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Glitch Perfect Recap

On a desert road, Charlie Clef is driving along and sees an armadillo on the road. He speeds up to ram it, but the truck rocks to a halt and the armadillo walks away. Two state troopers arrive and when one cop suggests that they make trucks out of armadillo skin, the other one prepare to shoot him for the idea. A camper comes along, parks up the highway, and the driver gets out and urinates. The driver then gets back in and drives up to them, gets out, greets them, and says that he'll have to take it from there. The troopers immediately agree, but the driver draws a taser and knocks them both out.

Pritkin is making a phone call when Angie interrupts him to demand to know what the "special division" really is. He says that their orders are to follow Perry's order, and Angie points out that Perry threw her in jail and his administration has been plagued by scandal, and wonders if they're the good guys. Pritkin insists that they are, as AJ comes in with a dead teacher that he stole from the cops.

The team is soon in the van, and Pritkin explains that Charlie Clef was a computer science teacher at a high school in Amarillo. He also was the biggest distributor of malware and viruses in the Northern Hemisphere. Clef had just finished a super-virus capable of shooting down power grids. With Clef's death, they can impersonate him, make contact with a buyer, and the rest of them will infiltrate the high school. Angie asks if Perry is a crook, and Pritkin refuses to answer and orders her to get her disguise fitted.

AJ goes with her and asks where her attitude is coming from. He expects her to care about the case and Angie says that she needs to know if she's fighting for the right side. AJ tells her that if she's not on-board then he's going to fall in with a wrong crowd and skateboards away.

Angie arrives in Prosthetics, and Monica makes her up with prosthetics while Charo reviews Angie's new cover story. Once the disguise is complete and Angie looks like herself with a pair of glasses, Monica warns her that some of the students have unwarranted high self-esteem.

In the classroom, Angie helps a student, Delroy, with his coding. Once the bell rings and the students leave, Angie assures the team via her wristwatch communicator that its' going to be easy. A girl comes in and says that it's Glee Club practice time, and Angie is the coach. Angie warns the others that they have a problem.

Pritkin is coaching the school football team and accidentally tells a student that his mother caught his father having an affair. Angie calls Pritkin and says that she hasn’t studied up on glee club. Pritkin tells her to hang on until she gets contacted by the buyer and then they'll tell the students that their teacher is dead. Angie has the students sing their name and what they're going to overcome before the big concert. They do so until Angie decides that they've shared too much, and the students inform Angie that she said at their last practice that she was going to write a new song. Angie sings "Happy Birthday", and the students love it. They all sing it--off-key--and one girl's water breaks.

Later, Angie tells Pritkin that the students are lousy singers and she helped delivered a baby. She finds confiscated snacks in her desk drawer and gets a chat alert from the buyer. They end up sexting and Angie asks to see the money at the loading dock later. The buyer figures that someone is pinging them, and Angie goes to the van. Carla blames Monica, and Pritkin says that they shouldn't play the blame game. Angie wonders where AJ is, and Pritkin tells her that AJ has fallen in with a bad crowd.

AJ has joined a bicycle gang and one girl, Lana, gives him some sports water and some clean urine in case they test him. Angie arrives and demands to know what AJ is doing, and tells him to come with her. AJ says that at least they believe in what they're doing, and Lana promises to show him how to shave his legs if he does a good job.

Monica is posing as a football player and comes to see Pritkin. He worries that her head isn't in the case, and Monica admits that Charo upsets her. Monica says that she'll try, and Pritkin orders her to drop and give him twenty.

Angie goes to the loading dock and meets with Claude Merlot, who sticks to the darkness. She demands to see his face, and Merlot says that if Angie is Clef, they'll win the Glee Club national competition and then he'll know she is who she claims.

The next day, Angie meets with the glee club and they still can't sing. Angie asks what it will take for them to get their act in line. She says that the new Clef has no idea how to connect with a child, and it turns out that she has to listen to kids and pretend the things they care about aren't stupid. As AJ slips in, Angie says that doesn't come easily to her and suggests that they try not to be terrible.

At the competition, the preceding group gets high ratings. Angie worries that they can't win. Her team go on and AJ, Pritkin, Monica, Jagger, and Charo lead leads them in a rousing performance of "Happy Birthday". Merlot is in the audience and signals to Angie, and then heads out the back. Monica tackles him and Angie thanks AJ. The glee club narrowly loses, and Angie then tells the club that it doesn't matter that they lost, just as the judges announce that the winning team has been disqualified because something illegal was found in one of their members' backpacks, and Angie's team wins. One of the students, Peter, admits that Clef has had him plant something in the opposing team's backpack every year.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 30, 2018

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