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Mac + Fallout + Jack Recap

At Mac's place, Mac and Jack take a selfie of themselves and prepare for their seventh "Maniversary" trip to Las Vegas. Jack insists that they show up wearing suits and insists nothing is going to interrupt them. As they drive through the desert, Jack describes what they're going to do in Vegas, and a SUV slams into them.

On their way to lunch, Wilt takes Leanna to a for-sale house and asks for her opinion about it. She says that it needs work and Wilt admits that he's thinking about moving in if Leanna moves in with him. Wilt tells Leanna that he's never felt 5that way about anyone except Leanna, and hopes she'll take the next step with him. Leanna says that she needs to take time to think about it, and quickly leaves when Matty texts them to come in.

At Phoenix, Matty tells Wilt, Leanna, and Riley that she's sending them after Naveed Bin Dajani, a suspected terrorist leader. He's been transporting data detailing his organization's illegal finances to bankers in Western European. Naveed as sent his niece, Princess Zhara, to deliver it. The data is encoded on a necklace gem using laser technology, and Zahra is meeting with her uncle's bankers in Zurich in 72 hours. As a cover, she's going on a two-day shopping spree in Milan. Couture designers will privately show Zahra their collections, and the agents will infiltrate the suite, copy the data, and eliminate it. They'll go in as hotel caterers, using a specially-designed diamond scanner and degausser.

Mac wakes up wearing a gas mask and finds himself and Jack in an underground cell. He wakes up Jack and they realize that they're in a prison or worse. They're shackled to a staple in the floor, and Mac realizes that they were drugged for transport. However, they left Mac his Swiss knife but took their socks and shoes, and their chains are just short enough that they can't reach the door. Mac points out that there's a surveillance camera in a vent, and Jack starts yelling at their captor. He realizes that it's an underground fallout shelter, and figures that their captor went to great lengths to set the whole thing up. There's a dish of sago worms set out for them, and the agents realize that its about their first DXS mission in Jakarta.

In Jakarta in March 2012, a waiter serves Mac and Jack sago worms and says that a man Griggs sent them. G4riggs and his partner Hadley are CIA agents, and sent the sago worms to see if they'd eat them. Griggs tells Mac that he should be packing a gun, and Jack insists that Mac can handle it. Their supervisor, Waller, tells them that once MacGyver has verified that the missile is legit, Jack will get the on Samrozi to give up the location of the weapon, and then Griggs and Hadley will take him down.

Samrozi arrives and introduces his assistant Yovan, and then sits down and eats the sago worms. Yovan shows them a tablet with an image of the missile, and Mac checks it out. Samrozi then asks Jack what he's been doing since they last met. Jack claims that he was busy in South America, and the agents spot a shooter behind them. Samrozi and Yovan run off in the confusion, and the four agents split up to go after him. Mac gets to Yovan by sliding along a line of lights and takes Yovan down,

Mac and Jack figure that Samrozi has captured them, and Mac has Jack cover him on the camera while he scraps shavings off of a can.

In Malta, the agents serve food while Zahra sees couture models. Zhara never takes off her necklace, and she calls Wilt over figuring that he has an opinion about the dress she's wearing because he looked at her and shook his head. Wilt finally says that it's a no and Zahra tells the designer Marco that they're leaving because she figures that Wilt is the only one telling her the truth. When Riley and Leanna tell Wilt that Astra is Zahra is leaving before they can get the diamond, Wilt claims that he's a designer and offers to show Zahra his dresses the next day with Riley and Leanna as his models. Zahra agrees and once they're alone, Wilt says that he can handle it.

Mac finally says that he's ready, and explains that he made crude thermite to burn through their shackles. He burns through the chains, and the lights go out. A man comes in spraying tear gas, and then tasers them when they attack him. The man says that one lives and one dies, tosses them a case, and walks out. Once they've recovered, Mac discovers that the case has a gun with one bullet.

Hours pass and Mac tries to find a way out without success. Jack determines from his facial hair that they're been in 36 hours. Their captor plays a burst of heavy metal music, and Mac figures that he's trying to keep them awake to break them. Mac figures that their captor figures that if they keep them in there long enough, one of them will shoot another as they get delusional from lack of food, water, and sleep. He realizes that it's out of the CIA's enhanced interrogation playbook.

After they capture Yovan, Jack and Mac discover that Waller pulled rank and yanked Griggs and Hadley out of the interrogation. They hear Yovan screaming and go in, and find Waller beating Yovan. Jack asks him what he's doing, and Waller puts a gun to Yovan's head. Despite the risk to his career, Jack pulls Waller away.

Mac notes that their after-inquiry report triggered the inquiry into Waller's behavior. They hear power running through one of the pumps to the HVAC and tells Jack they'll have to cut power to the HVAC and the room will heat up. Jack tells him to go for it.

Wilt has Zahra's bodyguards move the furniture out of the way, and then goes into the next room where Leanna and Riley are dressing up with the clothes that Wilt spent $70,000 of Phoenix funds on. Leanna says that she'll move in with Wilt, and he kisses her. Riley tells them to focus on pulling off the show and congratulates them, and then has Riley and Leanna come out. They then put a dress on Astra and Wilt says that it's sublime, and Riley suggests that the dress overpowers the necklace and suggests that she wears rubies instead. Leanna removes the diamond necklace and Riley puts on the ruby necklace, and Wilt and Leanna take her into the other room while Riley uses the degausser on the diamond.

Mac gets up on Jack's shoulders and cuts off the HVAC, pulling out the wiring. He wraps it around two butter knives to heat them up and open the door by expanding the metal in the knives. The two agents pry open the door and discover that there's an identical room and another door on the other side. The wires won't reach the second door, and their captor says that one of them dying is the only way for the other to get out.

Jack, Mac, Griggs, and Hadley go to the warehouse where Samrozi is keeping the missile. Mac goes to work taking out the guidance chips, and Waller tells them over the earbuds to go ahead but hurry. Griggs goes to work with his Swiss knife, and Hadley and Griggs go to buy him some time by taking on some approaching men. Jack and Mac hear gunshots, and Waller tells Jack to stay with Mac rather than provide backup to the CIA agents. Mac finishes and Jack tells the CIA agents to fall back. There's an explosion, and Waller tells Mac and Jack to get out because Griggs and Hadley are dead. Samrozi's men come in shooting and the two DXS agents have no choice but to get out.

There's a photo of Griggs and Hadley in the second room, and they figure that Hadley isn't their captor because he wanted to get the two agents out. Jack beats open a panel, revealing an empty gas canister. Mac comes up with a plan and tells Jack that it depends on him to work.

Astra asks an assistant to check on his necklace. Leanna warns Riley, and knocks out the assistant Ahmed with a champagne bottle when he sees the degausser. Astra tells Wilt that she's buying the dress and goes into the next room to change. Riley says that Ahmed is in the bathroom, and Astra looks for the necklace. Once it's downloaded via the degausser, Riley "finds" it on the floor and Wilt quickly excuses them. As they leave, Astra has one of her people give Wilt payment for the dress. Wilt says that one day the entire world will be talking to her, and the agents leave.

Mac rigs up a crude ballista to fire the canister repeatedly at the door. He accidentally misfires it, hitting Jack in the chest and breaking some of his ribs and puncturing his lungs. Mac says that he punctured his aorta and Jack will drown in his own blood, and goes to get a first aid kit to make a bore needle. Jack tells him to use the gun to shoot him and put him out of his misery. Mac refuses but Jack says that he's dying anywhere and figures Mac can do it. As Jack screams in pain, Mac picks up the gun, confirms that the bullet is in the chamber, and shoots Jack. He then turns to the camera and tells the captor to open the door. Nothing happens, and Mac tells Griggs that the man he knew wasn't such a coward. Griggs opens the door and comes in and tells Mac to slide his knife over. Mac slides it over and says that only Griggs would have left him the knife. Griggs figures that Jack and Mac abandoned them, and says that they were wounded by the blast. Samrozi nursed them back to health and then tortured them for intel on the Agency. Samrozi did the same thing to Griggs that he did to Jack and Mac, until he broke and killed Hadley.

Jack "comes alive" and shoots Griggs in the chest with an improvised zipgun. Earlier, Mac removed the gunpowder from the bullet and used it to make the zipgun, and Jack bled into a bag to make a makeshift squib. He confirms that Griggs is still alive, and points out that what happened to the two CIA agents could have happened to them. They take Griggs out, and Jack says that their trips to Las Vegas are to celebrate the present because they never know what the future will bring.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 5, 2019

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