What's Past Is Prologue

To defeat Cicada, Nora comes up with a plan to assemble the necessary components from discarded villain items in the past and hide them in the present. Barry travels back in time to recover the three components, and reluctantly takes Nora with him.



By Gadfly on Dec 5, 2018

Orlin gets out of his truck and goes into the hospital car, while Ralph and Sherloque watch him from a car. They took photos of him, and then show them to the rest of the team at STAR Labs. According to Orlin's history, he arrived in Star City in the last few years and took custody of Grace after her parents were murdered by a meta. Orlin goes to see the comatose Grace. Barry says that they should go get Orlin. Sherloque points out that as long as Cicada has his dagger, he can negate their…

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Episode Discussion

tnt posted 7 months ago

Time travel episodes are definitely the best!

LeonKennedy posted 7 months ago

Uh, come on.... Why do you have to fuck up the timeline again, Barry?

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