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Done With Mirrors Recap

At Star Labs West in Silicon Valley, industrial thieves Stasia Masters and Sam Scudder break into a containment vault and steal an experimental high-capacity battery. As they leave, Stasia tries to knock out Scudder, only to discover that he's left a hologram of himself. The real Scudder is behind her and admits that he expected a double-cross. However, Stasia has anticipated him and sprays him with knockout gas. She takes the battery, sets off the alarms, and departs.

In Central City, the Flash superspeed delivers Tina to the train station and then removes his costume. As they go in, Tina insists that it's end of the world because her mother Jocelyn Weller is coming to visit. As they go through the station, they're unaware that one of Scudder's men, Serge Tallent, is waiting for someone of his own. Meanwhile, Tina admits that she could never keep up with her mother as Jocelyn arrives. Stasia also arrives and sees Tallent looking for her, and spots Barry. She goes up and kisses him, much to Tina's and Jocelyn's surprise. Barry finally remembers Stasia from high school and the woman explains that she just got back into town. As Stasia slips away, Tina irritably wonders what Barry did with her in high school and Jocelyn suggests her trip might not be so dull after all.

Outside, Jocelyn explains that she's there for a post-modern reconstructionist show. Tina explains that her car is at the lab while Barry discovers that his wallet is gone. Meanwhile, Stasia checks Barry's ID and discovers that he's a police officer.

At Star Labs, Tina shows off a crystal that she has on loan from the government and is using to tighten laser emissions. Jocelyn isn't impressed and complains about how the lab is so sterile. When she mentions how Tina is her father's daughter, Tina irritably warns her not to go there. Barry tries to help out without much success and leaves for early-morning duty. Jocelyn is puzzled that he works in a lab since Tina had described Barry as much more heroic.

The next morning, Stasia goes to a café and calls her buyer, Fletcher and reminds them that they had a deal. He says that he'll need two days just as Tallent and his accomplice Marcel come in and ask for a table next to Stasia. When Stasia tries to leave, Tallent pulls a gun on her and tries to take her purse. She trips a waiter and runs down the street with Tallent in pursuit. Meanwhile, Barry is with Bellows and Murphy eating lunch. Stasia runs past with Tallent and Marcel in pursuit and carrying guns. The cops tell Barry to hang back while they give chase and Marcel shoots back. When Tallent closes in on Stasia, she tosses a hologram projector of a cowboy onto the street. A car swerves to avoid it and Barry, as the Flash gets Bellows out of the way just in time. The speedster confronts the hologram only to watch it face away. Stasia escapes in a taxi while Murphy captures Marcel and Bellows tries to explain that the Flash rescued him.

Stasia calls Fletcher and asks for help, but her buyer tells her she'll have to handle it on her own. She has no choice but to agree and then figures that she can con Barry into helping her.

Barry arrives at work and tells Julio about how he tutored Stasia in high school. He finds Stasia waiting for him and she says she came to return his wallet because it fell into her purse while they were kissing. Barry introduces Julio, who signals to Barry to go for it before he leaves. Once they're alone, Stasia asks Barry about the Flash and he dismisses the hero as an urban legend. He asks why Stasia came back and she claims that she was going to hook up with an old boyfriend but he turned abusive. When she admits that she doesn't want to stay at a cold, lonely hotel, Barry offers his apartment and Stasia gladly accepts.

That night, Tallent meets Scudder outside a Mexican restaurant. The thief demonstrates his stolen hologram wrist projector and Tallent explains that the Flash kept him from capturing Stasia. Scudder tells Tallent to find Stasia and the battery and get them both to him. Meanwhile, the thief plans to check out Star Labs for something of interest before disappearing.

At the lab, Tina calls Jocelyn and discovers that she has already made dinner plans. Once she hangs up, Tina leaves for the night... and Scudder slips in. However, Tina realizes that she's forgotten her keys and goes back. The lab is in flames and she uses a fire extinguisher, but it has no effect. Scudder tosses out a hologram projector of a mime and then realizes he used the wrong one. He then tosses out another projector of a team of fireman. The mime hologram fades away while Tina tries to talk to the non-existent fireman. They fade away along with the project flame images while Scudder escapes the lab with the crystal.

Barry and Stasia go to his apartment after dinner and she thanks him for putting her up. She persists in asking about the Flash, wondering if some mad scientist built the hero. Barry isn't interested in talking about the Flash and Stasia starts to kiss him, but the phone rings and she answers it. It's Tina, and Barry takes the phone. She tells him about what happened at the lab and Barry says that he'll be right over. Once he hangs up, he tells Stasia that he and Tina are close friends but have nothing serious and tells her to make herself at home. Once Barry leaves, Stasia hides the battery beneath the lamp.

When Barry gets to the lab, Tina explains about the images and he admits that he saw a ghostly cowboy earlier. Tina wonders if her mother has pushed her over the edge and explains that they quarreled all afternoon. She thinks Jocelyn is mad at her for staying with her father after the divorce because he needed her. Barry finds the miniature projector and activates it, revealing the mime. They realize that it was a distraction and discover that someone has stolen the crystal and left a projected image. Tina mentions the theft of the prototype long-term generator in California and warns that she'll lose her job if they don't get it back. Barry figures that someone will need a high-powered laser to cut it for sale and speculates that they can track unusual power surges. Tina hacks the power company's computer and they discover a surge at the Infantino Hotel.

At his hotel room, Scudder is trying to cut the crystal without success. He figures he can sell it anyway but it will take longer to find the right buyer. Talent tells him that Stasia has gone to ground and then draws a gun on Scudder and threatens to take it. Scudder walks to the door and creates holograms of police officers. They come after him, forcing him backward out the window to his death, just as the Flash superspeeds into the room and demands the crystal. Scudder uses a hologram of a samurai to distract the Flash, who discovers that "Scudder" is a hologram The real Scudder turns off the lights and disappears in the split-second before the Flash can get to the switch. Meanwhile, Scudder collects the crystal from Tallent's corpse and walks away.

Stasia goes to a pay phone to take a call from Fletcher. She warns him that he has 24 hours late and hangs up. Scudder grabs her and explains that he woke up just before security arrives. He found her by checking her credit cards and calling her travel agent. Stasia claims she owed people some money and had to do it, but he demands the battery. She says she can get him the Flash instead and claims that she sold the battery to a "Professor Zoom," who created the Flash through bio-engineering. Stasia warns that he's paranoid but can convince him to give her the formula, and Scudder gives her 24 hours to come through for him.

Barry arrives at the work the next morning and tells Julio that he didn't get any sleep. He tells his friend that when he got back, Stasia was gone, and figures the woman is playing him. Julio suggests that he uses the police database to check on Stasia and Barry reluctantly agrees. She has a record for petty larceny and industrial sabotage, and worked with Sam Scudder, nickname "Mirror Master."

Barry meets Tina at Jocelyn's gallery opening and Tina confirms that the image disks and the wrist projector were stolen from a government laboratory. Barry promises to get the crystal back for Tina and she wonders how she can get through the exhibition. Jocelyn comes over and Barry leaves her with her daughter. When her mother comments that Barry isn't like the men Tina usually dates, she reminds her that she was never around to meet any of the men she dated or her husband David. Jocelyn apologizes for missing David's funeral, saying she was in the middle of something, but Tina complains that she's always in the middle of something and storms off. When Barry comes over, Jocelyn says that she has a show to run. He tells her that Tina is having a hard time and suggests that Jocelyn just talk to her daughter, but Jocelyn ignores him advice.

Stasia comes over and Barry pulls her aside and tells her that he knows about her rap sheet. She claims that she's gone straight but he prepares to turn her over. Stasia admits that she was involved with Scudder and he plans to keep her, and asks Barry for his help. He reluctantly agrees, figuring he can get the crystal back, and Stasia comes up with a plan.

A few hours later, Stasia dresses Barry up and takes him to a bar. She explains that she wants him to pose as Professor Zoom and trade the crystal for the fake formula. Barry stays at the bar while Stasia claims she's looking for Scudder. However, she calls Fletcher instead and tells him that she'll turn over the battery and the crystal at the railway station. Scudder is in the crowd and overhears her talking.

Julio and Sabrina come in and spot Barry at the bar, and he tells them to pretend they don't know him. Barry convinces Julio to leave him alone and Stasia collects Barry and takes him to a back table. Scudder comes in and Barry, using a fake accent, demonstrates his superspeed. He wants to trade for the laser crystal and asks to see it, but Scudder wants the battery. Stasia makes a run for it and Scudder and Barry realize that she's playing them both. Barry tries to arrest Scudder but he uses a projection of snakes to distract him long enough to get clear. Barry tries to tackle him only to discover Scudder is using another hologram of himself. Meanwhile, Scudder checks Barry's table and finds the invitation to Jocelyn's show that he dropped in the confusion.

Barry speeds to the gallery and asks Jocelyn if Tina is there. She admits that her daughter isn't there and worries that she's ruined her relationship with Tina. Jocelyn sees a priest admiring a painting and tells him the gallery is closed, but he doesn't respond. When Barry goes over to the priest, the hologram disappears and Scudder knocks Barry out from behind. He figures the gallery is a front for an international operation and Jocelyn is a dealer, and takes her prisoner.

Scudder ties up Barry and Jocelyn and demands answers. Barry claims that the Flash is working with the police and the superspeed trick at the bar was rigged for the sting. Scudder figures that Jocelyn is Stasia's dealer and Barry realizes that Stasia stole the battery and double-crossed Scudder. The thief sets up his crystal-cutting laser to reflect onto Barry and Jocelyn in four minutes and then leaves for the station.

Stasia goes back to Barry's apartment and collects the battery. Tina storms in and threatens to call the police, and Stasia pulls a gun on her. Barry's dog barks at her, distracting her long enough for Tina to grab the gun. However, Stasia warns that if the police take her in then Tina will never find Barry. She explains that she is meeting Fletcher at the railway station in an hour to sell the battery and figures that Scudder knows about the deal and they have to capture him there to find Barry.

Barry generates a burst of wind at superspeed, knocking out the lamp, and then frees himself under cover of the darkness and disables the laser. As he unties Jocelyn, Barry admits that Tina usually helps him and there's more to her daughter than she realizes. He then tells Jocelyn to call the police while he goes to the railway station.

Stasia and Tina arrive at the station and Fletcher arrives with the money. Tina draws the gun on Fletcher, but Scudder grabs the gun and demands the battery. The Flash speeds in and disarms Scudder, but he generates a crowd of holograms of himself. Stasia and Fletcher run for it while the Flash tries to grab the real Scudder. Tina turns on a work light, blinding Scudder and dissipating the hologram, and the Flash knocks the thief out and recovers the crystal.

Fletcher and Stasia catch a cab and discuss where to go. However, they discover Barry has taken the cab driver's place. As the cops arrive to arrest the thief and her accomplice, Stasia tries to vamp Barry one last time but he's unimpressed.

Jocelyn stops off at the lab to say goodbye to Tina. They say polite goodbyes and wish each other well, but Tina finally says that she's had enough and asks Jocelyn not to run out on her again. Jocelyn explains that leaving Tina hurt because she never felt like a part of her life, and didn't know what to say when David died. Tina suggests that they meet in New York on her next vacation and Jocelyn starts to plead business, but then says that she'll cancel. Barry comes in and tells them to make things up between them, and they tell him they already have.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2018

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