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Sojourn Recap

Michael walks up to the charred corpses of Baldwin, Ariel, and Miriam, and senses how they died. He screams in fury and anguish, and Cordelia appears and tells him that it's over. She says that they know who he is and his allies are dead, and Michael tells her that he'll bring Miriam back and then they'll kill the coven. Cordelia says that she's hidden Miriam's soul and he'll never find it, and he's alone. Michael insists that he has his father, and Cordelia asks him why he let it happen. She tells Michael that he can write his own destiny and come with her to find it. Cordelia offers her hand, and Michael takes it and pulls himself up. He tells her that he will find a way to bring Miriam back and then kill the entire coven, and walks off.

In the forest, Michael walks until he comes to a clearing. He draws a circle in the dirt and asks Satan what he should do. Michael sits down in the circle, waiting for Satan to respond.

Four Days Later

Michael kneels in the circle and hallucinates children offering him food and pop. They tell him to come to the light, and Miriam appears, saying that he left her to burn. Anton appears and says that Michael is everything that they expected, and Michael grabs him by the throat. He transforms into an angel and tells Michael that God loves him, and then transforms into a goat. Michael kills the goat and rips out its horns, and snakes emerge from the wounds. Screaming, Michael yells to the sky, asking what he should do.

Later, Michael staggers through the city and comes to an alley marked with an upside down cross. He walks down the alley and comes to a man before a door. The man asks if Michael is lost, and then lets him into the building. Inside, Michael hears a congregation chanting. Hannah is addressing her Satanic followers, saying that the end-times won't come on their own and they are weak. Michael sits down in the back as Hannah tells the worshippers that she needs to hear some sins so she knows that they're ushering Satan in. The congregation recite their sins but Hannah isn't impressed. She tells them that a nursing home and gave the money to the NA, and says that she needs to feel repulsion when they come back to her with their sins in a weak.

A woman, Madelyn, offers Michael an offering plate, and he says that doesn't have any money. Madelyn offers to fix him some food after the service, and admits that she's not as perfect as Hannah would like.

At her home, Madelyn gives Michael some soup. He eats and she says that many young people come to their Church of Satan desperate for answers. Michael says that his father has abandoned him and his mother tried to kill him, and Madelyn tells him that humanity is shit and Satanism is the religion of the future. Madelyn insists that they need younger people to spread the word of Satan and Satanism is about giving into one's urges and embracing their true nature. She says that she sold her soul to the Devil and he gave her everything that she wanted. Michael looks around the threadbare apartment but Madelyn insists that she has heroin, Brad Pitts, Ryan Reynolds, and a La-Z-Boy. Satan is coming and they have to make things terrible enough for his spawn to rise and plunge them into darkness. Michael tells her that she's waiting in vain and he's the one she's waiting for. Madelyn puts a knife to his throat, and Michael tells her to see him for what he really is. She sees the mark of the beast on his neck, and Madelyn drops to her knees and praises Satan.

Later, Madelyn takes Michael back to the church. Hannah is busy cursing Satan and everyone applauds. Her followers bring out the human sacrifices Leticia and Theodore, explains how they're good people, and lets the new member Phil perform the sacrifice. First Hannah has Phil describe how he lost his girlfriend and his life turned to shit, and he turned to Satan. Madelyn comes in and says that the honor belongs to Michael and explains that he's Satan's son and the end-times are upon them. Michael shows the Mark to Hannah and says that he is the one, and everyone praises him. Hannah gives Michael the sacrificial knife, and Michael kills the two sacrifices' throats with one cut.

Afterward, Madelyn and the church serve Michael their food and hover over him. Michael tells them to enjoy their potluck dinner like always, and Madelyn orders everyone back to their seats. She asks Michael what happens next on the global annihilation front, and Michael tells her that he's not sure. He admit that he doesn't know where to begin, and complains that no one gave him an instruction manual and Miriam is gone. Madelyn says that there are some people that he needs to see, and tells him that he can't bury himself in doubt. She finds Miriam via a private search engine and says that they'll pick her up, and Michael tells Madelyn that Miriam is dead. Madelyn says that they can work around that, and assures him that there is nothing he cannot have.

The next day, Madelyn drives Michael along the coast. She says that they're a secret network of people who sold their souls, and is she is taking them to the highest-ranking member. They arrive at Kineros Robotics and Madelyn says that they're only interested in him, not her. Michael wonders why she's so good to him, and Madelyn says that they've waited for her their entire lives. She asks Michael to put in a good word for her with Satan so she burns in blistering fire, and Michael says that he'll see what he can do.

Inside the building, designers Mutt and Jeff are creating an android arm for masturbation purposes. It goes out of control, and they work on the problem. Mutt calls Wilhelmina on the intercom and asks if it's arrived, and she says that it just came in. An assistant brings her the package and apologizes for the accident that delayed it, and Wilhelmina fires her. Once the assistant leaves, Wilhelmina takes the package to the designers.

Jeff is playing easy-listening rock when Wilhelmina comes in with the package contents: a bowl of cocaine. Mutt and Jeff snip it up with ladles, and Wilhelmina says that everything that they've asked for is on track. She tells them that there's a man there to see them and claims to have arranged a meeting with them himself. Mutt tells Wilhelmina to see their visitor to their private elevator

Michael enters the lab and the designers say that Madelyn has talked Michael up. When they mock his name, Michael starts to leave and the designers hastily say that they believe him. They asks for proof that he's the Antichrist, and Michael shows them the Mark. The call girl with them says that she can feel the darkness, and she spontaneously combusts. Mutt and Jeff bow to Michael, who smiles in satisfaction.

Outside, Mutt and Jeff talk about how they sold their souls to Satan and now they own a robotic company worth billions. They ask how they can help Michael, and he tells them to bring Miriam back. Mutt and Jeff tell him that Michael came to the right place and have Michael tell them everything he can remember.

Once they have information, Mutt says that they have to give Michael more. They decide to make her Mossad, create the android, and present it to Michael. Mutt advises Michael not tell her that she's an android or she might go on a murderous rampage. He says that it will take time for the android to build a rapport with Michael. Miriam wakes up and looks around, gets up, and tells Michael that she's missed him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2018

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