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Apocalypse Then Recap

Wilhelmina sits at her desk, and Myrtle comes in and says that she's there to meet the founders, Mutt and Jeff. The receptionist refuses, saying that Myrtle has no business there. Myrtle sarcastically agrees and tells Wilhelmina to take her to her employers. She wonders how Myrtle got past security, and Myrtle demonstrated by casting a similar immobilization spell on Wilhelmina and wiping her memory.

Mutt and Jeff are determining which Outpost they'll stay in. Michael wants the Miriam android in Outpost 3 with her SSD wiped so she doesn't remember that he's the Antichrist. Myrtle comes in and looks at the maps of the Outposts. Mutt grabs a weapon and Myrtle forces him to drop it and has him say that Outpost 3 is at the former Hawthorne School. She tells the founders that they'll accept an offer from Mr. St. Pierre Vanderbilt to buy four tickets and put him in Outpost 3. She casts a spell to kill them and leaves before they die.

After Myrtle tells the other witches about the coming apocalypse, she informs Coco that her father will be purchasing tickets to get into Outpost 3. Coco will take Mallory there, and they can't cast tempus infinitum until Mallory is ready. To keep Michael from sensing Mallory, Cordelia and Myrtle will place Coco and Mallory under an identity spell to make them forget that their witches. Coco will demean Mallory to make her doubt herself and suppress her natural powers. The senior witches have modeled Coco's new personality after Madison. Coco's family won't join her at Outpost 3 to make sure that her family doesn't expose Coco for who she really is. Coco says that her parents and brother deserve to live more than she does, and Cordelia tells Mallory that her powers will emerge when they're ready. The witches gather and Coco says that Mallory is her best friend and is sorry for what she says once they lose their memories. They hug, and Cordelia casts the identity spell.

Later, Madison poses as Coco's Uber driver and takes her to Gallant's studio. As the two women get out, Mallory sees a bus advertisement for Dinah. In the salon, Gallant greets Coco and says that her afternoon is spoken for. Coco pays him double and Gallant says that he can't work while Mallory is there. Irritated, Coco tells Mallory to get her her macchiato. Brock is at the next chair and says that Gallant can't improve on perfection.

Madison goes to the cabin and tells them that Dinah is a talk show hostess and figures that she sold her soul to the Devil. Myrtle says that they have to clear the rot, but Cordelia tells them that they can't alert Dinah to their plans. She figures that their identity spell is more powerful than anything Dinah can penetrate, and she want Dinah safe and sound until they're ready to make her pay.

After the apocalypse, Michael goes to Outpost 3 and meets with Mallory. She unleashes her power, knocking him back, and he reveals his true self. Mallory summons fire from the fireplace and Michael wonders who she is.

Outside of Misty's cabin, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison emerges from the earth. Myrtle figure that they've been there for a year or two, and Cordelia and Myrtle realize that it's time. They travel to Outpost 3 and bring Mallory and Coco back to life. Cordelia tells them about the identity spell and says that they need all of them. Michael and Miriam arrive and Michael says that he's won. He figures that he's already won, remaking the world in his father's image. Myrtle tells him that he has to get rid of all of the witches to finish the apocalypse. Michael offers to spare them as they accept him as their lord and savior, and Miriam praises Satan.

Dinah tells Cordelia that she should know that she would pick the winner. Cordelia tells her that she's right, and Marie Laveau comes in and says that Cordelia needed the power of a voodoo queen.

Cordelia visits Marie in Hell with Nan and tells her that she has no heart for torture so she made Papa Legba a deal.

Marie says that Cordelia promised Dinah for Marie's release. Dinah says that Marie would have done no different, and Marie cuts her throat. Miriam reveals her gun hand, and Cordelia blows her up with a spell, blasting Michael to the floor. Michael stares at Miriam's severed head, and Madison picks up Miriam's gun and shoots Michael with it. Myrtle goes to Michael and admires his hair, pulls off a piece, and gives it to Mallory to locate a time and place early in Michael's life. Cordelia says that they have to find a place to cast the spell before Michael recovers and finds them, and Madison tells her that she'll hold him as long as she can. As Mallory runs, Brock stabs her in the stomach and says that he should have been on the plane. Myrtle incinerates Brock with a spell.

Michael heals himself and blows off Madison's head.

Cordelia tries to breathe life into the dying Mallory. Marie tells Cordelia and Myrtle to get Mallory out of there while she holds off Michael. She casts a barrier spell, but Michael plunges his hand into her stomach. Coco stabs Michael in the back, and he turns and finishes yanking Marie's heart out of her chest. He eats it and snaps Coco's neck, then pulls the knife out and goes to find the remaining witches.

Mallory apologizes to Cordelia, who realizes that Mallory isn't strong enough. Myrtle tells Cordelia that they're fucked, and Cordelia says that she loves her. She walks out and confronts Michael, who says that he was always going to win. Cordelia tells him that he's been led by the hand the entire way by his father and by the warlocks. She dismisses Michael as a pathetic little boy who couldn't kill her, and Michael says that he let her survive so he could kill her himself. Cordelia tells him that she'll get to watch him die but she won't find it satisfying. She summons Michael's knife to her hand, says that her sisters are legion, and stabs herself in the heart.

As Cordelia dies, her power as the Supreme transfers to Malloy. She casts tempus infinitum and transports into the past.


Constance finds Michael playing a video game and sitting next to the dead priest. She asks if he has to kill every living being that crosses him, and says that she's far from perfect but she is done taking the blame for the horror and misery that Michael keeps bringing into the house. Michael promises that he won't do it again and says that he needs help, and tells Constance that he's just a child. Constance says that she can hear the remnants of her grandson in Michael's eyes, but insists that Michael isn't her grandson. She tells him that she thought he was just going through a phase but it's who he really is and it's going to get worse. Constance swears that it's not going to happen in her house and tells Michael to get out. Michael begs her not to be mad, but Constance screams at him to get out. He grabs her throat and Constance tells him to kill her. When he loosens his grip, Constance tells him that he's a coward and knows it.

Michael walks out and is hit by a SUV. It pulls to a stop, and Mallory looks back in the rear view mirror. She then backs up and runs over Michael again. Constance comes out and looks at the SUV, and Mallory runs over Michael one more time and drives off. Going out onto the street, Constance cradles the dying Michael in her arms. He says that he's scared and asks Constance to take him to the house so he can be with her forever. Constance tells him to go to hell and leaves Michael in the street.

At Robichaux Academy, Mallory breathes life into a dead butterfly and brings it back to life. Cordelia congratulates her, and Mallory hugs her even though Cordelia doesn't know why. They introduce themselves and Cordelia asks if they've met. Malory says that she has one of those faces, and Cordelia offers to be their new home. She takes Mallory to see the students, many of who are alive. Myrtle is dead since Cordelia never brought her back to fight Michael. Queenie is heading to Hollywood and planning to stay at a renovated hotel. Mallory tells her not to stay downtown and claims that she's heard that the traffic is brutal. Queenie agrees to change her lodging plans.

Madison is still in Hell, and Mallory figures that she can sweat it out a little longer before they bring her back.

Nan and Lily arrive at Robichaux as favors from the demons in Hell, after Mallory killed Michael. Misty explains that Nan guided her home, and Nan says that she's going back to Hell because Papa lets her play. Once Nan leaves, Cordelia introduces Misty to Mallory.

Mallory figures that Saran isn't going to give up, and she wonders what she accomplished will mean for the future.


Tim and Emily bump into each other and Tim spills coffee on himself. Emily is protesting the coffee shop with other students, and she offers to take Tim to get coffee elsewhere. The two of them introduce themselves.

One Year Later

Emily gives birth to her baby as Tim holds her hand.

Three Years Later

Tim and Emily talk about how their son is always angry. They go into their house and discover that the AC is out again. Crows gather overhead, and the couple go inside and find a bloodstain on the walls. They go to their son Devan's nursery and discover that he's killed his babysitter and is rocking in a chair, smiling. There's a knock at the door, and Tim answers it. Anon and his two followers are there, and Anton introduces himself. Miriam is one of the followers, and says that they're there to help.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2018

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