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Please Recap

Matt sits on the floor in the chapel basement

Fisk sits in prison.

Ray leads an FBI strike team into a house and tells everyone not to move. They arrest the Albanians inside and Ray smiles in satisfaction. Back at the FBI office, everyone congratulates Ray and his co-worker, Wellers, says that it's going to be a messy day for city hall. Ray figures that once they find their money, they'll track down the rest of the operation. Wellers figures that they owe Fisk for his information.

Fisk goes to the exercise room and an inmate comes over and watches for him. He then calls him a snitch, jams the weight bar on his chest, and tries to stab hm. Fisk knocks him to the floor, crushes him with the weights, and then starts to beat his head in with a weight. The would-be killer begs for his life, and Fisk drops the weight on the floor and sits back down on the weight bench. The guards run in and find Fisk sitting quietly.

Maggie approaches the sleeping Matt, wakes him up, and asks where he went the night before. Matt gets up and Maggie tells him to talk to her. She advises him to give himself time to heal, and Matt asks where she became a nun. Maggie says that she heard God's call and it felt like she should be a nun. When she agrees, Matt how she would feel if her calling was taken from her. Maggie says that she wouldn't lose faith and find another purpose, and admits that she would grieve. When she says that she would, Matt tells her to go away. The nun says that she felt loss a long time ago and considered another life. She looked for a sign from God, and at the end she did her best to figure it out on her own. Matt says that he doesn't care what God wants.

As a child, Matt practices his moves with his cane. Lantom finds him and says that it has to stop, and knows that Matt has been in fights. No one complained because no one wanted to admit that a blind kid beat them. Lantom figures that Matt is angry but it's not sustainable. Matt deflects and Lantom knows it, and tells him that he'll have to deal with his anger eventually or it will destroy him. He says that they have free will and make their own choices, and advises Matt to pray sometime. Matt tells him that he's been praying for years and God doesn't talk to him, and Lantom tells him that God is more subtle than that. He advises Matt to listen carefully for God because he speaks in whispers.

Ray is going through the files when Wellers brings him a sub and says that someone is going to run Fisk full-time now that he's given them information. Ray goes to Tammy's office and her superiors Ramsey and Arinori congratulate Ray. Once they leave, Tammy figures that she wants Fisk detail. Ray insists that there's plenty for everyone and points out that he's the one who got Fisk to roll over. Tammy has him shut the door and warns that her boss doesn't trust agents with financial difficulties. Ray figures that once she tells her superiors that he made a personal connection, no one will care. Tammy agrees to give Ray to Fisk but warns that Fisk needs to keep talking or they're both burned.

At the paper, Mitchell meets with Karen and says that a real estate developer and his daughter was attacked outside a restaurant in a kidnapping attempt. He wants Karen to take the story, and she says that she's in the middle of something. Her editor demands details, and Karen shows him a report on respiratory disease around Midland Circle. She figures that there's still a lot of questions to be answered and asks for a couple of days. Mitchell figures that she has something personal going on with Midland and says that the story is over. He warns her not to let the story work her and gives her until the end of the day to wrap up the Midland story.

Ray goes to prison when he hears about the attack. He checks with Fisk and says that they're not playing games. Fisk warns that word is out and everyone knows that he snitched. Ray warns him that it isn't a one-off and Fisk needs to continue delivering actionable information if they want him to help Vanessa. Fisk says that he's a target and he can't help anyone if he's dead.

Matt goes up to the chapel and remembers when he was a child and could hear the parishioners' prayers with his enhanced hearing. Lantom comes over and Matt explains that he used to listen to people's prayers to God. He thought that God let him hear the prayers so he could answer, and that's what he did but he's not what he was. The priest advises him to give it time to adjust, and Matt says that he thought he heard God's voice but it was wrong. All God ever gave anyone was silence, and Matt figures that he was deluding himself. Lantom tells him that might be a good thing to realize and it's time for him to stop, and Matt figures that his delusion was thinking God had anything to do with it. He says that he's Daredevil and not even God can stop that.

Matt talks to a dry cleaner van driver and tries to locate the van that the kidnappers used. The driver says that he knows a place.

Karen goes to the hospital and talks to the developer's daughter, Neda Kazemi. She recognizes Karen as a journalist and says that she doesn't want the story in the papers. Karen warns that reporters will make up things if Neda won't see anything, and Neda describes how she learned that anything she says will get turned into whatever they want. Karen tells her that people claimed that she killer her brother Kevin and knows what Neda is going through, and talks about how everyone in her small town made up a story about what happened. The story stuck and got darker, and it tore Karen's family apart. Neda figures that the truth can't be worse, and Karen says that it might be but at least it's real. The daughter describes how her and her father went to dinner and two men grabbed him, and they got away because another guy attacked them. Neda describes Daredevil and Karen recognizes it.

Ray and Tammy meets with police chief Chris DiMolina and DA Blake Tower. They don't see the point in helping a cop-killer, and Ray agrees with them. However, he points out that they can use Fisk to get the Albanians, who have killed over a hundred men including eight cops. With Fisk's intel they beheaded the Albanian syndicate in one day with no violence, and the cases they interfered with may finally get cleared. Ray points out that NYC is safer because of Fisk, and if they keep him talking then he'll give up others. Tower and DiMolina consider his suggestion.

Foggy goes to Nelson's Meats, greets his nieces and nephews, braces himself, and then goes in to where the family is meeting. His aunt Anna hugs him and says that his father Edward is getting worse every day as he gets older. She suggests that it's time for Foggy to come home because his brother Theo can't do it alone. Foggy agrees to consider it and goes over to talk to Edward. Edward says that he's proud of him and Foggy always wanted to be a big deal.

At the prison, Ray attaches a monitor bracelet to Fisk's ankle and the FBI agents lead him away.

Matt finds the delivery van and recognizes the smell from the other night. He goes into the dry cleaner store and asks the clerk if they have a flyer for his friend. The clerk gives him a coupon and Matt touches his hand and realizes that the clerk is missing a finger like one of the kidnappers that he fought.

Donning his costume, Daredevil comes in the back and finds where the kidnappers were going to hold Kazemi and the drugs they were going to knock him out with. He turns off the lights and takes out the kidnappers when they come to investigate. Daredevil manages to take them both out, ties them up, and then calls the police and anonymously tips them off.

At Nelson Meats, Foggy thanks Theo for taking over the shop. Theo says that their parents wanted it to be Foggy and so did he, but Foggy was the one getting the scholarships and prizes. He tells Foggy to do what he has to and he's living the dream, and Foggy wonders if he is. Foggy talks about how he and Matt were going to open their own firm, help people, and get rich. Without Matt, Foggy doesn't know who he is. The two brothers share a toast to Matt's memory and Theo jokingly suggests that Foggy come back there.

Karen arrives and tells Foggy that she thinks Matt is alive. They talk privately and Karen tells him what Neda said. Foggy isn't convinced and says that they need to get past Matt being dead, and figures that if Matt was really still alive then he would have reached out to them. Karen points out that Foggy keeps saying "gone" instead of "dead", but Foggy insists that his best friend is dead. Disgusted, Karen walks out.

Daredevil goes to the hospital and tells Neda that her father is in the coma. Neda wonders why he helped him, and he says that the kidnappers are in custody for another crime and she can identify them as the kidnappers. She thanks God for Daredevil, and he says that he helped her, not God.

The FBI transfer Fisk and Ray spells out the terms of his deal. Fisk talks about how his life and how he longed for a connection that he imagined but couldn't achieve... until Vanessa. He discovered the great lie at the heart of love: that it was an inescapable prison. Fisk tells Ray that he is always in prison no matter where he goes, and he will do whatever he has to to protect Vanessa.

Explosions go off around the transport vehicles. When Fisk wakes up, he calls to the unconscious Ray. Gunshots echo outside, and Fisk manages to break his manacles loose and crawls outside. The FBI agents outside are returning fire but go down once at a time. The attackers move in to see if Fisk is dead. They cut their way in with a saw, but then someone picks them off with a pistol one at a time. He shoots through windshields and cover, killing each Albanian with one shot. When two Albanians try to surrender, the shooter kills them. When he runs out of ammo, he kills the last two with thrown knives.

Fisk gets out of the vehicle, hands up, and the FBI agent--Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter--trains a gun on him and tells him not to move.

Matt goes to the hospital as the police take the kidnappers out. He hears the neon sign of a nearby eyeglass shop and concentrates. The police arrive and Matt hears them talking about the assault on Fisk.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2018

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