hanging from the rearview mirror. She asks Miriam to let her out, and Miriam injects her with a sedative and explains that it's a lovely night for murder. Miriam takes the girl to the house and kill her, saying that it's all for Michael. Anton pulls out her heart and Miriam takes it to Michael to consume. He does so, smiling, and says that he is with his true father now. It rains blood, and Vivien decides to kill Michael. She goes to Michael's room and sees the mark of the Beast on his neck. Michael sets her on fire.

Vivien says that Tate rescued her and Michael left the house, and Michael is there to destroy the world.

Madison walks out and tells Behold that she is not stopping him from telling the council. Behold says that he wouldn't have fought for Michael if he had known who truly is, and wonders what they do if they can't stop Michael. Madison admits that she doesn't know. They hear crying and go to investigate, and find Violet. Madison talks to her privately and Violet says that she has stated clear of Michael. The witch points out that Tate doesn't seem like a monster, and admits that she's done bad things in her lives. She figures that what happened to Tate is different, and the house used him as a vessel to create something worse. Madison says that any evil inside of Tate went to Michael, and casts a spell to let Violet see the truth. Violet sees Tate on the stairs above, and he steps back. She gets up and calls to Tate, and he runs down the stairs to her. Violet says that Tate saved Vivien, and Tate apologizes for everything.

Madison walks out of the house and in the bedroom, Tate and Violet kiss. Behold figures that Madison is a softie, and she sarcastically says that she just helped two ghosts get laid. The warlock warns that if they don't find a way to stop Michael, there won't be a happily ever after for anyone. Madison looks up at Tate and Vivien in the window and magically closes the gate as she and Behold drive away.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2018

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