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Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me Recap

At a gas station, Mickey leaves his uncle Pat Morel to watch the place while he runs an errand outside. Two masked men, Joey Lane and Wyatt Wilson, prepare to rob the place and Joey insists that Pat won't give them any trouble. Once Mickey is gone, Wyatt goes in, turns off the lights, and grabs Pat. Joey backs the car in and grabs a bag, and Wyatt orders Pat to order the safe. Pat does so and the robbers are surprised to discover $750,000 in thousand-dollar bills there. Pat advises them not to take it, and Wyatt pistol-whips him.

The robbers drive off to a nearby parking garage and Wyatt worries about why there was so much money. Joey figures that he can buy whatever he wants, and Wyatt tells him not to spend it for fear of drawing attention. When Joey says that Wyatt isn't so tough, Wyatt grabs him and slaps him around until Joey reminds him that they're partners. Wyatt reminds him that he's already gone down three times but he's never been arrested and they're going to take it easy. He tells Joey that they'll go to work the next day just like they planned so Mickey and Pat don't suspect them. Joey doesn't see the problem, and Wyatt draws his gun and tells him not to spend the money. Joey agrees and Wyatt says that once they stash the money, they're moving in with Joey's sister Lisa Perlman.

Later, Ray meets Lisa in a club. He knows all about her already, and Lisa explains that Joey is her half-brother and is in trouble. Ray knows about Joey as well and figures that he's a habitual criminal. Lisa says that Joey hangs out with the wrong people like Wyatt, and they moved into her apartment recently. Joey is scared of Wyatt, and Lisa thinks that they made a big score. Ray figures that it was a drug deal because drug dealers horde $1,000 bills, but Lisa doesn't believe it. When Ray says that he can't help her and walks off, Lisa goes after him and says that she's taken care of Joey ever since their mother died. She insists that Joey wouldn't hurt anyone and talks about how Joey made her pick up an injured dog and drive around looking for a pet hospital. Ray tells her that Joey got lucky and agrees to check on the case.

Ray drives to Lisa's apartment and when Wyatt answers the door, says that he's there to pay his respects to Lisa. He pretends to be a punch-drunk boxer, lures Wyatt out, then ducks in and closes the door behind him. Lisa comes out and Ray tells Joey that Wyatt is outside. Wyatt is out on the street yelling up, and smashes Ray's car. Ray goes down and easily takes down Wyatt with some kicks, and says that he can't use his hands because he's a professional fighter. Wyatt, impressed, says that he could use a guy like ray and Ray claims that he could use a job.

Wyatt, Joey, and Ray go to a strip bar and Wyatt greets the customers. Joey tells Ray that Wyatt has respect there, and says that they should get Ray a suit when he's representing them as their "personal security". Wyatt notices that Joey is wearing a $10,000 watch and asks where he got it, and Joey admits that he bought it with his share of the robbery money. When Ray asks about it, Wyatt tells Joey to keep his mouth shut. Joey tells him what happened, and Wyatt slaps him in the head and tells him to shut up. He reminds Joey not to spend the money and Joey takes it off. Ray says that he's house sitting for a doctor who is in Europe and has to go feed his dogs. Wyatt picks up on it and asks how high the house is, and then suggests that they move in with him for "security". Ray intended on them to move out of Lisa's place, and quickly leaves so that Wyatt and Joey can discuss "business".

Later, Ray calls Lisa and says that he's going to work for her. He explains that he got them out of her apartment and explains that they knocked over some mobsters. When Wyatt and Joey come over, Ray slips back into his role and hangs up.

Mickey and his thug grab a man off the street and take him to a fountain, and hold his head underwater. Pat is in the car and Mickey tells the man to spread the word that they won't stop until they get their money back. Later at home, Pat tells Mickey that he wants all of the money back so they can pay off the Colombians. Mickey warns that the Colombians are looking to do some damage and says that they'll get the money back. Pat tells him to also bring him the hand that hit him.

Ray lets Wyatt and Joey into the house and Joey wants to drive the doctor's car. Wyatt irritably tells him that they can't risk it because it'll make Pat suspicious. Ray keeps probing to find out who they robbed, saying he might know them from boxing, and Wyatt tells Ray to go to the gas station with Joey and see if he recognizes Pat. Joey wants to check out the doctor's suits.

The next day, Ray and Lisa go to the gas station. Ray sees Pat and recognizes him, and tells Lisa who he is. Joey isn't there, and Ray warns her that Pat will figure out that Joey is the inside man because he didn't show up for work. He explains that Pat is Pat "The Cat" Morel, the retired head of the West Coast mob, and says that Joey is a walking dead man unless Ray figures something out. As they leave, Mickey arrives and tells Pat that he figures Joey was the inside man and knows where he can find him.

That night, Mickey and his men find Joey outside of Lisa' unloading expensive gifts from his trunk. Joey goes up and finds Lisa, Wyatt, and Ray there, and claims that he got a lunch break and did some shopping. Wyatt isn't impressed, and Ray tells him that Lisa knows that Pat is Pat the Cat. Joey admits that he spent $50,000 in $1,000 bills, and Wyatt says that they'll all wind up dead.

The group comes out with Lisa, and Ray suggests that they leave her there. Joey agrees but Wyatt says that he wants everyone where he can see them. Joey suggests that they go in his new car, and a disgusted Wyatt says that they should head to the house. Ray drives, and Mickey and his men follow them. Lisa tells Joey to give the money back, and Wyatt draws his gun and says that they're not making any more mistakes. Ray pulls over and they argue, and Mickey and his men pull over while a limo follows them from a distance. Mickey shoots Wyatt dead and the men in the limo toss a grenade into Mickey's car, blowing it up. The Colombians get up out and come over, confirms that Mickey and his men are dead, and leaves.

Back at the gas station, Pat's man Jilly says that he's trying to figure out what happened to Mickey. Pat figures that it's the Colombians and they want blood. He agrees to smack the Colombians back, and Pat figures that they're going to be killing each other for a while.

Ray takes Lisa and Joey to the house and Joey talks about how Wyatt said that they were going to score big someday. He wonders who Ray is, poking him, and Ray knocks him down and walks away. Lisa joins Ray outside and Ray tells her that Joey is bad news and there's nothing he can do for him. He warns that Joey can't focus, but Lisa refuses to abandon her brother. They go back inside and Ray tells Joey that he's going to help him for Lisa, not for Joey. He says that he's going to make a deal and turn the heat down on Pat.

The next day, Ray drives to the gas station and Pat agrees to talk to him. Later, Ray goes back to the house and tells Joey and Lisa that says that Pat is willing to forget about Joey's involvement if he gets the money... and the hand that hit him. Since Wyatt is dead, Pat will settle for Joey's hand and wants to chop it off himself. Joey refuses and says that Lisa went to the apartment.

Ray and Joey go to the apartment and find the place torn up and no sign of Lisa. Joey rambles about how he told Wyatt to leave Lisa out of it, and Ray angrily tells him that he didn't and now he's going to do everything he can to get Lisa back. They go to get the money where it's buried, but the bag is empty. Ray figures that Wyatt moved it when he learned that Joey didn't go to work, and Joey wonders where they're going to get the money.

Later, Ray visits a woman, Jinny Temkin. He calls in his favor, asking her to have her son Dave get the money. She worries that Dave could end up in jail, and Ray tells her that it could save someone's life.

The next morning, Dave drives his armored car to a warehouse where Ray is waiting. Dave knows that Ray saved Jinny's life and hands over the keys.

The Colombians pick go to the airport and take off in a helicopter, as the drug lord watches from his limo.

Ray drives the armored car to a wrecking yard and meets Joey. Joey says that he did what Ray said, and Ray tells him to stand beside him and say nothing and he won't lose his hand. They then drive over to where Pat and his men are waiting with Lisa. Pat calls Joey a cockroach, and Ray tells Joey to shut up when he starts to respond. Ray offers half of the money for Lisa and then they'll finish it. Once they make the exchange and Lisa goes to Joey's car, Pat says that he wants the hand. Ray grabs Joey and says that he shook hands on the deal and shoves Joey over.

When Pat's man opens the armored car, the doctor's German Shepherds jump the man. Ray knocks out the thugs on him. The Colombians arrive by helicopter and open fire on everyone. Ray grabs Joey and gets him into the armored car, and the Colombians gun down Pat. As Pat grabs his pistol, Ray opens fire on the helicopter and it crashes.

As Lisa gets out of the car to check on Joey, Pat grabs her and says that he made a deal but Joey reneged. He shoots Lisa dead as Joey and Ray watch.

Later after Lisa's service, Joey comes out and finds Ray waiting for him. Joey says that he had to split and get some time by himself, and Ray says that Lisa was a special person. The police pull up as Joey figures that Ray paid for Lisa's coffin, and says that he turned himself in so he can get his junk together... maybe. Ray asks what Joey sees, and Joey says that he sees nothing before getting into the police car.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2018

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