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Bait Recap

Ash looks down at the severed head of his neighbor Vivian, and then puts away his chainsaw. Kelly figures that if what her father saw is a Deadite then he's in danger, and Ash says that they have to focus on getting the Necronomicon translated and seal the Deadites away again. Pablo suggests that they stop at Kelly's place on the way to the bookstore, but Ash says that he has to focus on saving the world. He goes outside to duct-tape the bullet holes and prepare to drive off. A Deadite possessed Mr. Roper is lurking in the shadows, but retreats when Kelly drives off on Pablo's motorcycle. Pablo comes out and tells Ash that Kelly took the Necronomicon with her. He offers to take Ash to Kelly's dad's place, and Ash agrees.

As Ash and Pablo drive to the house, Ash drinks another beer and figures that he'll have to decapitate Kelly's possessed mother Suzy. He assures Pablo that he did fine in his first fight against a Deadite, just as Roper leaps over the back seat. The car swings back and forth on the road, and Ash wrestles with Roper while Pablo tries to steer. Pablo finally this Roper in the head with a beer bottle, but the Deadite is unaffected. It slams Pablo into the dashboard, and Ash grabs the broken beer bottle and stabs it into Roper's neck repeatedly.. Pablo brakes the car to a halt, and Ash shoves the Deadite's head out the window so a passing car can decapitate it. The two men keep driving and Pablo admits that he thinks Ash is cool. Ash gives him a Towelette to wipe the blood off with.

Amanda hears a report of shots fired at the trailer park and goes to investigate. Ash's neighbors Phil and June come over and admit that they're not sure what Ash's name was, but he was pretty much of an asshole. Amanda sees Vivian's severed hand pointing to a card for the bookstore Books From Beyond. June mention that one of the whores that Ash brought back had a tattoo on her wrist, and they chanted weird stuff. Amanda recognizes the description as matching the Deadite girl she and Carson fought.

Ash and Pablo arrive at the Maxwell house, and the nearby windmill speeds up ominously despite the lack of wind. Ash says that they'll fight their way in, grab the Necronomicon, and get out. They psych themselves up and charge into the house... and find Kelly chatting with Suzy and her father. Pablo explains that they're friends from work. Ash explains that they're covered in blood and hit a deer, and it exploded. Kelly talks to them privately and explains that Suzy is alive after all, and she has been living in a homeless shelter with a case of amnesia since the accident. Ash doesn't believe it and asks for the Necronomicon back.

Kelly's parents come over and Kelly does the introductions. She tries to get rid of Ash and Pablo, but Suzy insists on having them stay for dinner. Ash demands the book and Pablo hastily says that they'll stay for dinner and takes Ash to the trailer to clean up.

At the trailer parker, Lieutenant Boyle is working with a sketch artist to get a picture of Ash. Amanda comes over and takes a look at the picture, and wonders if he's the one behind everything that she's experienced. Boyle comes over and reminds her that she's on leave pending an investigation into Carson's death, Amanda agrees to leave and walks away.

At the Maxwell house, Pablo finally tells Ash that he lied to him. Kelly didn't take the Necronomicon like he said. He just wanted Ash to come with him to Kelly's house. Pablo figures no harm, no foul, and at least they're getting a free meal. Ash insists that Suzy and her husband are Deadites, and warns that the Deadites can disguise themselves as humans, take someone by surprise, and kill them. He figures that the Deadites are using Kelly as bait to lure him in. Pablo isn't convinced and wants to impress Kelly, so asks Ash to stay polite.

Inside, everyone sits down to dinner and Suzy serves rare roast beef. Ash insists on bringing his shotgun to the dinner table while his chainsaw sits nearby. He spars verbally with Suzy, asking what her plans are now that she's back. Her stomach grumbles and blood from the roast beef drips from her mouth, but no one else notices. Ash finally calls Suzy out, and Kelly complains that he's ruining her mom time. Pablo insists that he's right and Ash is wrong, and Ash punches Suzy in the face. While Kelly punches Ash, Suzy gets to her feet with the Deadite in full control. When her husband reaches out to her, the Deadite stabs him in the eye with a fork and tosses him away.

Ash grabs his shotgun and chainsaw, and the Deadite leaps out of the way and crawls across the ceiling. When he stops to reload, the Deadite throws an end table at him and ducks out in the confusion. The two men realize that Kelly is gone.

Kelly runs to her room and finds Suzy there, chanting a nursery rhyme. Suzy begs her daughter to help her and breaks into tears, and says that she blacked out. She asks Kelly to help her beat the Deadite possession, just as Ash and Pablo break in. Kelly insists that they can save Suzy, but Ash warns that it's too late. Suzy hugs Kelly and the Deadite reveals itself, saying that Suzy killed herself to get away from her daughter.

The Deadite throws Kelly across the room, and Ash attacks it. He manages to embed his chainsaw in the wall, and the Deadite tries to force his shotgun barrel up under his chin. Ash yanks it away just in time and throws it to the floor, and Pablo stabs it in the head with a butcher's knife from the kitchen. It advances on him, yanking the knife out of its skull. Ash gets his chainsaw going, pull it out of the wall, and rams it into the Deadite's chest. Once it goes down, he decapitates it as blood flies everywhere.

The next day, Ash gives the Jewish couple a Christian burial. Kelly vows revenge on the evil that killed her parents and tortured her, and Ash admits that Pablo was right to trick him into coming because he needed a reminder of his place in the universe. Pablo asks Kelly to come with them to take the fight to the Deadites, and she agrees. As they drive away, the windmill spins ominously.

Amanda arrives at Books From Beyond and goes inside.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2015

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