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Honor Among Thieves Recap

Three men drive to Central City. There's a road block ahead, and the leader, Stan Kovacs, asks the cop in charge what the problem is. The officers say that they've had an infestation of fruit flies in the area and asks if there are any possible contaminants in the area. When the officers ask to inspect the trunk, Stan agrees and gives the keys to the man in the back seat, Parry Johnson. The officer at the back finds the trunk full of guns, and Parry shoots him while Stan shoots the other officer. Parry takes out a rocket launcher and destroys the car belonging to other two cars. He gets in the car and the three men drive off.

An ice man attempts to make a delivery to a billiard place place. When the owner refuses it, saying that they're closed, the ice man tosses the ice on the street and goes back to his truck. A woman, Kate Tatting Wayne, picks up a piece of the ice and tastes it. She then goes into the billiard place as someone across the street takes photos. Another man, Mark Bernhardt, arrives in a cab, pays the cabbie, and tips him twenty cents. When the cabbie laughs, Bernhardt shoots him with a portable flamethrower and the cab drives off out of control. A third man, Franco Martelli arrives, dodging the cab. The man across the street, a government agent, takes more photos but Parry finds him and shoots him dead.

Barry arrives at work and Julio bumps into him on his way to Sabrina's. Barry says that there's a security briefing that he's going to because he has some unfinished business with someone there. Mitch Estrange tells the officers that one of his agents sent photos before he was murdered. He explains that the Death Mask of Rasputin is coming to the museum, and they think six people are preparing to steal it: cat burglar Kate, demolition expert Bernhardt, getaway driver Franco, chemist Parry Johnson, shooter Darrell Hennings, and electronic expert Chu Lee. They all arrived in Central City that night. Mitch confirms that the mask is worth $15 million if cut up, priceless intact. Head curator Ted Preminger speaks up, saying that the mask is replaceable, and offers his full cooperation because the museum needs the exhibits. He introduces the museum's PR person, Celia Wayne, and Mitch says that they raided the pool hall but the suspects scattered and they have nothing.

After the briefing, Barry hails Ted and says that it's been a long time. Ted knows about the lab accident, and Barry assures him that he's fine. Celia joins them and warns that Mitch will pull the exhibit if there's any sign of trouble. Ted introduces her to Barry, who finds her familiar. He says that he asked for special assignment to the museum. Ted says that it isn't necessary but gives in, and Barry tells him that he hasn't had the time to go to the museum. The curator says that he's counting on the box office to save the museum.

Barry goes to the lab and Julio offers him some of Sabrina's herbal tea. When Barry nervously taps his fingers on the table top, he sets off a small quake and quickly covers by claiming that it's an earthquake. Julio tries to set Barry up with another date, and Barry's hand shakes as he holds a cup of coffee. He quickly excuses himself and leaves.

Stan and Franco wait in their car, and Stan finally tells the others to proceed. Hennings covers Kate as she enters STAR Labs, and the others take out the alarm.

Barry speeds into STAR Lab and tells Tina that he wanted to talk. He suggests that his speed is affecting his brain and he's stuck in "overdrive". Barry explains that he hasn't slept in three days since he saw that Ted was coming to Central City. He says that Ted was his archaeology professor in college, but his father expected him to do something more "manly". In Barry's junior year, he switched to police science and Ted didn't speak to him for ten years, until that night. Barry admits that Ted was like a father to him, and when he shut Barry out it hurt. Tina says that the problem is human: Barry is beating himself up over failing Ted and Henry, but Barry ended up following both professions. As Barry thanks Tina for her advice, they hear an explosion and he speeds off to investigate.

Hennings goes in and sees a red light. He warns the others by radio and then Flash punches him unconscious. After disassembling Hennings' gun, Flash runs out and spots Stan's car. Running up alongside, Flash tells Franco to pull over. Franco keeps driving, and Flash grabs a blanket and tosses it over the windshield while hanging onto the roof. They hit a barricade and Flash is knocked off into the dirt on the other side. Franco is knocked out, and Kate pulls up. Stan gets in her car and she says that she got everything they were after. After they drive off, Flash recovers and confirms that Franco is dead. He calls the precinct and calls in the police, then runs off.

The next day, Tina tells Barry to take it easy because his injuries haven't fully healed. She says that several of the stolen components could be assembled into a cutting laser that could cut p gemstones. Barry realizes that Stan wasn't one of the sixth men, and says that Tina could have been killed. She angrily tells him not to go chasing cars, and they go into the museum. Ted approaches Barry, who asks if it's okay that he's there. The curator insists that Mitch is paranoid, and wonders if the thieves are after something else.

Celia joins them and says that the mask is there. They go with the guards delivering the container, and Celia puts the mask on the display plinth. Mitch activates the sensors and vacuum on the case, and Ted demonstrates how the rubies in the mask eyes are specially arranged.

At a hotel, Chu references the Central City Daily files and finds references to Flash. Hennings confirms that Flash attacked him, and Stan figures that Flash is either a cop or working for them since a cop apparently called in the crash. Bernhardt wants out, and Stan says that if he helps him kill Flash then he'll pay him a generous severance fee.

At the museum, Celia talks to Barry about how long they've been on the tour. She admits that she has a crush on Ted, and coming back gave her a chance to come back to see the old place. Celia asks Barry why he quit, and he says that he couldn't see himself locked in a museum basement cataloguing bones. He also wanted to do something. Celia chuckles and points out that he ended in a lab anyway. Murphy and Bellows come in to take over the night shift, and Bellows reveals his case full of snacks. Celia says that she has to go back to her hotel and leaves. Murphy tells Barry that someone left a message for Flash asking to meet him at the billiard club concerning the STAR Lab robbery.

Flash speeds to the club and finds Bernhardt standing next to a rack. Stan is watching on a hidden camera. Flash goes over to Bernhardt and realizes that he's dead... and there's an explosive attached to his test. As Stan triggers the bomb, Flash speeds out. Celia comes in from the shower in Stan's room and kisses him.

The next day, Julio brings Barry the files of every jewel thief from the last five years. Barry looks through them trying to find Stan from what he saw of the man. When Julio points out that it will take days for Barry to go through the files, Barry sends him to get takeout. Once he's alone, Barry goes through the files at superspeed but finds nothing. He then recreates what he saw of Stan on the computer facial program.

Once he gets the information on Stan, he tells Mitch what he found. Celia comes over as Barry says that he has everything they need to prepare for Stan. Mitch warns that they can't prepare for Stan, and gives Celia six hours to remove the mask. Celia agrees to tell Ted and angrily tells Barry that he's done enough. She calls Stan and says that Mitch is moving the mask in six hours and they have to steal it that night.

Barry finds Ted in an exhibit room, and Ted says that he was going to use the extra revenue to refurbish the entire ring. He tells Barry that he did his job and that he was always thorough, and he could count on his research. Ted regrets that it took Barry's job to bring him back there, and Barry says that Ted has to understand that his time and attention weren't wasted on him and he was wrong to shut him out. Barry admits that he was wrong for not telling him, and Ted tells him that Barry was his favorite student and he made a mistake... and it was his lost. They shake and Ted apologizes.

Mitch comes in and tells Barry that there's a major crime wave in Central City and the chief has pulled all of his officers away from the museum. Barry realizes that Stan set up the entire thing to get the cops at the museum while the thieves robs the city blind.

Chu breaks into a bank vault.

Flash speeds across town.

Hennings robs a gala.

Parry gasses the men at an armored car company unconscious and takes the gold.

Kate breaks into a government lab and steals top-secret files.

Flash speeds into the vault and takes Chu's bag of money, puts it back on the shelves, and then locks him in the vault. He then stops Parry, who figures that he's hallucinating. Flash puts the gold bullion around Parry in a makeshift cell.

Celia kisses Stan, who is disguised as a guard.

Flash is unable to get to Kate due to a laser barrier. She goes back up the line she came in on, and Flash speeds to the roof, ties her up, and drops her back down through the skylight.

Stan and Celia drive to the museum and Celia tells the guards that Stan is transporting the mask and they need an escort.

Flash arrives at the gala and removes the magazine from Hennings' gun. As Hennings takes a hostage, the police arrive and arrest him. Flash realizes that Stan is going after the mask and used the others as a distraction, and speeds to the museum.

Bellows goes upstairs and finds the guards unconscious. Stan tranqs him unconscious as well, while Celia turns off all of the sensors. Mitch steps out and trains a gun on Stan, and knows that Celia is guilty as well. When she goes for a gun, Stan tranqs him and gets the mask. As they leave, Flash lassos Stan's legs with a fire hose. He drops the mask and Celia goes after it. When Flash goes after her, Stan ducks away and throws a spear into Flash's shoulder. Flash deflects the next throws with a shield and then throws it, knocking a tapestry down on Stan and then shooting arrows to pin him in place.

Celia runs for the door with the mask, and Ted asks her what's going on. She draws a gun on him and advises him to let it go, but he refuses to let his work go to waste. Barry shows up, takes the gun, and handcuffs Celia to a pole. Ted realizes that Barry is bleeding from the shoulder, and Barry asks him to call Tina before he passes out.

The next day, the museum announces that the mask showing has been extended one month. A tabloid has a front-page article about Flash, and Tina says that it's kind of sexy, like a sports car or an aftershave. Shawn comes with Ted and asks if he can stay longer to see the exhibits, and Barry agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2018

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