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Hank and Dawn Recap


Don Hall, Hank's brother, makes a video recording of Hank in his new Hawk costume. Hank states that it's Night 1 of Hawk and the Dove, and Don records himself in his Dove costume. The fledgling vigilante says that they're on stakeout and runs into a clothesline, and angrily removes his helmet complaining that he can't see with it on. Hank spots a pedophile who was arrested the day before for uploading photos of a 10-year-old. The pedophile, Dwaine Wainwright, lawyered up and was released. The two of them attack Wainwright and Hawk boasts that they'll be superheroes.


Hank sits in Dawn's hospital room holding a bottle of whiskey and continues drinking. He finally puts down the bottle and goes to the pharmacy, lets himself in, and takes some pills. That night Hank sleeps in Dawn's room and reams of the past.

The Past

As a young boy, Hank plays football and Don cheers from the stands. Hank makes a touchdown and Coach Vincent notices as Don cheers. After the game, Hank sees Vincent talking to Don and asks what they're doing. Don says that Vincent is going to show him the weight room, Hank tells Vincent that they have to get going, but Vincent knows that their mother is working nights and isn't there. Don insists that he wants to stay and see the weight room, and Vincent offers to give him a ride home later. When Hank swears, Vincent threatens to go to the principal and say that they were both using profanity. They'd both get expelled and have to go back to public school. The coach asks if they want to disappoint their mother, and Hank tells Don to go home and he'll go with Vincent to the weight room. Don calls him a jerk and leaves, and Vincent leads Hank to the weight room and closes the door behind them.

Years later, Hank plays college football and Don watch it on TV. Hank takes a heavy hit and Don goes to check with him. Hank is at the fraternity house partying with his team, and Don asks if he's okay. Hank insists that he has an appointment with the doctor the next day, and Don wonders if he should be drinking. His older brother tells him to relax but then collapses.

At the doctor's office, the doctor asks how long the migraines have been going on. Hank says that it's been a few months, surprising Don who didn't know that he was having migraines. The doctor confirms that Hank has memory loss and light sensitivity, but Hank insists that he's fine. She prescribes pills and Hank refuses, and tells him that he needs to rest so he doesn't risk any permanent damage. Hank agrees... after the season is over.

Later, Hank confronts Don at the library and is furious that his brother called the athletic director. Don insists that he was trying to help him, but Hank yells at him saying that it was his decision to make. when a student comes over to tell Hank to keep it down, Hank punches him and other students attack them. Don and Hank fight back and win, and the brothers figure that they'll be in trouble.

The dean calls them in and says that the students could press charges, and now she has to expel them. She doesn't want to expel them but they were captured on camera. The dean tells Hank to write out a formal apology, and Don tells her that Hank has given everything to the university and needs help, or needs to get away. He says that she should expel them, and Hank smiles in pride.

Afterward, the brothers go to Hank's apartment. As he takes some pills, he sees Rachel's reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror. She calling to him, but he doesn't see her. Hank tells Don that their mother knew that he was the bad kid, and he needs football to release his anger. Don blames himself, saying it was because of the locker room. Hank insists that nothing happened, but Don says that they have to find a way for Hank to let his anger out and do something good with it. He has an idea and they check the pedophile registration bank. They pick out one man and Don says that the system failed them, their mother, and a lot of kids. Hank warns that they'd be looking for trouble and Don never liked trouble, and Don tells him to teach him how to like it. After a moment, Hank agrees and wonders what they're going to call themselves. As Don considers, Rachel appears on his computer screen calling to Hank.


Hank dozes and dreams, Rachel's voice echoing in his head.

The Past

A young Dawn is dancing the lead in a ballet performance in DC, Dawn's mother in the audience watching. Afterward, Dawn and her mother go to a teahouse for their regular afternoon tea, and Mrs. Grainer says that she's flying back to London to be with her mother. Dawn thought her mother was leaving him for good and starting over, and tells her not to go back. She wonders when it will be enough, and Mrs. Grainger points out that her husband stopped beating her when Dawn broke his arm. Then Dawn's sister Holly got into trouble shoplifting and he lost his temper again. Dawn says that there's no reason good enough for him to hit anyone, and her mother should leave him like Dawn and Holly did. She doesn't, and Dawn assures her that she loves her.

Hank and Don read a newspaper article about how they shut down a child pornography ring, and Dawn and her mother walk down the street. Hank bumps into mother and daughter, and then apologizes. A truck goes out of control, hitting Don and Mrs. Grainer and killing them both.

Months later, Dawn goes to a grief group. The counsellor asks Dawn if she'd like to speak. Dawn doesn't, and the counsellor asks Hank if he wants to. He passes as well. Afterward, Dawn finds Hank at a bar, joins him, and introduces herself. She says that her mother died, and Hank tells her that he still doesn't want to talk. Hank then apologizes for snapping at her, and Dawn assures him that it's okay. He explains that Don was his younger brother and best friend, and Dawn asks him to say more. Later, they leave together and Dawn says that she'll see him at the next meeting.

At the next meeting, the counsellor tells them that feeling a sense of emptiness is normal. Hank isn't there but Dawn is, and Dawn talks about her mother's death and how it's not fair that it wasn't anyone's fault and no one to blame. The counsellor tells her that life isn't fair, and Dawn wonders why they can't make it fair.

Afterward, Dawn leaves and finds Hank waiting for her. He offers to buy her a drink and says that he'd like to hear more about her mother. They continue meeting, at bars and at the teahouse and at Don's favorite pizza place. The couple have dinner at Hank's place and he burns the food. When Hank comes back with takeout, he drops a beer bottle and Dawn instinctively catches it. She explains that she had seven years of dance, self-defense, and ju-jitsu. Hank eventually invites her to sleep over on the couch, and she goes into his closet to get some blankets. His old Hawk costume falls out, and Hank shows her the video that Don took. Hank explains that their neighborhood needed help, and Dawn figures that there's more eating Hank up but what happened to Don. Dawn promises that she'll understand, and Hank explains that Vincent molested him as a child.

Afterward, Dawn says that she's sorry. Hank admits that he did nothing to her, and that he and Don never went after Vincent. He explains that doing so would have made it all real and he didn't want to let it be real or let Don find out. Later, Dawn gets off the couch and goes to the bathroom. She sees Hank's pills and then finds his yearbook and a photo of Vincent.

Hank wakes up when a door slams, and he goes out and finds Dawn gone. The computer is up on Vincent's address, and Hank realizes where Dawn is going.

Dawn drives to Vincent's house and rings the doorbell. When he opens the door, Dawn tells him that he needs to admit what he did to Hank and turn himself in. Vincent insists that he didn't do anything, and Dawn barges in and tells him to call the police. The coach grabs his gun and tells her to get out, and Dawn attacks him. Vincent beats her, and Dawn stabs him in the leg with a shard of broken glass. He pulls it out, kicks her in the face, and goes for the gun. Hank arrives and steps on his hand, then picks Vincent up and beats him. Vincent says that he's sorry, and Dawn finds pictures of dozens of other boys on Vincent's computer. Hank tells her that she was never there and should go home. Dawn refuses and closes the door so no one can see them, and Hank continues beating Vincent.

Late back at Hank's apartment, Dawn undresses. Hank does the same and they make love.

The next morning, Dawn tells Hank that the previous night never happened and they can't be together. She hears Rachel's voice calling and sees the girl's reflection in Hank's helmet.


Dawn wakes up from her coma and shakes Hank awake. He calls for a doctor, but Dawn says that it's okay and they need to find Jason Todd because Rachel needs their help. Dawn passes out as the doctor comes in.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 7, 2018

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