Last Rites Recap

Tina and Robert look at Nico.

Stacey aims a gun at someone.

Katarina screams at someone to stop.

The Crater, Palm Desert, 20 Years Ago

In the Crater at Palm Desert, Jonah tells Leslie's father, David that a new form awaits him. Leslie looks on and cries, and Jonah takes her hands and offers his condolences. She wonders if they should tell her mother what happened, and Jonah reminds her that she's been banished and rejected the Church and Leslie. Jonah tells Leslie that they need to focus on the future, and explains that he promised David that he would always protect Leslie. He warns Leslie that sacrifices will have to be made, and Leslie says that she's willing. As he goes, Jonah says that he hopes Leslie will always feel that way.

The Present

Jonah glares down at Geoffrey, lying on the floor.

Morning at the Hostel, and Alex brings Geoffrey some few. Geoffrey points out that Alex will have to free him from the straitjacket, and Alex refuses. When his father advises Alex to let him go, Alex wonders if Darius was part of the plan. Geoffrey says that he thought someone would do the right thing and they didn't, and points out that things get messy. He warns that Alex will die if he goes up against Jonah, but Alex insists that he can handle him. Geoffrey tells Alex that he's missing some critical information, and asks if Alex knows what is at the bottom of the shaft.

Later, Alex meets with the others and tells them what Geoffrey said about a spaceship is in the shaft. Karolina finally says that she saw the ship because she's been down there with Jonah. and explains that Jonah is her father and has been teaching her how to use her powers. She insists that the earthquake won't happen because the Hernandezes were using human calculations instead of the alien ones. Karolina says that Jonah is going, and Nico wonders how Karolina knows Jonah won't take her with him. Alex tells the others that they're leaving Karolina behind, and Nico agrees. Chase points out that Karolina was the only reason they got out alive last time, but Nico and Alex say that they're willing to take the risk and Alex says that they're going to destroy the shaft.

JONAH goes to the PRIDE center and tells Megan that he's there to see the parents. He goes in and finds Victor there, and tells Janet that she took a risk. Janet knows that he's lying and Jonah insists that he did the right thing. Stacey points out that Jonah is looking better, and Tina wonders where the Wilders are.

Catherine comes in without Geoffrey and tells Jonah that she wants to know where Geoffrey is. Jonah says that the Runaways have Geoffrey, and admits that he wanted to kill Geoffrey but the kids rescued him. Catherine wonders if they should keep Geoffrey alive, and Tina tells him to convince them he will leave safely. Jonah explains that his ship is organic and can change shape, and will squeeze through the shaft. Leslie asks if he's going alone, and Jonah merely tells the parents he financed PRIDE. Once he leaves, Victor points out that Jonah didn't answer Leslie's question.

Karolina visits Gert and says that she's adjusted well to Chase moving out. She admits that she needs Gert's help because the others will listen to Gert. Once they talk, they go to Alex who says that the risk is too great. Karolina says that if they bury the aliens then they bury her. Nico overhears them and says that she's with them, and Alex gives in.

When the others arrive, Jonah texts Karolina and confirms that she's meeting him on the hill. Alex says that he reached out to someone more experience and takes them to Geoffrey, and explains that they have a common enemy and Geoffrey knows more about Jonah than any of them. Geoffrey says that they have to get there before PRIDE, and the Runaways insists on blindfolding him so he doesn't know where the Hostel is.

Victor watches Chase's transmission of the future, telling him not to pick up the Fistigons. Janet comes in and Victor tells her what he's watching, and they listen to Chase's warning. Victor figures that Chase tried to warn him so they'd have another chance, and figures that since Chase is alive in the future it will work out and they'll be a family again. Janet worries about what is going to happen that night, and Victor says that they're bringing her project for insurance. He assures her that her design is magnificent, and he made a few adjustments. If they get close enough then they can shut down the spaceship engine forever, and then the Yorkes will have to kill Jonah.

In their lab, Stacey mixes the poison and Dale loads it into a dart gun. Dale insists that if Jonah tries to hurt someone he cares about then he'll drop hm.

Aura and Frances hand out guns to the Church members, while Frank and Leslie discuss the launch. Leslie says that they have to be make there and that everything David promised was bullshit fed to him by David. She worries that Jonah plans to take Karolina with him. Jonah comes over and says that it's goodbye, and tells Leslie that she's not coming with him to the site. Leslie insists that it's important they witness the Ascension, and Jonah tells Frank to finish it while he takes Leslie with him. Once he's alone, a teenager, Oscar, comes over and tells Frank that he talks to him. Frank says that he has a busy day and leaves.

The Runaways take Geoffrey to a Korean restaurant and Geoffrey describes the security system. Alex gets into the Church records to trace the vans the Church soldiers are using and redirect them to the desert via their GPSs.

Aura and Frances discover that their vans are driving themselves via the smart GPSs.

Geoffrey approaches the site and tells the guard Carl that he left some files in. When Geoffrey gets close enough, he grabs Carl's gun. Another guard arrives and draws a gun on Geoffrey, and Alex knocks him out from behind. Once they secure the guards, Alex calls the others in. Chase and Nico tell Gert to stand guard since she couldn't bring Old Lace with them, and Gert assures them that she's got it.

On the hill overlooking Hollywood, Jonah looks out on the city. Leslie tells him that Karolina isn't coming and that she lied to him to get him out of the way. Jonah realizes that Karolina is going to the site and tells Leslie that they have to go. Once Jonah's back, Leslie texts the other parents before following him.

In their lab, the Yorkes are finishing the poison preparation and get Leslie's text. Stacey warns that they're not ready.

Victor and Janet get the text and Victor assures Janet that they're ready because of her.

Frank hears from Frances that the vans have taken them to Las Vegas. Oscar draws a gun on Frank and says that he's Destiny's daughter, and he knows that the Church killed Destiny. He knows about how the Church has been disappearing kids once a year from the street. Frank says that he learned about the program and suggests that they work together, and they should go to his office to see the evidence. Once Oscar is distracted, Frank goes for the gun and in the struggle, Oscar is shot in the chest.

Karolina lowers the others into the shaft, and Chase puts on his Fistigons. Nico asks Karolina if she's okay, and assures her that it will be okay. Chase fires an energy blast and Karolina winces in pain, but says that there's no other way.

Gert sees Jonah and Leslie arrive in a car and texts the others. Alex and Geoffrey watch the couple go into the car.

Molly confirms that they have no text message, and Nico tells Karolina to take her to the surface. Chase discovers that every cut he makes into the ship heals itself, and they hear Jonah up above.

The other parents arrive at the shaft site and Jonah tells them that the kids are destroying the ship. He calls to Xavin telepathically, telling him to initiate the launch. The parents worry about their kids, and Jonah says that he can only take Karolina.

At the bottom of the shaft, the ground shakes and Nico tells Karolina to take Chase and Molly up while she stays because she has the Staff for protection. Nico and Karolina kiss, and Karolina takes Molly and Chase up.

Geoffrey tells Alex that he's keeping him there safe.

Karolina, Chase, and Molly emerge from the shaft and Victor tells Chase that he got his message from the future. Much to Chase's surprise, Victor hugs him and whispers to him to wait for his signal. Karolina prepares to go back for Nico, and Jonah threatens to kill her if she does. A vortex emerges from the shaft and Nico flies up on top of it. She lands and Gert, seeing her, runs down. Alex goes to Nico as well, and Catherine stares at Geoffrey in relief.

Jonah tells Karolina that everything he's done is so that they can have a future together. He asks Karolina to come with him now that he knows his plan is working. Leslie says that Karolina has a family, and Jonah insists that he's the only one who understands Karolina. Karolina tells her father that she's going to stay with the people she loves, and the ground shakes. Jonah admits that he lied about there not being any quakes, and tells Karolina to get on the ship if she wants to live.

Karolina tells Jonah that if he loves her then he won't make her choose. He then tells Xavin to go to Plan B and full acceleration. The spaceship rises out of the shaft, and the Yorkes and Deans take out their gun and their scrambling device. Nico tries to hold the ground together but passes out from the strain, and Tina picks up the Staff. It won't work for her, and Robert tells her that it's now Nico's.

Victor tells Chase to distract Victor, but Jonah shields himself from the Fistigons while Victor throws the nullifier into the spaceship. He blasts Chase, but Karolina deflects the blast. Molly hits Jonah with a pipe. The Yorkes shoot the spaceship with the darts, and Jonah recovers and blasts everyone down. The spaceship turns black and disintegrates, and then explodes. As energy rains down, a furious Jonah turns to the others and advances on them, furious.

Nico wakes up and calls the Staff to her hand, remembering how she found Amy's body. She charges forward and rams the Staff through Jonah's back and out his chest. She pulls it out and Jonah collapses, dying. Karolina runs to Jonah, who tells her that now they're going to have to take it all. He then wonders where they are and why Karolina is crying. Jonah has no idea who Karolina is, and his body glows with energy and a ball of the energy flies out of Jonah's body and into the sky.

The parents go to their kids and say that it's time to come home, and ask if they're okay. Nico tells all of the parents to sleep and leaves with the Runaways.

The next morning, Flores and his men arrive. The parents are gone, having left Jonah's body behind.

At the Hostel, the Runaways take in what happened. Nico wonders if what they did is good, and Molly points out that California would be gone if Nico hadn't killed Jonah. Alex points out that one good thing doesn't wipe out everything bad that PRIDE did, and Nico points out that the lines are getting blurry. She goes to her room and finds Karolina reading, and invites her to come downstairs with the others. Karolina tells Nico that she made a decision that took everything away from her, and wonders why Nico chose to kill her father.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 5, 2019

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