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Elseworlds, Part 3 Recap

The people of Central City cheer as Superman flies down and intercepts the Trigger Twins: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. They realize that John Deegan is Superman, and Deegan says that being Superman is his destiny. Oliver dismisses him as a cheap knockoff, and Deegan blasts a nearby crane tower with his heat vision. He boasts that it's his world, not theirs, and smashes the concrete knocking them over. The tower wavers, and Oliver has Barry slide him a gun. He then shoots the tower and says that Deegan has to either save them or save the people. Deegan flies over and grabs it just in time. Barry and Oliver go to STAR Labs to discover how extensively Deegan has changed reality.

Deegan arrives at STAR Labs and team applauds his efforts. He smashes a panel, furious that Barry and Oliver escaped. They assure him that he's too powerful for anyone to escape him, and the pipeline alarm goes off as subject one tries to escape without success. Deegan says that he'll handle her, and goes to the cell where Kara is locked up. She knows who Deegan really is, and he tells her that the Book of Destiny told him all of their secrets. However, there was nothing in the Book about Kara, so he locked her up and dampened her powers. Now Deegan is the new and improved Supergirl, and she will never see the light of day again. Kara insists that she'll stop him, but Deegan insists that he's the hero that the planet needs.

When Kara tries to break the glass, Alex comes in and triggers a sonic device to stun her. Deegan tells Kara not to get any ideas because she's under constant guard. Alex walks off and Deegan explains that he rewrote the planet's reality so that no one is who he knows. He promises to kill Alex if Kara doesn't behave and leaves.

Barry and Oliver go to get Cisco, breach to Earth-38, and find the real Superman. They enter Cisco's apartment and Novu teleports them to a platform in the middle of space. He says that it's time to talk to them about their destiny. He says that he's impressed that they managed to outwit a super-powered opponent with no powers or abilities. When Oliver demands that Novu return them, Novu realizes that he's ready to die and says that there might be hope for the universe yet. He informs them that survival will only be found by knowing their true selves or the world is doomed like all the others.

Novu returns the two heroes to the apartment building, and they figure that Cisco is a bad guy since reality has been warped. They go to a bar and the customers nervously back away from them. Gary Green is tending the bar is thrilled to see them. Oliver asks for Cisco, and Gary directs them to a table. Cisco is counting money at a booth.

Kara manages to use a bit of her superbreath to freeze a section of the glass wall. Alex goes by and Kara calls to her. She explains that they're sisters, but Alex doesn't believe her. Kara insists that things aren't real and asks to explain, but Alex dismisses her as crazy and shutters the cell.

Cisco isn't interested in helping Barry and Oliver, and his bodyguard James and their thugs comes over and offers to remove the two men from the bar. Oliver says that they have a business proposal, but Cisco isn't interested and the thugs toss Barry and Oliver across the bar. However, Cisco tells James to take them outside to kill them. Barry yells that he knows Cisco's bother Dante, and that Dante would tell Cisco listen to their offer.

Oliver suggests that they can get rid of Superman. Cisco talks to them privately and they confirm that he can vibe. He realizes that they didn't know he could, and Barry offers to teach Cisco how to get to a whole different Earth. Intrigued, Cisco tells them to continue.

Caitlin Snow finds Alex and tells her to take the night off while Diggle monitors the prisoners. Alex isn't interested, and Caitlin wonders why Alex doesn't want to go home. In her cell, Kara hears them talk, and Alex tells Caitlin that she loves her work and the work is important. Caitlin figures that they're just there to prop Superman's ego up, and advises Alex to loosen up. Alex still refuses and Caitlin leaves.

Barry shows Cisco how to take them to Superman's Fortress of Solitude in Earth-38. Superman and Lois realize that something is wrong, and Superman asks where Kara is.

Kara continues freezing her cell wall, and Alex opens the shutter and uses the sonic dampener. Desperate, Kara says something in Japanese and says that Alex on her Earth taught her how to speak it. She describes how Alex was in Japan and was homesick, and a girl taught it to her. Alex knows the story is true, and Lara explains that on her Earth Alex is in charge, and is just and proud and always does what's right. She says that Alex has the biggest heart of anyone she knows, good friends, a real family of support, and wants a wife and kids. Alex says that Alex sounds pretty ominous, and Kara tells her that she's still that person. She explains that Deegan rewrote reality to make them all prisoners. Alex asks what Kara would do if she'd let her out.

Barry and Oliver tell Superman and Lois what the new Earth-1 is like. Clark says that he's encountered similar Books before, but rewriting it always comes at a cost. Cisco figures the Book is at STAR Labs, and Clark and Lois realize that Clark has to go.

Deegan, Diggle, and Caitlin confront Alex and Kara as they head out. Kara tries to take the blame, but Alex says that Kara is her sister. Deegan prepares to heat-vision them, but Superman, Oliver, Barry, and Cisco arrive. The two Superman fight, blasting out of the roof, and Cisco breeches out. Diggle and Caitlin attack Oliver and shoves him into an elevator, and Alex grabs Barry until Kara convinces Alex that Barry is on her side. Alex tells them that Deegan would keep anything valuable in his Fortress of solitude.

Superman and Deegan fly through the streets, knocking a helicopter out of the sky. Superman catches it and sets it down on a helipad, and Deegan attacks him. He slams Superman into CatCo, asks how it feels to be the villain for once, and throws him through a window.

Alex takes Kara and Barry to the time vault--Deegan's Fortress--and discover that the Book is unlocked. Kara opens it and flinches as the energy sweeps over her, and Barry says that Clark knew how to use the Book. The three of them run out.

As Deegan slams Superman down in front of STAR Labs, Kara blasts him back with her heat vision and gives the Book to Clark. He opens it and reality rewrites itself. Kara becomes Supergirl, and inside Barry becomes Flash. Oliver becomes Green Arrow and comes back in the elevator with the unconscious Diggle and Caitlin.

Barry speeds out to the plaza, and Deegan lands and grabs Barry by the neck. Supergirl uses her heat vision but Deegan knocks her back. Oliver arrives and prepares to shoot Deegan with a Kryptonite arrow. Barry tells him to be better, and that might be Novu's test. Oliver lowers his bow, and Deegan unleashes a sonic boom, grabs the Book, and flies off with it.

Supergirl and Alex toss Diggle and Caitlin in a pipeline cell, and Supergirl tells Alex that after everything goes back to normal, it will still be who Alex is. Alex says that Supergirl's Alex is a lucky woman. The building shakes as reality warps around it. Supergirl goes to the Cortex and they figure that Deegan is rewriting reality again. Barry suggests that they slow down time by he and Supergirl travel around Earth in opposite directions to slow it. Superman says that when he opened the Book, he saw them both die when they tried it. Undeterred, Supergirl and Barry speed off. Oliver says that he has an idea and tells Superman to get the Book and hope that destinies can be rewritten.

Deegan stands on a street using the Book as the people around him run in panic.

Oliver goes to Cisco's apartment, discovers that the door is locked, and calls to Novu. He tells him to stop with the games and show himself, and Novu teleports him to his space platform. Oliver says that he knows what happens to Barry and Kara, and figures that Novu is testing them to see if they're good enough. He doesn't think that no one has stood and confronted Novu in any world that he tested, and says that his true self is filled with darkness. Oliver says Barry and Kara are the best of them, and if Novu's testing is going to kill their best chance of stopping the crisis, then Novu isn't a very smart god. Novu says that balance requires change, and asks how Oliver would propose he keep the balance.

Flash and Supergirl speed around the world in opposite directions.

The police pull up and Deegan changes them to taxi cab drivers. Superman arrives and says that the way Deegan has been using his powers show that he's no hero. Deegan insists that he didn't think big enough, and summons AMAZO. AMAZO blasts Superman back, and Deegan insists that he is the master of the world.

Lois, J'onn, and Brainiac-5 arrive via a breach, and Brainiac-5 is excited to fight AMAZO. He attacks the robot and they fly off into the sky.

Flash and Supergirl go faster.

J'onn tells Superman to protect the civilians and finish it. Lois slams down a device that she brought, and Deegan is knocked back. He drops the book but grabs it and unleashes the energy directly at Superman.

Supergirl and Flash start to burn up from their sheer speed.

The energy wave bounces off of Superman and sends Lois flying away. As she drops to the pavement, time slows and Oliver arrives. He fires an arrow at Deegan, hitting the Book and knocking it out of Deegan's hands. Superman catches Lois just in time, and the energy pours into Deegan, transforming him back to his normal form except physically disfigured. Oliver picks up the book, and tells the others that he knew Barry could do it.

Flash and Supergirl arrive and fist-b ump, and Braianiac-5 drops the deactivated AMAZO down onto the sidewalk.

That night at STAR Labs, Oliver admits that he kind of likes Barry and Kara. The restored Cisco opens a breach so Kara and the others can return to Earth-38. Later in Smallville, Clark and Kara go to the Kent barn and Clark says that Kara doesn't need an organization to keep the world safe. Kara agrees and Clark tells her that she's so much stronger than him. Lois comes over and tells Kara that they're having a baby. Kara hugs them and offers her congratulations, and they figure that Argo is the safest place for Lois to be with the baby. Clark figures that the world doesn't need Superman if it has Supergirl, so he's going to retire.

Later at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Lois have dinner,. Superman says that he wants every night with Lois to be special, crushes a piece of coal into a diamond, attaches it to an engagement ring, and proposes to Lois. All he can say is her name and she accepts.

On their earth, Barry and Oliver go to the bar to drink. Oliver describes what superspeed was like for him, and admits that he's going to miss what Barry calls "Flashtime". Barry figures that Oliver talked to Novu and got him to change their destinies. Oliver says that they changed their own destinies by being heroes, and they say that the others are good men. Touched, Oliver says that he isn't but because of Barry, he'll get there one day. Rather than hug, Oliver proposes a toast to appreciating what they have however long they'll have it. Oliver steps away to take a call from Batwoman, who says that she came from Arkham and Deegan has made a friend.

Deegan sits unconscious in his cell, while Psycho Pirate talks about how worlds will live and die, and the universe will never be the same.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 12, 2018

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