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What's Past Is Prologue Recap

Orlin gets out of his truck and goes into the hospital car, while Ralph and Sherloque watch him from a car. They took photos of him, and then show them to the rest of the team at STAR Labs. According to Orlin's history, he arrived in Star City in the last few years and took custody of Grace after her parents were murdered by a meta.

Orlin goes to see the comatose Grace.

Barry says that they should go get Orlin. Sherloque points out that as long as Cicada has his dagger, he can negate their powers. Nora suggests that they make something more powerful than the dagger, and Sherloque points out that they'd need a super-dense metal with magnetic properties that can negate dark matter. She says that Barry has already come across everything they need in the past: Savitar's suit and the Speed Force transmitter. Cisco confirms that they could so it using the particle accelerator to recalibrate the transmitter with dark matter. Nora figures that they can go back in time and collect the discarded objects in the past so it won't affect the timeline. Ralph warns that Orlin will flee, and Nora suggests that they do a "time hack": hide the device near the hospital five years in the past. Barry says that he'll do it without Nora's help and tells them to work out the dates.

Nora leaves with Barry, and Barry says that it's too risky. He warns that time travel is complicated, and points out what happened when Nora did it. Nora says that she just wants to fix what she screwed up, but Barry refuses and his daughter walks away. Iris has overheard them, and says that she thinks Nora should go with Barry. He warns that he's going back to some crazy times, but iris points out that the idea was Nora's and he should let Nora do it.

Ralph, Cisco, and Caitlin work out the ideal times to go back to get each item. Caitlin remembers when Ronnie died, and says that it's the best time to charge the metal with the accelerator energy. Cisco stays behind to find something, and Sherloque shows him Nora's journal that he stolen. It's in code, and Cisco realizes it's what Barry wore down after he came out of the Speed Force a year ago. Cisco translated one sentence, but tells Sherloque to return the journal and ask Nora what it means. Once Cisco leaves, Sherloque works with the translation program.

Barry agrees to the times and Cisco gives him a ring that will hold his suit. Once the others leave, Barry tells Nora that she can come with him. As Nora goes, she high-fives Iris in thanks. Barry puts the ring on and tells Nora to follow his instructions. They speed into the pipeline and enter the Speed Force, then travel through time to their first destination to get a piece of Savitar's suit. There' no sign of anyone, but then Savitar speeds by, turns, and blasts the pursuing past-Flash. The two speedsters follow them, while a time wraith follows them.

Past-Flash attacks Savitar, and Barry sees the time wraith and speeds off before it can catch him. Nora gets the suit fragment as Isis shoots Savitar, and Nora stare at her in shock. Savitar-Barry disappears and Nora speeds off, runs past the time wraith, and reenters the speed force with Barry. The two of them run with the time wraith in pursuit, and when they emerge in to 2016 Zoom and Wally speed by.

Barry and Nora follow the speedsters and watch as Zoom takes past-Barry's speed. Barry goes to the desk but discovers that the transmitter he's looking for is gone. Nora finds Iris telling in the hallway past-Barry to find a way to fight zoom, assuring him that nothing will hold him back and they'll all help him.

In the lab, Barry is still searching when the 2016 Harry arrives and says that he's looking for anyone that will let him help his daughter. Harry sees the ring on Barry's finger, and Barry tells him that he could track Caitlin via her unique vibrational pattern. Harry tells him to find Caitlin and leaves. Zoom speeds in and, assuming Barry is the 2016 version, tells him that he's not going anywhere. Solomon unmasks and wonders who Nora is, and realizes that he's another speedster. Barry and Nora speed off and enter the speed Force with Zoom in pursuit. He grabs Barry, but the time wraith grabs Zoom.

Barry and Nora are ejected and the transmitter breaks on the street. Nora says that they should talk to the Harrison who built the accelerator. Barry explains that it's Thawne and that he won't help them, and realizes where they are. He finds his past-self unconscious on the ground and says that three years ago he traveled back to get Thawne's help.

In the time vault, Barry and Nora arrive and find Harrison/Thawne studying the unconscious past-Barry. Harrison realizes that Barry is his future self and Nora is Barry's daughter. He says that Barry has at least one daughter, and Barry asks him to fix the accelerator. Harrison insists that he gets home, but Barry tells him that he doesn't unless he helps him. After considering, Harrison demands to know what he has to do. Barry refuses to answer, but Nora says that it's Cicada and Harrison recognizes Cicada as "the one who got away". Harrison admits that he knows he won't get home without Barry's help, and then offers Nora a cup of water.

As Harrison works on the accelerator, he tells Barry that he'll have to have Cicada's dagger in his possession. Nora shows Harrison the piece of Savitar's suit, and Harrison tells her that Barry hates him with a passion and yet the Savitar version of Barry is a much bigger jerk than Harrison ever was. When Barry says that using Savita's suit was Nora's idea, Harrison says that she's a clever girl and speeds back to the time vault as the past-Barry wakes up. As Nora prepares to go, she looks up at the monitor and sees Harrison waving to her.

Barry and Nora arrive at the particle accelerator in 2014 and proceed to the basement at normal speed to avoid warning Harrison. They watch as Harrison prepares to start the accelerator. He hesitates and walks out into the hallway, and Barry and Nora hide before he can see them. Before Harrison can investigate further, Cisco and Caitlin come out and ask if he's okay. Harrison asks Caitlin to have Ronnie run the accelerator parameters one more time and says that he'll be along in a minute. Before Cisco goes, Harrison says that he has a "vibe" about Cisco's future.

In the time vault, Barry and Nora hide until Harrison leaves. Barry then brings up Gideon, which knows Nora from the 31st century. As Barry tells Gideon to reprogram the accelerator, Nora starts to touch Harrison's Reverse-Flash suit, but Barry stops her and says that Harrison killed her mother when he was 11 to stop Barry from becoming Flash. Nora figures that Barry didn't want her to come with him so she wouldn't know the awful things about him. She says that he doesn't have to protect her and she just want to know her father. Nora hugs him and Gideon announces the recalibration is complete.

The accelerator explodes as per the original timeline, and Gideon successfully retrieves the dark matter. Barry and Nora go to the hospital to plant the transmitter inside of a pillar. Once they do it, they speed back to their present and arrive less than a second after they left. Flash goes to the hospital where Orlin is with Grace. The speedster goes past Grace's widow and Orlin notices. He looks down and sees Barry standing on the street below, dons his costume, and goes outside armed with his dagger. Flash tells him that not all metas were responsible for Grace, but Cicada says that they are and Grace is all that he thinks about.

Flash asks Cicada what he will do about himself, and Cicada says that once he's killed all meta then he'll kill himself. Vibe, Elongated Man, and XS move in and Cicada throws his dagger at Elongated Man. It boomerangs around and is drawn to the transmitter in the pillar. Flash punches Cicada repeatedly, knocking him back, and Vibe grabs the dagger and breaches it into outer space. Cicada tells them that they stopped nothing, roars to the heavens, and draws the dagger back to him from orbit. It slams into the sidewalk, knocking them back, and Sherloque and Caitlin grabs weapons and head to the hospital.

Cicada throws his dagger at the duo, knocking them down. He tells Flash that it ends now, but Killer Frost appears and blasts Cicada back. Cicada flies away rather than face Killer Frost..

Back at STAR Labs, the team is unable to track Orlin. Nora wonders how Killer Frost can still come out, and Caitlin explains that since Killer Frost wasn't created by dark matter, she's immune to the dagger. Once the others leave, Iris tells Barry that she's proud him as the transmitter disappears back into the time stream.

Sherloque is sipping tea when Nora approaches him and asks if he's seen her journal. He admit that he has it and points out the coded pages. Nora claims that it's a time language immune to changes in the time stream, and that she created it. Sherloque calls her a clever girl and gives it back to her. Once Nora leaves, Sherloque finishes the translation. The coded sentence says, "The timeline is malleable."

Nora goes to the time vault and looks through her journals with all of the photos that she's taken. There's one of Nora. Nora speeds to the past and watches Henry and Nora together on the porch. Barry joins her and says that they were the best, and that he understands why Nora came there. Nora asks him if he ever considered stopping what's about to happen, and Barry tells his daughter that he does every day. She thanks him for taking he along with him, and they watch as Henry and Nora go inside. After a moment, she tells Barry to come with her and speeds off, jokingly calling him "old Man".

In the time vault, Nora activates Gideon and has the AI record more pages from her journal. Gideon asks if it should send it to the same recipient, and Nora does. Nora then says that she'll deliver a personal message.

In 249, Nora speeds to a cell and tells the occupant that they need to talk. The prisoner--Harrison—shuts down his version of Gideon, steps forward, and agrees.

On Earth-90, dozens of heroes' bodies lie scattered around. Flash crawls to a book, but a caped figure picks it up and tells Flash that he failed. Flash asks why the figure is doing it, and the figure says that he did it to himself and now all of them will perish. He opens the book, and Flash speeds away.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2018