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Fire and Reign Recap

Jeff programs the android hand to shoot a gun. Mutt comes in and Jeff complains about recent delays. He rants about how people are becoming stupid and everything needs to end because nothing works. Mutt figures that it's about Michael, and Jeff says that Michael said he didn't know what he's supposed to do. He insists that the world is a raging clusterfuck and they need to burn it down and start over again.

Wilhelmina comes in and reminds them about the Cooperative meeting. She then says that they promised to give her more agency and asks what the Cooperative is, and if Michael is a member. Wilhelmina asks if there's a part she can play, and Jeff tells her that it's not her domain. The woman reminds them that she's given them everything she has, and Mutt tells her to look in a mirror. She says that she's done there and walks out, and Jeff says that Wilhelmina gave him an idea through their Antichrist issues.

At the school, Mallory attempts to bring a dead bird back to life and fails. Cordelia and Myrtle come in and Cordelia tells Mallory that she's pushing too hard. Mallory worries that they don't have time since Michael said that he's coming to kill them, but Cordelia insists that they're fine as long as they stay there since she's put a protective shield around the house.

Zoe teaches the students about how to set traps to keep Michael from getting them, while queenie hands out mantras. Dinah comes to the front door and casts a spell to breach Cordelia's barrier. Michael and Miriam walk through the door and enter the room, and Michael tells them that their mantra is bullshit. Bubbles tells him up his, and Michael says that he has deaths to avenge. Zoe and Queenie magically throw the trap crystals at him, and Michael throws it back, killing the student witches. Miriam walks in and removes her hand, revealing a gun. She kills Zoe, and Cordelia, Myrtle, and Mallory hear the gunshots.

Queenie cuts her throat, using her power to cut Miriam's throat. Miriam kills her as well.

Cordelia tells Mallory that they have to keep her safe and she's not ready.

Michael tells Dinah that they're good and he'll put in a word with his father about her show. He and Miriam go upstairs and enter the room, and discover that Cordelia and the others have escaped via the windows.

Back at their home, Michael tells Miriam that they failed. Miriam insists that it's still a victory, and suggests that they need to destroy the world with something other than magic. Mutt and Jeff watch the conversation via hidden camera that they planted in Miriam eye. Jeff has Miriam say that he should destroy the world, and Michael suggests that he run for President. Miriam says that could be problematic given how young he is, and Jeff has her say that it sounds like the plot of The Omen 3. Mutt takes over and has Miriam suggests that he talk to the people that brought her back. Michael agrees, and Jeff and Mutt high-five each other.

Later, Jeff and Mutt give Michael a list of 100 members of the Cooperative, and explain that it's really the Illuminati. They say that the Cooperative runs the world and all of them have sold their soul to Satan so they work for Michael, and they're his arm. The two men say that math is more powerful than magic by getting the world's population to follow bad impulses. They assure Michael that he will rule for a thousand years, and Michael agrees to follow their lead. Mutt explains that Dead Hand is a Russian nuclear defense system set up for mutually assured destruction. They only need three people I the right place to press the right buttons. Michael is on board once Mutt and Jeff tell him that it will kill the witches.

At Misty's cabin the swamp, Cordelia, Myrtle and Mallory meet with Coco and Madison while Misty is out with Stevie. Cordelia astrally projects to the school and sees the corpses of her students. She cries over Zoe, and then Zoe's body disappears when Cordelia tries to resurrect them. Queenie's body disappears when she tries to bring the girl back to life. Cordelia returns to her body and tells the others that she couldn't feel their souls. Madison explains that they learned at the Murder House that Michael could destroy souls. Cordelia slaps Madison and says that she put all of them in danger. Myrtle warns that they can't turn on each other now, and says that there might be something they can do as she looks at Mallory.

Myrtle gets out a book and says that there is a legendary spell called tempus infinitum that they don't teach it because there's never been a confirmed case of a witch having it. A witch with such a power can travel through time and alter events. Myrtle points out that Mallory reversed time to save the deer, but warns that the tales of all of them that tried end in death.

The witches prepare the spell and Myrtle talks about the history of the world changed in Siberia in February 1918.


Anastasia wakes up to hear Nicholas talking in the next room. She gets out of her bed and finds Nicholas in the hallway talking to several soldiers. She goes over and Nicholas tells his daughter that they want them to go to the basement because there's fighting nearby. Anastasia goes to get her sisters, waking them up and telling them to prepare. The soldiers arrive and their leader, Yurovsky, says that Nicholas and his daughters must die. Anastasia casts a protective spell, but it fails and Yurovsky and his men kill them all


Myrtle and Cordelia want Mallory to go back and assure Anastasia's survival, as it will provide a test of her powers without warning Michael. She agrees and they cast the spell. Mallory slips beneath the waters of the bath she's submerged in and the lights go out.

Anastasia is trying to cast the spell, when Mallory appears and says that she can't do it alone. They join forces to cast the spell and stop the bullets, but then the power fades and the soldiers gun down Nicholas and kill Mallory.

Mallory wakes up in the tub and says that she has to go back. Cordelia assures her that she's safe. Later, Cordelia tells Mallory that their powers are tied as long as she's alive. She tells Myrtle that her mother never thought beyond her own selfish desires, and now Cordelia isn't ready to let go. Cordelia asks Myrtle if she would tell her if she was like Fiona, and Myrtle assures her that if she can ask the questions then she's nothing like Fiona. Crying, Cordelia says that they must invoke the Sacred Taking and let her powers pour into Mallory. Myrtle insists that the coven needs Cordelia, but Cordelia points out that there is no coven. Undeterred, the older witch says that they just need to buy time.

Cordelia and Myrtle return to the warlocks' school to ask them for help slowing Michael down and giving Mallory time to develop her powers. They enter the central chamber and find no warlocks there. Looking further, the witches find the corpses of Behold and the others laid out in a bloody pentagram.

Wilhelmina is packing her things, and Jeff and Mutt refuse to accept her resignation. They explain that the planet is ending in the next year or two. Wilhelmina wonders why they know about it, and they tell her to take a seat while they explain about the Cooperative and their plan to build Outposts for the "right" people so they can ride out the coming end-times. The Cooperative needs someone in charge, and Jeff and Mutt figure that Wilhelmina would make a great administrator. Wilhelmina seizes on the fact that she'd get to set her own rules.

Michael and Miriam go to meet the Cooperative, and Michael admits that he's nervous. Miriam tells him that he's on the brink of fulfilling his destiny and they're all waiting for Michael to show them the way. They enter the central chamber and Michael tells them that he is the Antichrist. Michael says that the world is at a crossroads and no longer sustainable, and it's time for the apocalypse. He reminds them that Satan owns them and therefore Michael owns them, while Miriam hands out guides. Michael assures the Cooperate that they will be safe in luxury fallout shelters across the world, and with an admission price of $100 million only the worthy will be admitted.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2018

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