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Experiment 1201: Mac and Me Recap

Jonah escapes his marriage to Kinga and returns to the SOL, in a tale so epic and moving that the bots tell him to skip it because they could care less. Kinga has decided to try something new to break Jonah: she'll show Jonah six bad movies in a row to break his spirit. To start with, she's showing him Mac and Me: a 1988 knockoff of E.T. which features a family of creepy naked brown-skinned aliens that make Trumpy look warm and affectionate. It also features a lot of product placement, including Coke and McDonald's.

But first, the invention exchange: Kinga and Max present Algernon, a drug that enhances intelligence and that won't subject them to lawsuits as long as they list all of the possible side effects. There's a lot. Jonah presents his Spez Dispensers: he turns the bots into giant Pez dispensers that shoot out capsules of Spam. Then it's on to the movie.


At the first break, Jonah tries to find out the temperature of Moon 13. He uses the aliens' whistle language from the movie to try and ask Max and Synthia. The whistling is beautiful, but none of them have any idea what the others are saying.


At the second break, Jonah, Crow, and Gypsy recreate the McDonald's scene from the movie to terrify Servo, who is dressed as a girl from the movie. It is indeed very terrifying.


The trio wonders if they can make it through five more movies. Kinga and Max are busy plotting to merge showmanship and corporate tie-ins with Burger Kinga and OfficeMax. They then summon the trio to Moon 13 to expand the rack of movie cylinders for the six new movies.... and give them five minutes to do it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2018