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Perditus Recap

Gloria collects Charlotte's body and says that her killer stabbed her at least 15 times with a sharp blade. Dwight figures that it was personal, and Audrey repeats what Charlotte said about Croatoan being her husband. She walks off and Nathan goes after her to give her a hug. He says that he's there if she needs him, and Audrey says that he should check on Dwight.Gloria says that Dwight took off and figures that he's after Croatoan.

Dave and Vince try to calculate how many people Croatoan has affected. Dwight comes in and demands everything they have on Charlotte, and says that he's going to find the killer. Vince wonders will happen to the new Barn, but Dwight wants Croatoan. Audrey comes in and says that they're going to find Croatoan together and Dave is going to help them by having another vision.

In North Carolina, Duke asks the Stranger who he really is, and the Stranger says that's the wrong question. He asks Duke what he really wants to know, and he asks what is wrong with him. The Stranger says that there's nothing with him and he's who he was always meant to be. He explains that Crockers are Trouble collectors, and the Roanoke colonists were Troubled. They attracted the attention of Croatoan, but he wasn't strong enough to escape the Void. Croatoan turned a young Powhatan man into the first Crocker, That man collected the Troubles for Croatoan by killing every colonist.

Nathan is going through a journal in Charlotte's office when Vince comes in. He explains that he wants to help and Nathan says that Charlotte told him she had a way to cure everyone. Her roller bag isn't there, and Nathan figures that Charlotte may have hidden it. Vince wishes that they could talk to Charlotte one last time, and Nathan gets an idea.

At the Fortuna shop, Lainey tells Nathan that her sister Ona can talk to the dead because of her new Trouble. She explains that after Herb died, Ona came to Lainey and said that Herb forgave her for a car accident where his arm was injured. Lainey finally tells Nathan that Ona is squatting at the police station.

Dwight and Audrey try to get Dave drunk, but it doesn't work. She figures that he's blocking the visions, and Dave says that he can feel Croatoan's anger. Dwight steps out, angry, and Audrey explains that Croatoan is related to her. She's desperate to find Charlotte's killer before anyone else is killed, and asks Dave to be strong for her. He says that he'll try and takes a drink.

Nathan meets Ona at the station and she calls on Charlotte's spirit. The candles flicker and Ona mutters the name Perditus. After a moment she tells Nathan that Charlotte has already crossed over and she can't reach her. He assures her that he won't bust her for squatting, and a man come over and introduces himself as Herb. Nathan notices a large scar on Herb's arm, and he says it came from an old car accident. Once Herb leaves, Nathan realizes that he's Lainey's husband. Ona finally admits that her Trouble lets her bring people back from the dead. She's brought back all of the other squatters

Dave has a vision of Charlotte putting the aether fragments in her bag, and then Croatoan attacking Charlotte. Croatoan knows Dave is watching and taunts him, making him see Charlotte's corpse. When Dave wakes up, he tells Dwight and Audrey what he saw. Nathan comes in and says that they can bring Charlotte back.

The Stranger starts to walk away. When Duke tries to stop him, the Stranger touches his head and there's a burst of golden light. Duke has a vision of standing in Haven, surrounded by devastation. Storm clouds are rolling overhead, and Duke starts walking.

Audrey worries about using an unidentified Trouble to bring Charlotte back. Nathan agrees with her, but says that they need to take the risk so that Charlotte can end the Troubles. Dwight goes to get Charlotte's body, and Audrey figures that it sounds too good to be true. She gives Nathan the aether core and asks him to hide it where no one can find it: even her.

Dwight finds Gloria and she wonders if he's sure he wants to bring Charlotte back. He says that he's lost so much else to the Troubles, and hopes that for once they can do some good. Dwight picks up Charlotte's body and takes it to the police station. Ona concentrates and Charlotte comes back to life. They tell her what happened and Charlotte says that the last thing she remembers is starting Audrey's training with the aether. They talk to Ona privately, and she warns that it takes time for the resurrected to remember everything. She tells them to be patient.

Charlotte gets dressed and has a vision of fighting back against Croatoan, and then dying in Audrey's arms. Meanwhile, Ona tells Audrey to talk to Charlotte and remind her who she is. They go to the office and discover that Charlotte has fled.

In his vision, Duke sees one of the crabs and finds Vickie drawing on the sidewalk. She says that she has to put everything back the way it was, but it never works. Duke wonders Nathan and Audrey are, and Vickie says that they're dead like everyone else. She says that she can take Duke to Vince, and leads him away.

Audrey calls Nathan and tells him what happened. Nathan assures Dwight that they'll find Charlotte and goes to the lab to find her. Once Dwight leaves, Nathan confirms that he hid the core. Audrey plans to talk to Lainey and see if her Tarot Trouble can help them out.

Vince comes back and finds Dave loading up weapons and the aether detector. Dave says that he's going to find the vial of aether and then track down Croatoan. Vince warns against it, but Dave figures that he can't hide from Croatoan. He'd rather die facing his death than cower in a corner, and Vince insists on coming with him.

Audrey goes to the occult shop and finds Herb... eating a dead Lainey. He advances on Audrey and she shoots him, but he doesn't drop. Audrey drives him back with a chair and locks him in a closet, and then calls Nathan to say that they have to find Charlotte before she transforms into a monster. She goes to the police station and tells Ona what happened, and Ona admits that she and Herb loved each other. His death activated her Trouble, and figures that there's a way to stop the others. Ona says that they went to see their family, and goes to get the addresses. Nathan checks the Crocker journal and finds a reference to Ona's Trouble. The woman a Crocker fought turned after she remembered how she died, and they realize that questioning Charlotte about her death will turn her. After they turn, they go after the people who remind them of what they lost... and Charlotte will go after Audrey and Dwight.

Dwight finds Charlotte at the spot where she first shot him. She says that she regrets pretending to be a CDC agent and then shooting him, and Dwight asks what happened. Charlotte says that she died and if Dwight had been there then he would have died as well. He says that Croatoan was her killer, and Charlotte insists that it isn't possible. Dwight continues telling her to remember.

At Charlotte's lab, Vince scans the room with the detector. Dave hesitates and Vince tells him to go back, but Dave insists that it's his fight.

Vickie takes Duke to the police station. Vince is seated behind the desk, and says that Croatoan won. He tells Duke that nothing matters anymore, and the game was lost when Nathan went into the Void and never came back. A man screams outside, and Vince says that Croatoan is there. The only thing that they can do is die. Duke grabs a weapon and goes to find Croatoan.

Dwight returns to the station and Nathan tells him what they're facing. He says that they have to make Charlotte remember and there's no way they can stop the transformation. The turned storm the station and Audrey and Charlotte try to hold the door shut. Nathan and Dwight join her and board the doors. A window breaks and Nathan goes to beat away the undead coming through. On says that she wanted to help, and Charlotte assures her that she gave their loved ones peace of mind. Audrey tells Dwight that she has to get through to Ona, but Dwight warns that if she does then Charlotte will die again. Nathan agrees, saying that they need Charlotte. Charlotte hears them talking and says that she remembers everything. She would never let people hurt so she could live, and tells Audrey to help Ona. As Audrey leads Ona to the office, Charlotte prepares to give Nathan the information on how to build the Barn.

Duke finds himself back in North Carolina. There's blood on a nearby tree, and when Duke touches it, it soaks into his skin. A man comes up behind him and he breaks his neck... and realizes that it's himself. The other Duke opens his eyes and says that Duke will either save his friends or kill them all. Duke wakes up and finds Seth standing over him. There's no sign of the Stranger, and Seth says that he's been there the whole time and nobody was there.

Audrey tells Ona that she has to accept that Herb is gone. She refuses to let him die again, but Audrey says that he's dead and he won't be coming back. Charlotte tells her that Herb can only be a memory, and says that she didn't have anyone when she came to Haven. She hates the fact that she'll never see Audrey again, but it doesn't outweigh the love she gained.

The undead burst in and Dwight and Nathan try to hold them off. Herb suddenly collapses and then the other undead drop in the order Ona brought them back. Dwight realizes that Charlotte only has a few minutes.

Charlotte hugs Audrey and says that she has to tell her about her father. A minute later, Audrey comes out and tells Dwight that Charlotte wants to see him. He goes in and Audrey tells Nathan that it's never fair. He agrees and says that Charlotte told him that they need a controller crystal that is trapped in the Void. With the Shroud up, there's no way to get a thinny open to enter the Void.

In the office, Charlotte tells Dwight that she wasn't the best person before she came to Haven. Then Dwight changed her, and being with him is the happiest that she's been in a long time. They kiss and Charlotte says that she loves him, and bids him goodbye just before collapsing. Dwight goes out and Audrey assures him that Charlotte loved him. He tells the others that Charlotte said how she died.

Back in town, Duke admits that he doesn't know what Walter was. Seth goes in to get some snacks. When he comes back, he finds Dwight in a stolen car. He tells Seth that he's going back to Haven on his own and wishes Seth a happy life. Duke drives off and Seth forgets everything.

Dave and Vince follow the tracker signal to the Herald. The brothers go inside and Vince finds Charlotte's bag beneath a desk. Audrey, Nathan, and Dwight come in, and Audrey says that Croatoan didn't take the bag: Dave did. Dave killed Charlotte.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2015

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