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O Come, All Ye Thankful Recap

In the hospital, Grace lies in a coma. Orlin stands at her side, and he hears Barry in the hallway asking for Grace's location. before Barry can come in, Dr. Ambres stops him. Orlin hides to the side as Ambres says that Grace's parents are deceased. Ambres gets the charts showing that she has no legal guardian indicated. Barry leaves and Ambres goes in and looks at Orlin.

An officer knocks at Orlin's door and says that it's about Orlin's sister. She was in an accident during a meta attack. Another officer brings Orlin's niece Grace up the hallway.

At the loft, Barry and Caitlin are working on pies. Joe and Cecile are celebrating with Cecile's family, so it will be just the five of them: six with Killer Frost. Iris and Nora come in and talk about the crowds. Barry tells Caitlin that it's perfect that Nora and Iris are bonding because it will be her first Thanksgiving with them. Meanwhile, Nora apologizes to Iris, saying that she's thankful to get to know her for real. Iris says that it's the first time that the West-Allens have an eventless Thanksgiving, and talks about the time that Flash ran into a singularity. She says that they didn't know if Flash came back, and that Ronnie didn't come back. Nora tells Iris that she didn't know that Barry had so many close calls, and Iris admits that's the way Barry is but it keeps her up at nights.

At home, Orlin calls Ambres and confirms that Barry hasn't come back. The doctor advises Orlin to stay away because it's too risky.

Orlin is at home on the phone, calling Social Services to get rid of Grace. Grace overhears him and comes out, and says that it's breakfast time. He checks the restaurant and finds nothing but takeout, and Grace takes it and smells it. She then goes back to her bed on the couch and eats it.

At STAR Labs, Cisco tries to explain Thanksgiving to Sherloque. Caitlin comes in and Sherloque asks her for an explanation. She says that it's an opportunity to get together with their families, and Sherloque admits that he has no family and Thanksgiving is a cruel holiday. An alarm goes off signifying a massive electrical surge downtown. Flash and XS speed there but find nothing. Lightning hits nearby and Cisco discovers that there's an experimental cold fusion core there and if it blows, it will take out the whole block.

As the speedsters find the core, Iris tells XS to evacuate the workers. XS warns that something doesn't feel right but speeds off. A lightning bolt shoots down out of the sky at the core, and Flash gets it clear just in time. XS returns and goes to Flash, and tells the others that he's not breathing. Caitlin instructs her how to generate electricity and give Flash chest compression, and XS does so. It doesn't work, and Caitlin realizes via the suit telemetry that it's not working. XS keeps compressing and Flash revives, and a sobbing XS holds him in her arms.

Back at STAR Labs, Nora tells the others that Barry shouldn't have needed rescuing. Iris says that they made the best decisions given the circumstances, and Nora tells them that maybe someone else should have made the decisions. Barry wonders where the storm came from, and they confirm that Mark Mardon, aka Weather Wizard, is still in Iron Heights. Once Barry and Iris leave, Cisco tells Caitlin that it's time for Operation Save the Turkey.

Caitlin and Cisco go to Sherloque's room where he's throwing painting at an easel. They invite him to have Thanksgiving with them, and Sherloque refuses and points out that Caitlin should sympathize because she lost her father. He notes that Cisco lost his girlfriend and his powers, while Sherloque's divorces have left him with a mountain of debt.

Orlin sits at home and looks at a sign with the hospital visiting hours. He slams his fist into his refrigerator, denting it.

Grace and Orlin meet with Grace's sprincipal, who says that Grace's outbursts can't continue. She leaves them alone, and Orlin tells Grace that she can't go around cursing out students. Grace tells him that he doesn't like his jobs and curses him, and Orlin tells her to stop and he's the parent. His niece says that parents are supposed to make the world better for their children, and she hates Orlin and so does he.

Barry, Iris, and Nora go to Iron Heights and the warden ells them that the power-dampeners are down but every prisoner is meta-dampening cuffs. She takes them to Mardon and confirms that he's been there all day. Iris asks to look at the security tapes as part of the story she claims that she's working on. Once Iris leaves, Nora tells Barry that he died for nothing. Barry says that Nora can't blame Iris and they both decided on the plan.

A woman smashes in through the ceiling riding a tornado and carrying a staff. She knocks down Barry and Nora, and says that she's there to pick up her dad. Flash speeds out with Mark and takes him to the pipeline. The woman, Joslyn, tells him to bring Mark to Porter Plaza in an hour or she's going to wreck the city, and then departs the way that she came.

Later at STAR Labs, Mark tells Flash that he hasn't spoken to Joslyn for years and didn't expect to see her. He says that Joslyn was born when he and his girlfriend were still in high school, and he decided to focus on his criminal career because he couldn't raise a child. The last time he spoke to his wife, she said that she and Joslyn were broken.

Orlin works on a dollhouse.

The worker takes Grace to his cousin Robbie's house and explains that he doesn't live there but if Orlin fixes it up, they could stay there. Grace sees the dollhouse and Orlin tells her that it can be a dollhouse once they build it. He offers to let Grace decorate it how she wants, and says that they had a lousy start but he wants to fix all that and they could work on being together. Orlin admits that Grace was right about his hating himself, but he wants to do right by her and give her all the things that a kid should have. Grace tells him that they should start with the dollhouse.

At STAR Labs, Nora tells Iris that he's not upset with her about Flash's near-death incident earlier. Cisco and Caitlin come in and Cisco complains about the sham of Thanksgiving. Barry comes in and says that he got nothing from Mark. Caitlin and Cisco have learned that Joslyn is Joslyn Jackam, a delinquent teen and self-taught meteorology. Joslyn lost her grant with the science center because she did too many dangerous experiments with weather, and traveled in a van declaring her "Weather Witch". The weathervane on the van is the same as the staff she was carrying, and they bring up surveillance from Iron Heights and confirm that the staff has meta-tech. Cisco warns that Joslyn will have to give up the staff willingly, and Barry says that they have to give "Weather Witch" what she wants.

XS speeds to Porter Plaza and confirms that Weather Witch isn’t there. Cisco spots nothing on the satellite, but Sherloque is on the scene and discovers that there's an approaching storm front. Once Cisco finally spots it, Sherloque boasts that he's right once again.

Weather Witch arrives and demands to know where Mark is. Flash arrives with Mark, and Mark says that he'll handle it. He goes over to Weather Witch and suggests that she let his father try. Weather Witch blasts Flash and drops a hummer on Mark. She tells the speedsters that Mark abandoned his family and thanks them for their help. The hummer falls over and a hologrammatic "Mark" walks out. At STAR Labs, Iris removes the hologram projection system. Weather Witch says that she'll destroy the city and takes off. Flash gets up and XS tells him that she doesn't want to lose him again but he doesn't care if he loses her for the sake of his job. She speeds off, leaving Flash to stare after her.

Later at the loft, Barry approaches Nora and she says that growing up without Barry made her so angry. However, it was easier to put her anger on criminals, meta-villains, and Iris. But when Nora saw Barry die, she was mad at Barry all along. Barry tells her that he felt the same way about Joe putting his life on the line when Barry was a kid, and Nora says that Barry told he goodbye knowing that he wasn't coming back. Barry insists that the future isn't determined, and Nora says that he can give up being Flash and let other heroes protect the world. She describes how much it hurt losing Barry when she didn't know him, and it will hurt so much worse when she loses him again. Nora breaks into tears, and Barry tells her that people need Flash. His daughter says that she needs her dad and walks away.

Outside the hospital, Orlin parks and watches.

Orlin takes Grace to the carnival and finally tells her that they're celebrating the one-year anniversary of his turning his life away. He tells her that his life is a hundred times better because of he, and gives her a doll set family for her dollhouse. Grace hugs him and says that she already has a family. Satellite fragments crash down on the city, knocking Orlin and Grace out. They wake up and Orlin tries to get Grace to cover. The core his nearby and a dagger-shaped piece of metal slams into Orlin's chest and Grace collapses nearby.

When he gets to the hospital, Orlin begs Ambres to save Grace. She gets him onto a gurney and tends to his injury as he begs the doctors to help Grace.

Barry and Iris watch a news report about increased hazardous weather. They can't locate Weather Witch on radar because of the interference. Iris assures Barry that he'll find the words to explain things to Nora, and Barry admits that their daughter has a point. They get a hit on Weather Witch at Shelton Country Airport. Flash speeds there where Weather Witch is driving out the people. Flash evacuates them all into a hangar, and Iris tells Caitlin to head down to the Marina and use Killer Frost to manage flood control. Iris tells Nora to get Mark's weather wand and take it to Flash.

XS gets the wand and takes it to Flash, and explains the plan to use the wand to counter Weather witch's staff. She appears and Flash tells her that he's the one responsible. She says destroying a city is how to make heroes pay, and creates a lighting tornado. Cisco tells Flash to use the wand to draw in the lightning, but all of the energy will go through Flash's body. Flash looks at XS, who says that she knows he has to go and tells him to run.

Flash speeds around the lightning tornado and uses the wand to absorb the energy. He dissipates the tornado and then throws the electricity a Weather Witch as she tries to blast him. There's a massive explosion and when everyone's eyes clear, Barry steps out of the smoke holding Weather Witch. The passengers applaud and XS runs to Flash and hugs him.

Later at STAR Labs, Barry locks up the staff in the pipeline after taking Joslyn to Iron Heights. Iris says that Caitlin and Cisco are skipping Thanksgiving.

In Sherloque's room, Cisco, Caitlin, and Sherloque share a toast to "the thankless". Killer Frost appears and points out that they could be eating and drinking amazing food with people who care about them. She points out that she's been unconscious for the last year, asks them if they're coming, and walks out.

Later, everyone meets at the loft and Iris talks about her Aunt Esther's yams. Sherloque offers a toast to friends and to colonizers, and Cisco quickly pulls him away. Iris and Caitlin go to carve the turkey, and Barry talks to Nora. Nora says that she felt horrible when she saw Flash hesitate to save the people, and doesn't want to feel like that again. She realizes that sometimes Barry has to sacrifice himself to save others even if it means leaving his family behind. Barry says that he was thinking about Nora, and explains that he's Flash for his family, and figures that in the future he sacrifices himself to save everyone he loves. Nora hopes that one day she can train enough to save him, and they go the dinner table.

Orlin goes to Grace's room with flowers. Ambres sees him and reminds him that she said it was too risky. He tells her that he's there to be with his family and goes into Grace's room.

Ambres tells Orlin that he has to be prepared for the possibility that Grace may ever wake up. Orlin blames himself, but Ambres says that it's metas wreaking havoc that are to blame. Once she leaves, Orlin takes Grace's hand and the TV runs a news report about how Flash destroyed the satellite before it could wipe out Central City. Nearby, the shad of metal shakes ad glows, and then flies into Orlin's hand. He promises to Grace that he's going to make it right and every meta will die.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco and the others call Barry and Iris in. They figure that Cicada wanted to spend time with his family, and Cisco hacked into the hospital CCTV and discovered that only one man visited Grace: Orlin.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2018

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