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The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak Recap

Jennifer comes downstairs for prom and Jeff takes pictures. Khalil arrives and darts her entire family, and then says that they need to talk. Jennifer attacks him and they fight, and she finally blasts him back with some of her energy. Khalil recovers and grabs her by the throat, and Jennifer breaks his grip, knocks him into the bedroom, and blasts him out the window.

In her mental hair salon, Perenna tells Jennifer to know her power. Jennifer gets control and puts the power into her gold box, As she does so, she relives Khalil being shot. They come out of the mindscape and Perenna tells Jennifer that she's making progress and asks who Khalil is.

Tobias sits in an interrogation room, and points out to Bill that he hasn't changed in two days. Bill asks why he never seems to age, and Tobias sarcastically responds. The inspector asks where he was on the night of the murders, and Tobias claims that he knew nothing about them. Bill notes that the DNA evidence in Alvin's case disappeared at the same time and Summers, who had access to the locker room, was burned up. He tells Tobias that he forgot something and won't get away with it.

Bill goes out and talks to Ms. Montez, and says that Tobias plotted the whole thing. Montez says that she needs evidence and gives Bill 48 hours to find it.

Peter shows Jeff the video of Anissa taking the money and explains that she turned it over to Holt. Jeff is furious that Peter didn't come to him, and Peter says that if he had done so then he would have lost Anissa's trust. He tells Jeff that what he does is up to Jeff.

At home, Jeff confronts Anissa and says that she made the clinic a target. She insists that the mob has other plans, but Jeff insists that they abide by the rules. Anissa says that she has her own rules, and Jeff tells her that as long as she's under his roof the she follows his rules. His daughter tells him that she'll be out by morning and walks away.

Jennifer learns that Anissa is leaving and goes to her room to see her. They hug and Anissa explains that she can't let Jeff think he can control her. Jennifer says that she doesn’t know how she'll get through what's happening to her if Anissa leaves. Khalil sends a text, and Anissa sees it and tells Jennifer that she has to shut it down. Jennifer agrees that Khalil isn't the answer for what she's going through, and Anissa tells her that she'll always be there for her.

The next morning in bed, Jeff worries that Anissa is on a path leading to blood. Lynn points out that he got close to the edge when he first started being a vigilante. Jeff apologizes to her for having to go through it all and had to pull the trigger. She says that it was a live-or-die situation and she's come to terms with it. Someone calls Jeff with information.

Jeff goes the police station and talks to Bill. Bill tells him that all of the evidence against Tobias is gone and Jeff asks Bill to put him on the stand. Jeff says that he was there and can testify that Tobias killed Alvin, and explains that Peter didn't let him say anything to keep him safe. Bill points out that Jeff put him in a bad position as a deputy chief and as a friend, and tells Jeff to leave.

At the tailor shop, Peter is working on a suit when a light lickers an alarm. He goes to check on Kara, who is strapped to a gurney. Peter tells her that the straps are for her own protection, and whatever she was shot with went straight through. Kara says that Tobias shot her with a harpoon, and Peter tells her to make her peace. She figures that Peter is trying to play her, and Peter says that he's had time to atone and Kara should tell him what she knows. Kara refuses and Peter injects morphine into her IV for the pain.

In the classroom, Jeff hears students fighting in the hallway. He goes out in the hallway and breaks up the two teenagers fighting. Jeff says that they don't settle things with their fists, and has them shake hands and squash the bef. As they do, Lowry comes up with a security guard and ignores Jeff saying that it's settled. Lowry expels one student and suspends the others. Jeff tells the principal that he made a mistake, but Lowry says that the school has a zero-tolerance policy and Jeff can leave if he can't enforce the school rules.

Lowry goes back to his office and Jeff follows him and tells him to never talk to him like that again. The principal tells him to go, and Jeff says that he's only there to give Lowry coverage. Lowry says that Jeff is covering for the board, not him, and promises that no student will be harmed on his watch. Jeff tells him that if he expels the student then he'll become someone to be feared. Lowry insists that they have zero tolerance and Jeff walks out.

Anissa goes to the shop and asks Peter if she can crash there. He agrees but says that he'll have to let her parents know that she's there, and Anissa agrees.

Lynn finds Jace checking a pod subject's. He comes to life and the temperature in the pod drops. The boys dies, and Jace says that the subject's death was inevitable. Lynn insists that the boy, Sean, could have been saved, but Jae tells her that now they have more data and leaves.

Jeff returns home and asks Jennifer how it went with Perenna. Jennifer ignores him at first, and then complains that Jeff threw Anissa out. She sarcastically says that he's perfect and walks out.

Tobias meets with Conners and his lawyer, and the lawyer puts on headphones so he can't hear what they're discussing. Conners tells him that some woman stole powers from them, and they want permission from Tobias to kill her. Tobias agrees but says that he wants facial and body recognition monitors set up outside the clinic in case Black Lightning shows up. Conners readily agrees.

Jennifer is on the room and gets an email from Khalil asking if she's going to avoid him forever. She loses control of her powers and they short out her laptop.

Downstairs a few minutes later, Lynn tells Jeff that she lost another kid. She says that Jennifer shorted out another computer, and Jeff tells Lynn that he wants to take Garfield back. Lynn advises Jeff to take it back if that's what he wants to do. Anissa comes in and asks to talk to Jeff privately. Once Lynn leaves, Anissa says that Peter thinks someone is going to attack the clinic and she needs his help. Jeff hugs her and they go.

At the shop, Jeff calls Bill but he can't get them to shut down the clinic. Zlovac has transferred $50,000 from one of his business accounts to a shell company to pay for a hired gun. Peter highlights the entrances to the clinic and figures that the attacker will us an explosive and someone will have to bring it in.

Jace autopsies Sean's corpse and Lynn enters the room. She tells Jace to run some simulations, and says that they're all going to die. Jace is amused by Lynn's optimism, and asks where the samples of sable human DNA came from. She points out that they must be related and suggests that meta powers might be inherited. Lynn tells her to focus on the simulations, but Jace talks about how the ASA could experiment on a family of metas.

Black Lightning and Thunder watch the clinic from a rooftop, and Thunder insists that they fight for the people and she doesn't consider what she did as stealing. Black Thunder asks his daughter if she wants to move into Alvin's old house. A woman walks out a few minutes after going in "pregnant", and Peer tells them to go after the bomb while he takes care of the woman.

Peter draws a gun on the woman, and she attacks him with considerable skill.

Thunder evacuates the clinic while Black Lightning looks for the bomb. He finds it in behind a garbage can and defuses it, and Thunder finds another one in the nursery and absorbs the blast with her body.

The woman knocks Pete away, takes a scooter from a passing man, and drives off.

Black Lightning and Thunder walk out.

The next day, Jeff meets with Bill and Mendez. Mendez points out that there's no mention in the file of him testifying as a child, and she warns that the jury won't believe Jeff once the defense attorney points out that he lied earlier. She describes the approach the defense attorney would take, provoking Jeff into losing his temper. Mendez says that the only thing that helps them make a case is proof.

Jeff meets with Peter, who says that he destroyed anything that could link Jeff to the crime scene. When he realizes that Tobias will be free, Jeff says that he can't accept. Peter promises that he won't ever give up trying to find something.

Later at home, Jeff calls Jennifer down. He and Lynn tell Jennifer that it's not safe for her to go back to Garfield and they're going to home-school her. Jeff points out that she still can't control her powers and the government is looking for metas. Jennifer walks off, disgusted.

Peter goes back to the room and finds Kara on the floor. When he checks on her, she tries to attack him and he manages to subdue her. Kara realizes that she's dying and says that she didn't know that Proctor was bent. Peter asks her to find Proctor's case, and Kara asks him to burn her body rather than put her in the ground. The tailor promises that he will, and Kara mutters Tobias' name. Peter wonders if Tobias knows how to use what's in the case, and Kara gives him a cell phone and then dies.

Tobias leaves jail and says that he's going to become an active member of society and a pillar of the community. Jeff watches as Tobias says that he hopes the police find Alvin's killer and can give Jeff some peace. As he watches, Jeff's powers flare briefly out of control.

After sneaking out, Jennifer sits in the hallway at school and Khalil arrives in response to her text. He sits down next to her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2018

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