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Tiny Recap

A cane handle knocks on a familiar door, and EMMA opens the threshold of her apartment to find an impatient looking MR. GOLD, asking Emma if she’s ready to go. “Almost,” she tells him, as Henry walks in, asking, “Do you think we’ll be cold where we’re going or warm?” Emma, a bit at a loss as Gold hasn’t told them their destination, tells him layers are always good. A perturbed Gold tells Emma he thought the terms of their agreement were clear; she alone was to accompany him. Emma tells him that with Cora and Regina in Storybrooke, there’s no way she’s leaving Henry alone. They both go… or they both stay. Gold sees he’s in no position to argue, and says they’ll need to purchase another plane ticket. Emma: “Wait, we’re flying?” Gold tells her he’s covering expenses, when DAVID interrupts, wryly telling Gold he’s quite the gentleman, as he brings down Emma and Henry’s bags. MARY MARGARET says goodbye to Emma and Henry as David drops the bags, then corners Gold, telling him that if anything happens to his family-- Gold interrupts, asking what David thinks he could do to harm him, but David corrects him. If anything happened to his family he would be devastated. It’s not a threat; it’s a request. David nobly implores Gold to look after his daughter and grandson. A somewhat taken aback Gold promises David that, while they’re in his care, no harm will come to his family.

Shortly after, in Gold’s Cadillac, Henry pops up from the backseat between Emma and Gold, asking, “So, where are we going?” “Logan International Airport,” Says Gold. Emma tells Gold she think he means after that. He says they’ll take it one step at a time. As they drive, Emma looks to Gold’s ‘scarf’, which is his son Baelfire’s shawl. It’s Gold’s most treasured possession, and with Gold’s spell in EP 212, it’s been made into a talisman to protect him from the effects of crossing the town line. It should protect him from returning to his cursed self. Gold tells Emma for all their sake they better hope that the shawl works. As Gold passes the Storybrooke sign, the shawl gives off a magic glow. Emma, “So?” Gold says his name is Rumplestiltskin. And they’re going to find his son.


Back in Storybrooke, David straps on his gun and holster, telling Mary Margaret that he’s going to join the Dwarfs, who are on Regina and Cora watch. David, offering MM her coat, “They could use our help.” As MM climbs into her coat, “Really? How hard could it be to find a powerful sorceress in a small town?” Suddenly, a knock at the door. They open it to find REGINA. David, “Apparently not that hard.” Regina tells them that she knows they think she’s responsible for Dr. Hopper’s death. MM tells her that her they know she didn’t kill Dr. Hopper, adding that Cora found a way to return to Storybrooke with her and Emma. Regina says that’s not possible, and is very convincingly shocked, considering she succumbed to Cora’s evil plans in EP 212. Mary Margaret apologies for blaming her. Regina says she knows, but adds that with Cora in town they’re all in danger. She asks to see Henry, saying she can protect him. They let her know that Henry is not there; he went with Gold and Emma to find Gold’s son. Regina is upset at this, but MM reminds her that Emma doesn’t need her permission to take Henry anywhere. Regina concedes this coolly, then leaves, with MM remarking sardonically, “That went well.” David says things with her don’t usually go much better, and then collects their jackets and weapons, telling MM he knows who can help them find Cora.

Jump to the STORYBROOKE DOCKS, where a limping HOOK (still recovering from injuries from his encounter with the stranger’s car in EP 211) leads Mary Margaret, David and Leroy down the docks, quipping and flirting with MM through his pain. But David is having none of it, offering to relieve Hook of his other hand if he doesn’t cooperate. David: “Where’s the ship?” Archie told them that the Jolly Roger was shielded. Hook concedes this, and with a little encouragement from Leroy and David, leads the group towards the hidden ship. MM assures the group that Hook will cooperate. He’s a pirate, he’ll do what’s best for him. Hook, acceding, leads them all onto the ship, and they disappear as they walk up the enchanted vessel’s deck. ONBOARD, Leroy, amazed at the Jolly Roger, asks Hook, if he can sail to this land, can he sail back to Fairy Tale Land? Hook says that, amazing as his ship may be, it can’t travel between lands on its own. David, impatient, interrupts, demanding Hook tell him about Cora’s plans. Hook tells him he’s not sure of her plans, but he’s sure it involves… him. Hook pulls back a tarp covering a cage holding THE GIANT. Or at least he was the giant the last time we saw him. He’s human-size now, albeit still quite formidable. Mary Margaret asks the question on everyone’s mind: “Who’s that?”

From her query we leap to FAIRY TALE LAND. The Kingdom of the Giants, to be exact. And not the ruin Emma encountered when she first ran into The Giant (and betrayed Hook, EP 207). This is Giant Land when it’s still prospering. The Giant rushes towards a DINNER BELL, and joins his BROTHERS, all giants even larger than he is, at a table full of food. The giant’s brothers tease him about not working in the bean fields, and have nicknamed him “Tiny.” “It’s ANTON,” he tells them. Anton’s oldest bother ARLO stops the hubbub at the table and reminds his brothers that they must be respectful of the hundred-year harvest of the magic beans. Anton questions what sense it makes to harvest the beans, but his objection is cut short when a loud interruption reveals that Anton has been holding on to (and now dropped) a tiny LYRE. His brothers further chide Anton for being obsessed with human culture, and dismiss Anton’s curiosity about humans by telling him that they only want to conquer and to destroy life. Anton doesn’t understand why they grow the beans if they don’t do anything with them, and Arlo tells him that the labor is everything. It’s what they do. One of Anton’s other brothers smashes the harp in his enormous hand, causing a dejected Anton to rush out of the main hall, and into the COURTYARD, where he comes upon a BEANSTALK, and below it a whole world that he eyes eagerly. Anton starts climbing down the stalk, as we go to –

Storybrooke, on the JOLLY ROGER. Where David and Mary Margaret free a dazed Anton from his cage. Anton tells MM his name, noticing that the witch has made him small. Then he turns and sees David. “You,” he says. David, confused, “Me?” Anton HURLS David, tosses aside Leroy, and is about to continue his assault when MM sends a warning arrow flying past him. Anton stops short, but tells them this isn’t over; he’ll make David pay for his evil. With that, Anton flees the ship, leaving our group stunned and bruised.

Meanwhile, in the STORYBROOKE HOSPITAL, RUBY comes to visit her friend Belle, who still is without her memories of her past, and truly adrift. Ruby tries to connect with her, bringing Belle a book that doesn’t seem to interest her. Belle asks Ruby about the things she saw: that man (Gold) healed her, and he shot a fireball from his hands! Ruby tries to dismiss these experiences, trying to protect the town’s secret, but Belle just gets upset at being told she’s unhinged. She knows what she saw! And her name is not Belle, why does everyone keep calling her that?!? As Belle starts to crack, the NURSE moves in to further sedate her. As a distraught Ruby prepares to leave she notices GREG MENDELL walking with his IV pole. Eyeing the scene, he asks Ruby if everything is alright. She tells him it’s fine, asking how he’s feeling. “Much improved,” he tells her, and Ruby tells him the sooner he’s better the sooner he can leave their sleepy town. Off Greg considering this –

We leap to GRANNY’S DINER, where Mary Margaret, Leroy and David ponder why Anton would come after David that way, considering David’s never met him. As they puzzle, David realizes something. It’s not about him. Anton just thinks it is. From there we go to –

FAIRY TALE LAND, in a castle’s chambers, where we see CHARMING making out with a brunette we assume is SNOW. But as the Prince purrs at the woman we reveal… it’s not Snow! Whoever this mystery woman is, she’s clearly got the Prince’s attention. Just then, KING GEORGE barges in and we quickly realize that this isn’t Charming at all, but his twin brother, PRINCE JAMES! This is taking place before he gets killed and is replaced by Charming. King George tells James his dalliances can wait, the kingdom is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. George tells James that a Giant is wandering the countryside; a giant that could be of use to them. James and his female companion set out to track the giant down.

Back in STORYBROOKE, at Granny’s, MM and Leroy now realize it was James who Anton is after. They leave, with David resolving to find out what trouble his brother got himself into.

In FAIRY TALE LAND, in a TAVERN, we see revelers being watched through a window by an enormous FACE. It’s Anton, wishing he could join in, but unable due to his size. As a discouraged Anton walks off, he is stopped by James and his lady-friend. James tells Anton hat he’s prince of the realm, and he that wants to welcome him. Anton admits he’s always been fascinated by the ways of humans, and James offers to let him experience them firsthand. James’ companion presents Anton with a piece of special MUSHROOM that will temporarily shrink him to their size. Anton accepts, asking them their names. James introduces himself, and the woman tells Anton that her name is Jacqueline, but everyone calls her JACK. Anton, no reason to be worried about that name, eats the piece of mushroom, and SHRINKS TO HUMAN SIZE.

At LOGAN INTERNATIONL AIRPORT, Emma picks up their plane tickets and leads Henry and Gold towards the security check line. Gold seems nervous, and it’s not helped by Henry peppering him with questions. As Gold nears the metal detector, he’s told by a TSA guard that his cane and his scarf need to be removed. Gold, panicked, tells Emma he can’t; the scarf is keeping him from losing his memories. But he has no choice, and after placing his scarf in the bin, Gold staggers through the checkpoint. A concerned Emma puts his shawl back on him quickly, and Gold lets her know he’s still himself. Henry, not detecting this close-call, runs off to find a Cinnabons, as we go –

To Storybrooke. Hook waits near the docks until he’s visited by REGINA. She tells Hook that she and her mother have made amends, and asks Hook if MM and David have found the ship. Hook rebuffs her, telling Regina Cora can ask herself, but Regina says her mother doesn’t think it would be prudent to be out. He tells her that they did find the ship. Regina tells him Cora needs her things from the ship, and Hook tells her she’s in luck, because the person they freed on board took one look at David and became extremely murderous. Regina, realizing there’s a giant in town that wants to kill the prince, sees just the distraction they need.

Meanwhile, in downtown Storybrooke, a confused Anton stumbles through the street, almost getting hit by several cars as he moves through this foreign environment.

Back in FTL, at the Tavern Anton was eyeing before, James and Jack lead him to a table and get him a drink, as the guest of honor. Anton is reminded that he never gets this treatment from his brothers at home, and Jack tells him she’s not sure about this family of his; it doesn’t sound like they appreciate him. James tells Anton that sometimes you need to leave home to find the people you’re meant to be with. James excuses himself, telling Jack to take care of their guest. Jack tells Anton that James and his father are broke, and the kingdom will be in ruins if they don’t find money. Jack tries to find out about the valuable beans. Anton deflects her query by telling her he doesn’t know anything about beans, but his kingdom does have plenty of treasure they can have. If he’s going to stay here for good he wants to make sure the kingdom is intact. As an overjoyed Jack kisses Anton on the cheek, we go to –

-- STORYBROOKE, in the WOODS, where a despondent Anton is discovered by Regina. He tells her to keep away or he’ll kill her. Regina laughs this off, telling Anton that if he wants to destroy the town taking down the prince, she’s happy to help. She gives him a piece of mushroom that will temporarily turn him back to giant size. Anton takes it, and as our POV rises with Anton, looking down on a gloating Regina, we travel to –

The AIRPORT. Waiting at their gate, Emma and Henry watch a nervous Gold pace. Emma and Henry try to talk to him, but Gold snaps at them and tells them he’ll be right back. In the airport BATHROOM, Gold retreats to a stall, and after a moment, he LASHES OUT, pounding a metal dispenser until his hand bleeds. Gold waves his other hand over the injuries, but… nothing happens. He’s still bleeding. It’s a painful reminder that he’s no longer in a land of magic, and essentially as powerless as any normal man for what awaits him. Henry pops his head into the bathroom, telling Gold they’re boarding soon, is he coming? Off Gold, powerless but determined –

THE KINGDOM OF THE GIANTS, in the treasure room, where Anton fills bags with treasure to give to his new friends. His brother ARLO barges in, asking where Anton has been. Anton tells Arlo that he’s been down the beanstalk to the human world and that’s where he wants to move. He’s taking the treasure to protect his new chosen land. Just then, SENTRY BIRDS arrive in the treasure room, and Arlo and Anton both know that means someone is intruding on their kingdom. Arlo, suddenly scared, asks Anton if he told the humans where he was going? Anton wants to believe in his new friends, but is suddenly concerned.

Back in STORYBROOKE, a GIANT ANTON storms through the streets of Storybrooke, creating havoc with every step and swipe. MM and David watch from a nearby corner as a CAR SAILS OVER THEM. David tells the terrified people of Storybrooke to head for town hall as he and MM ponder how they’ll fell a giant. David interrupts Anton’s revenge by calling out to him. David tells him that he’s not who he thinks he is. The person who wronged him was his twin brother James. David assures Anton that his brother is dead and he means him no harm. MM jumps in, telling Anton that they’re good, and that he knows their daughter Emma. Anton says he’ll stop the destruction if Emma says they’re okay, but MM has to admit Emma is “kind of out of town.” Anton believes this is another lie, and continues his rampage.

In FTL, at the top of the BEANSTALK in the Giant Kingdom, Prince James and Jack arrive. As they survey the giants’ kingdom, Arlo and Anton rush in. Arlo is ready for attack, but Anton tells him that it’s okay; these are his friends. He tells James and Jack they didn’t need to follow him, he’s got all the treasure they need right here. But James coldly dismisses this. He’s not here for the treasure, he wants the beans. All of them. Anton, heartbroken, realizes in a moment that he was tricked. Arlo, stepping in, tells the intruders that the giants are peaceful, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of a fight. Bloodthirsty James takes this as an invitation, and he and Jack draw their swords and close in on the giants.

In STORYBROOKE, Anton chases David, Mary Margaret and Leroy down the street while Leroy tries to sort out the complexities of David’s various names. MM reminds David that if they run much further they’ll cross the town line. What’s the plan? David turns and faces the still-charging Anton. David offers to surrender himself if Anton will spare Storybrooke. “Deal,” says Anton. He leaps up, ready to smash David under his plummeting weight, but MM pushes David out of the way, leaving Anton to slam into the street, embedding himself up to his waist. And before a stunned Anton knows what’s happening, he begins to SHRINK! David, MM and Leroy go over to the enormous PIT that was left by Anton’s giant frame to see Anton, human sized, hanging on a plank, a long fall to the bottom of the pit below him.

Back in the Giant Kingdom, Arlo rushes up to Anton and tells him that the humans have poisoned swords and are overrunning them. His other brothers have already fallen. Anton is despondent, feeling he doomed his people, but Arlo corrects him, telling Anton he’s their last hope. He must keep the beans out of the humans’ hands by razing the bean fields. Anton hesitates, but Arlo is adamant.

Back in STORYBROOKE, David, Mary Margaret and Leroy lead a group of townspeople, including Granny and others, as they tie a rope to a PICK-UP near the edge of the PIT in order to try and rescue Anton. They throw the rope down to Anton, and after MM gives him a kiss for good luck, David starts to rappel down to the stranded former giant. Nearing him, David tells Anton to give him his hand. Anton says no, he doesn’t want to go back up there, maybe death is better. David convinces him to take his hand, and everyone helps lift David and Anton out of the pit. Anton, amazed, “You saved my life.” David tells him that not every human is bad, and whatever his brother did back in FTL, they are Anton’s friends.

In the GIANT KINGDOM, as James pilfers TREASURE from the treasure room, Jack stabs Arlo with her poison sword. Arlo cries out, then lifts Jack and stabs her with her own sword. Arlo drops her as he, too, collapses from the effects of the poison. Anton rushes in, crying out as he sees his fallen brother. Jack calls out to James, but he tells her sorry, he’s got a kingdom to run, and then flees with his sack of treasure. A dying Arlo asks Anton if he destroyed the beans, and he says he did. Anton is panicked. Everyone else is dead; Arlo can’t die, too. Arlo gives Anton a bit of STALK in a small glass tube that he tells Anton can be used to start a new field someday. Anton is confused; Arlo had him salt the fields. Arlo, in his dying breath, suggests to Anton that someday he might find a new land.

Back in STORYBROOKE, at Granny’s, Leroy leads Anton in, along with the rest of the group. Leroy tells Anton about the excellent pie, and adds that Anton can get a room there to stay in, as well. Anton says he prefers the woods. He’s not the ‘fitting in’’ type. Leroy lets him know he should reconsider. Storybrooke is filled with all types, and he’ll be welcome. After a round of beers is ordered, Anton asks if they don’t all think about going home. David tells him there’s no way back, but Anton produces the bit of STALK that Arlo presented him, telling David and everyone there that he may just have a way back.

In Storybooke, in a FIELD, Anton checks the soil and finds it a good prospect for bean-growing. There’s just one problem. This is why Cora brought him, to grow the beans. They can’t let her get her hands on them. Mary Margaret says simply that they won’t let Cora get to them, with Leroy and the rest of the DWARFS joining in. They have a new mission, and nobody is getting to their crop. Leroy asks Anton if he’s up for some help, and he agrees. Leroy tells Happy to give Anton his own PICK-AXE. When Anton takes it, the name “Tiny” appears on the handle. “That’s what my brothers used to call me,” says a wistful Anton. As Anton and the dwarfs start to pick-axe the ground, getting it ready for planting, we go –

To STORYBROOKE HOSPITAL, in Belle’s room. Greg Mendell comes in to Belle’s room and tells her he overheard her talking about the man who threw the ball of fire. Belle interrupts, telling him she knows he thinks she’s crazy – but Greg tells her he knows she’s not crazy because he saw the SAME THING. As Belle and Greg take in their shared realization –

We leap to Granny’s, outside, where David proffers a coffee to Mary Margaret, and they ‘cheers’ to not being squashed by a giant. A reflective David asks MM what would have happened if he was raised by King George? Would he have turned out as bad as James? MM tells him no, their hearts are different. She tells him she had a lot of fun today. Even though they almost got killed, they both agree they miss their adventures. David tells her it could be like this again. Once the beans grow they can go home where they belong. Mary Margaret hesitates at this, telling him she doesn’t know. Home is where the family is, and that’s here. She doesn’t know if Emma would come with them, and she won’t be separated from her again. David tells her that Emma can take care of herself, and wherever she and Henry are, they’re safe.

From here we go to the cabin of an AIRPLANE, where Emma talks with a happy Henry before turning her attention to a nervous looking Gold. She tells him it’s going to be okay. They’re going to find his son. “I know,” says Gold. And we can’t tell if that’s a relief, or if it’s what’s scaring him most of all. As the plane takes off we stay with Gold, his world about to change in more ways than one…

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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