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Together Recap

Adamson is making a meal when he gets a call from a doctor. She says that they're having difficulties with the patient but they understand the importance. Adamson puts his remote detonator on the counter next to him and says that he'll be seeing her shortly, hangs up, and goes back to making an omelet from a blood-filled egg.

Dick, Kory, Rachel, and Gar drive to a mote after Dick trades in his Porsche for a mini-van so they can all fit. He points out that the motel rooms are easily defensible and the owner, Sheila, says that there are plenty of rooms. She tells Dick where he can get food, and

After they get pizza, the group meets in one room and Dick says that they need to figure out what is mission-critical. He points out that they share a common enemy and suggests that they have an alliance with the goal to stay alive. Rachel tells Gar that they want her alive and Dick says that they need to learn each other's moves and coordinate.

Dick finds a barn and says that they need to see what each of them can do. He calls on Kory, who says that she can absorb power from the sun and direct it. Dick has her fire a blast at a tractor, and Kory melts a hole in it. Gar explains that he has to be naked to transform and asks them all to turn around. Once they do, Gar ducks behind a hay bale and then transforms into a tiger. Dick tells him to turn back, and Gar transforms into his naked human self. When they point out that he's naked, he gets his clothes, dresses, and assures Dick that he hasn't even eaten anyone before.

Rachel refuses to unleash her power, warning that she could hurt one of them. Dick tells her not to be afraid of a part of her, and assures her that she can do it. Rachel concentrates and unleashes her soul self. When it threatens to go berserk, Kory blasts it and the entity reenters her. She tells them to stay back until she has it under control, and says that she's fine and just needs a little more practice. Gar asks Dick what he can

In Lynwood, IL, Adamson arrives at the Agnews Asylum and asks the doctor what the delay is. She says that they accelerated the process and the subject showed a higher mortality rate. Adamson isn't interested in excuses, and goes to the doctor's office. Nuclear Stepdad is strapped to a chair and Adamson and the doctor watch him on a monitor. The doctor assures Adamson that the subject will be ready and can meet his new family.

Later, a taxi takes Stepdad to the Family's home. Mother turns over the photo showing the old Father and they greet him. He tells his new family that they'll do it right this time, and go out and find Dick's Porsche at a used car lot. The salesman, Gerald, says that he got Dick into something bigger, and the Family ask for information about the mini-van and where they're going. Brother and Sister grab tools and Mother tells Gerald that he knows what they want. Once they're done, Sister cleans the blood off of Sister's collar and Stepdad hands out syringes to inject themselves with.

At the motel, Rachel joins Gar outside. She assures him that she is okay, and asks if his transformation hurts. Gar has her close her eyes and imagine what he feels when he transforms as he describes it. Dick and Kory watch and Dick wonders if they're okay. He wonders what the Family is after, and Kory figures that it has something to do with the prophecy that she found. Kory says that Gar and Rachel will have to fight for themselves, and part of Dick feels bad for training them as weapons because they can't see the world their old way. She asks about his training, and Dick says that it was getting out of hand and he had to walk away. He refuses to talk about it further, and Kory says that Dick is afraid to let people know who he is. She suggests that they figure it out together, and Dick goes inside.

Later, Rachel is watching TV in her room and then imagines her dark half in the mirror, saying that all of her friends are going to die. When she tells Dick, he takes the mirror down and turns it facing the wall. He says that he doesn't need an explanation as long as it bothers her, and assures Rachel that he thinks she can control her powers. Rachel tells him that he needs to show them what he can do, and Dick tells her to get some rest.

Gar sits in his room and plays a video game.

Kory goes to the liquor store and asks the clerk for recommendation, and then buys tequila. She then goes to Dick's room and knocks on the door. He lets her in and Kory says that they need to talk. She pours drinks and says that she's going to find Dick what he's hiding by getting him drunk. Dick tells her that he's not hiding anything, but Kory doesn't believe him and says that she needs to see his moves. Once they share a drink, they look at each for a minute and then kiss and end up on the bed having sex.

Afterward, Kory tells Dick that if he'd like to talk about more than the sex, he's welcome to do so. Dick says that he'll do one last check of the perimeter and then turn in for the night, and Kory goes to her room. Sheila comes to Dick's room with a bottle of wine and says that the company is on the house. He says that he's late, and Sheila reluctantly leaves.

Dick hears something outside and looks outside, and sees the ice bucket on the floor. The lights go out, and Stepdad and Mother attack him. Dick fends off their attacks.

Kory knocks at Rachel's door. As Rachel looks out the peephole, Brother attacks Kory with a baseball bat. Gar arrives and runs into Rachel's room to make sure that she's okay as Sister joins in the fight.

Mother and Stepdad continue their attack, and Dick fends them off with his case. Stepdad knocks Dick out the window onto a car below, and Stepdad tells Mother to check on the kids.

Kory manages to knock the two kids down, but they calmly get up and renew their attack. She renews her attack, knocking them down the stairs, and gets to the parking lot where Rachel and Gar are waiting. The Family closes in on them, and Kory summons her power. However, it's night and she's unable to summon her powers. Stepdad knocks her aside with a car door that he rips off, and a gas grenade goes off. Dick yanks Stepdad back with a line, then charges out in his Robin costume and takes on the other three Family members. Gar transforms into a tiger as Robin throws a knife into Mother's eye. She calmly pulls it out and Stepdad snaps Robin's staff. He takes them down as the tiger Gar rips into Brother. Rachel attacks Sister with her soul self and knocks her away, and Robin finishes off Mother.

The Family get up to attack, but then surrender. Dick takes them into his room and demands to know why they want Rachel. Mother says that they're supposed to deliver Rachel to their employer, and say that it would be better for everyone if she came with them. When Dick asks who their employer is, they say that they can't tell. Kory is ready to get more physical, but Dick tells her that the Family is brainwashed. He checks their car and finds Adamson listed on their GPS tracker. Rachel comes out and Dick tells her that he was planning on leaving Robin behind in Detroit because when he puts on the mask he becomes someone who likes hurting people. The girl says that she knows the feeling, and Gar joins them and asks if they're going to see Batman. Dick prepares to drive off to trace Adamson. Kory joins them and Dick tells her no killing. He promises Rachel that he's coming back and drives off.

The next day in Chicago, Dick arrives at Adamson's apartment building. The elderly woman is still in the lobby, tending to the bonsai tree. Dick goes to the elevator and waits for it to come down, and the elderly woman offers him butterscotch. Once Dick takes it, she walks away.

Adamson watches Dick on a surveillance camera and triggers his remote.

Red lights glow in the Family's foreheads, and they realize that they're in trouble. Mother says that time is up. When Kory comes back in, she discovers that their heads are blown off and figures that Dick will blame her.

Dick reaches the penthouse and finds Adamson in the kitchen pouring himself a drink. Adamson says that the organization is sending people to kill them and they have one minute, and the elderly woman knows that Dick is there. Dick asks if Rachel's father is looking for her, and Adamson just smiles and counts down the final seconds. Gunmen come in and open fire, and Dick fights them with the kitchen utensils. More men arrive and overwhelm Dick, and a gas grenade goes off and a figure takes out the gunmen. Once they're all done, the figure says that he's the new Robin.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2018

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