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Split Up Recap

Xavin talks about a love story that unites two worlds and brings peace to the universe. A believer stowed away on the ship after hearing of the long-ago story, a ship carrying a family of exiled royal magistrates. They soon discovered the stowaway and put her to work, and then the ship crashed on Earth, and the stowaway lay buried in the ground until there was a light above from their beloved.


After finishing projecting the story into Karolina's mind, Xavin asks if she's okay and admits that she's never projected the images into someone's mind before. She says that she doesn't want Karolina to be frightened of her, and Karolina tells her that it's a lot to take in. Xavin insists that their destinies are woven together by prophecy, and Karolina asks to see a hardcopy of the prophecy. When Xavin kneels before Karolina and asks her to be hers, Nico comes in and Karolina fumbles for an explanation.

At PRIDE, Chase warns the parents that the Runaways won't come back without a fight. They suggest that Chase convince them, Tina suggesting logic. Robert points out that with Jonah gone and the past in the past, there's no reason for the kids to stay away. Chase points out that they're murderers and says that he's not the right guy for the mission. Victor tells him that he's the only one they have, and Janet insists that none of the Runaways will get hurt if Chase succeeds. Robert warns that they have weapons but don't want to use them, and it's their last act of diplomacy. If the Runaways turn down their offer then it's war.

The next morning in the dining room, Xavin eats a doughnut with ketchup as Leslie looks on. Xavin admits that she's a shapeshifter and still getting used to having a mouth. Meanwhile, the Runaways watch from the stairs and Karolina figures that they have a responsibility toward Xavin. Alex points out that they don't know enough to trust Xavin or Leslie, and Chase calls. Gent insists that Alex doesn't answer, but Alex figures that Chase is calling for something important to him and answers. Chase asks the Runaways to meet him, pointing out that if he had ratted them out to PRIDE then they'd already be there. He says that he's trying to keep something bad from happening and wants to lay it out to everyone in person so they can make their own decision. Alex tells the others, who all refuse, and Alex tells Chase that they're interested. Chase warns that the parents have customized weapons that they'll use on the kids, and he's trying to keep that from happening.

Once Alex hangs up to tell the others, Victor approaches Chase and wonders why specs are running on the computers. He doesn't remember making the changes that tuned the weapons to be more dangerous, clutches his head, and wonders what's happening to him. Victor tells Chase that he has blackouts, and Chase says that they'll beat it but asks him to change the specs back. His father says that the weapons have already been produced and it's too late to change them.

Karolina meets with Leslie, who talks about Karolina's childhood and when the two of them spent time alone. Her daughter says that it's too late for them and Leslie has to go, and points out that forgiveness is earned with deeds, not words. Leslie figures that Karolina is the new head of the Church, and the initiates will search for Karolina believing that she's the messiah. Nico and Xavin come in, arguing about whether Xavin should attend the meeting with Chase. Xavin shapeshifts into Nico's form and suggests that they go there as twice the backup, and Karolina tells her to change back and insists that she doesn't need anyone's protection. Leslie says that it might be a good idea to have as much backup as possible, and Karolina says that she's sticking with her friends. Xavin wonders where it leaves her, and Karolina tells her to protect Leslie and the Hostel until they get back... and asks her to stop calling her "her betrothed".

The Runaways meet Chase in a forested park and Gert says that she's under duress. Chase gives them the parents' offer and warns that they're coming for them and the Runaways can't win. If they come back, then PRIDE is theirs. Karolina and Molly don't believe that the parents will leave them alone, and Chase warns that it's their last chance. They refuse and Chase says that they're going to use the mind-wipe drug. Gert says that it may be a good thing, and Chase figures that they're done there and walks off.

As he goes back to his car, Chase takes a call from Tina and says that the kids turned him down. Tina says that they're moving on and cuts off, and then talks with the others who are en route. They all listened to the call, and move in on Chase's location.

As the Runaways walk back, drones attack them under Tina's guidance. They fire darts, and Nico's mind is scrambled so she can't use the Staff. The drones are shielded against Karolina's energy blasts and are jamming the Fistigon Alex is using. The Runaways split up to lose the drones, and Nico and Karolina manage to get inside the Hostel gate and slam it shut on one of the drones, destroying it. Another drone enters the tunnel but is out of ammo, and Karolina suggests that they split up so at least one of them escapes. Nico doesn't want to leave Karolina, and Karolina assures her that they'll be together no matter where they go. Karolina leads it away, and despite her scrambled mind Nico says that she loves her… enough.

Tina sends the drone after Karolina and tries to spot Nico using the CCTV feeds. Meanwhile, Molly and Gert escape the park and make it into the city, but the drones follow them. Molly "borrows" a scooter and throws it, knocking the drones out of the air. Gert realizes that the scooter owner is Earl from the gallery, and the Yorkes pull up in their SUVs.

Catherine and Geoffrey go to Alex's location based on the coordinates Tina sends them. Alex "borrows" a car from a valet parking lot and drives off, and the drone follows him. He speeds up, and Geoffrey and Catherine join the chase. Alex swerves through traffic to avoid the drone, and the Wilders tell Tina to call off the drone. Tina reluctantly does so, and Alex continues swerving.

At the Hostel, Leslie is cleaning up when Xavin approaches her in Karolina's form. Xavin says that she's trying to make Leslie more comfortable by taking Karolina's form, and Leslie warns her that human attraction is complicated and Xavin is rushing things. She says that Xavin should create a life of her own and come back, and Xavin tells her that they'll come for the baby. Xavin says that the baby is of royal lineage and Jonah's family will come for it. She explains that the other Gibborum aliens escaped when she did, taking on hosts that were nearby, and Leslie wonders if the meeting with Chase was part of Jonah's plan to lure Karolina back.

Tina spots Karolina in the warehouse district and sends Victor there. Karolina ducks into a warehouse and closes the door before the drone can get in. Victor arrives outside and goes in.

Chase is at home working on a new design when Janet comes out. Her son hides the design and says that he's waiting for Victor to come back, and Janet tells him that the Runaways made their choice and it's time to move on. Chase wonders what kind of life it will be when he remembers his friends but they don't remember him, and Janet asks if it's worth it to keep the secret to keep his friends alive. Her son says that it's the type of thinking that got them into the mess, and insists on no more secrets. Chase tells Janet that Victor is sick and that the tumor is coming back, and his skin is flaking. Janet offers to help, and then realizes that the symptoms are similar to what Jonah was experiencing. She suggests that when Jonah's DNA was injected into Victor, it's transforming him into a Gibborum. Chase figures that they have to save him and that Victor already gave them what they need to do so, and leads Janet inside.

Victor calls to Karolina to come out, saying that there's more at stake then parents and children. She hides and then blasts him down.

Mike is stealing a car when he hears Xavin come up behind him.

Victor congratulates Karolina and says that she's more important. He tosses devices at the floor, emitting light and blocking Karolina's escape. She moans in pain, and Victor says she makes her proud. Mike comes in and removes one of the devices, dropping the light walls. He then reverts to Xavin, and "Victor" recognizes her. Xavin says that nothing will keep her from her beloved, and Karolina realizes that "Victor" is Jonah. Jonah/Victor tells Xavin that they no longer have need of her and blasts her unconscious. Karolina realizes why Jonah/Victor is doing it, and he says that his "dying" was painful for both of them. He then grabs her and blasts her unconscious.

Gert and Molly hide among a street vendor's clothing tables. Molly finally goes out and Gert goes with her, and the Yorkes spot them. When they do, Molly tells Gert to run and they split up. Dale and Stacey split up as well, Dale going after Molly. Stacey catches up to Gert and Gert shoves a rack of hats in front of her mother. Taking off her glasses, the alien inside of Stacey takes over and goes after Gert.

Molly runs through the aisles and gets to a food shop. She tells the customers something in Spanish, and Dale realizes that he's in trouble as the customers glare at him. One of them grabs Dale and yells that he's a pedophile, and Molly runs off. Dale manages to break away and runs after Molly.

"Stacey" corners Gert in a shop and asks the vendor to break a $100. Once the vendor leaves, "Stacey" says that it's a better version of the Stacey she knows, and knocks Gert out with a blow to the head. Dale comes in and sees it, and "Stacey" says that she did what was necessary to restrict "the youngling". She orders Dale to help her get Gert out.

Alex pulls over in Chinatown and runs down the street. Geoffrey and Catherine follow him and Alex goes into an alley. He climbs up onto a roof to avoid them, takes out his gun, and aims at Catherine.

At the board room, Nico comes in and yells at Tina to come out. Tina activates a portable scrambler and says that they sent the employees home early, and tells Nico not to make her fight her. Nico attacks her physically with the Staff and Robert arrives to pin Nico. He begs her to come home, and Nico breaks free and both of her parents attack her. Niko knocks them down and smashes the scrambler, but Robert has a backup and activates it. When Nico renews her attack, Robert and Tina take her down together. Nico convulses and her eye sockets turn black, and Tina tells Robert that she's seen it before. Their daughter rises to her feet and shouts "Smash", and the glass and furniture shatters around the Minorus, knocking them back. Nico walks out past her parents. Robert is bleeding from shards of glass in his throat, and Tina tells him that there are things about the Staff that she didn't tell him before calling 911.

The Wilders hear a gunshot and they follow the noise. Alex is standing by their car and hangs up his phone, and advises them to put their weapons down because the LAPD are on their way. He says that everything they've done has been their choice, from sacrificing the teenagers to killing Darius. The LAPD pull up and Alex tells his parents that he called the police in on a cold case. Geoffrey quickly tosses the tranq guns in a nearby trash can, and Alex walks away. The officers find Alex's gun in the front seat of the car and arrest the Wilders. Geoffrey admits that it's his car and Alex watches from hiding, smiling.

Jonah/Victor drives the unconscious Karolina home, and tells Chase and Janet that Karolina is his daughter. Chase is holding a prototype dodecahedron device, and throws it at Jonah/Victor. It has no effect on him, and he explains that his suit is lined with an inhibitor device. Janet realizes that Jonah is possessing Victor, and Jonah/Victor blasts them.

Gert wakes up in the caged back of her parents' car at a rest stop, and realizes that Old Lace is in a horse trailer attached to the back. Dale gets in the car and says that what he's doing is for Gert's own benefit. Gert realizes that Stacey isn't there, and Dale says that they're running away from her because she's been acting bloodthirsty. He figures that they should go on the road until Stacey works through her issues, and says that they'll have fun on their road trip.

"Stacey" and "Tina" arrive at the Deans' manor, and "Tina" admits to Jonah/Victor that it's hard to keep the host personalities in check. They haven't heard anything from their son, and "Stacey" points out that he's unpredictable. They figure that the host isn't one of the parents, and "Stacey" suggests that it could be one of the kids.

Nico returns to the Hostel and Molly hugs her. Alex joins them and they realize that Gert and Karolina didn't make it. Molly and Nico worry that they've lost Gert and Karolina, and Xavin comes in and says that Jonah has Karolina. She says that it's difficult but not impossible to kill Jonah, and they'll have to kill his whole family to stop them. Leslie joins them, and they realize that they're up against a family of aliens. Alex says that they have each other.

In Victor's lab, Jonah/Victor tells the others that it will take several generations to build a new ship. He says that they'll choose humans to sacrifice in the boxes, to keep themselves alive. Jonah/Victor looks at the frozen Janet, Karolina, and Chase, and wonders where they should start.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 8, 2019

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