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Pilot Recap

The episode begins in Sarah's dream. She is racing to save her son John from a Terminator, but she fails and he is killed. She awakens from the nightmare in bed with her fiancée, Charley. The nightmare has convinced her that they are no longer safe and that they have to move on. John is upset because they have been there for 2 years with no problems. He accuses her of leaving because she is afraid of commitment to Charley.

When he finds her gone, Charley files a missing person's report with the police. The report arouses the attention of the FBI and Agent Ellison shows up to talk with Charley. He informs her of Sarah and John's true past, including murder, but Charley is skeptical.

Ellison updates Sarah's case file, not knowing that a Terminator has been monitoring the FBI's systems and awakens when the new information crosses it's screen.

Sarah and John move on to a new town, Red Valley, New Mexico. John makes a new friend, Cameron, who is very inquisitive about his family. At first, John lies to her but later is more honest. On the second day at school, John and Cameron have a substitute teacher named Cromartie, the Terminator, who pulls a gun and shoots at John. Cameron steps in front of John, taking multiple hits and goes down. John escapes out the window with Cromartie in pursuit.

At a local diner where Sarah works as a waitress, she hears a report on the radio of gunfire at the school. She immediately leaves to help John.

In the parking lot, Cromartie almost has John when a truck driven by Cameron runs it down. Cameron, seemingly okay, tells John to come with her if he wants to live.

Sarah arrives at the school and surveils the scene from a distance. Cromartie sneaks up on her and takes her hostage, planning on using her to get to John. It takes her back to their house to wait for John to return. When John enters, Cromartie imitates Sarah's voice and shoots John, but it turns out to be Cameron imitating John's voice. Cameron, apparently a Terminator herself, starts doing combat with Cromartie. Cameron uses a broken electrical line to force Cromartie to shut down. As Sarah and John escape, Cameron joins them and informs them she was sent back from the year 2027 to protect John, and that the Skynet Missile Defense System goes on-line April 19, 2011, followed by a nuclear apocalypse on April 21, 2011. It happens even without Miles Dyson.

Ellison arrives in New Mexico and investigates the incident. He notes that 19 of 22 witnesses saw a shooter with a robot leg.

John is despondent that the terror is happening again, and says he can't keep running. He begs his mother to stop Skynet again and she agrees. They head for Los Angeles and the Dyson residence.

Sarah tells Terissa Dyson that she did not kill her husband, and that he was a hero. She asks if there was anyone at Cyberdyne that Miles was close to that might have continued the work. Terissa says that all of Miles work was destroyed. Cameron enters and tells them they have to go, Cromartie has found them.

Cameron rigs a bomb in their truck that explodes as Cromartie passes by, giving them time to escape in the Dyson's car, but Sarah is shot. She refuses to go to the hospital, and insists that Cameron sew up the wound before John returns from the pharmacy.

The next day, Cameron takes them to a bank where she has a safety deposit box that was opened in 1963. She takes the keys from the teller and forces her to lock them in the vault. Sarah and John start opening multiple boxes and removing items contained within them on a table. Cameron starts assembling the pieces into a weapon, and tells John that in the future, he sent someone back in time to build the weapon since not even clothing survives time travel.

Cromartie arrives at the bank and begins attacking the door to the vault. Cameron finishes the weapon and hands it to Sarah while she opens another safety deposit box containing a time travel device. Cameron programs the machine to send them to 2007. She argues that even though they don't know who builds Skynet, they know where and when, so they can kill it before it is born.

As Cromartie finally breaks into the vault, Sarah's weapon finally powers up. She orders Cameron to initiate the time travel, steps into the sphere and fires the weapon at Cromartie, blowing him into pieces.

They arrive in 2007, naked and in the middle of a LA freeway causing a massive multi-car accident. A teenage boy captures video of them on them on his cell phone, which ends up on the television news. Both Agent Ellison and Charley see the footage.

Written by pentar on Nov 11, 2015

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