Elseworlds, Part 3

Deegan "thinks big" and rewrites the reality of Earth-1 so that he's the only superhero... and a familiar face. While Barry and Oliver try to contact Superman on Earth-38, Kara tries to get through to her foster sister Alex... who no longer remembers who Kara is.



By Gadfly on Dec 12, 2018

The people of Central City cheer as Superman flies down and intercepts the Trigger Twins: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. They realize that John Deegan is Superman, and Deegan says that being Superman is his destiny. Oliver dismisses him as a cheap knockoff, and Deegan blasts a nearby crane tower with his heat vision. He boasts that it's his world, not theirs, and smashes the concrete knocking them over. The tower wavers, and Oliver has Barry slide him a gun. He then shoots the tower and says that…

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